May 25, 2024

Daily Marketing Coach Success Story With Suicide Pain Survivor Linda Troup

linda troup

Linda Troup

I’ve got a full length interview for you to watch with one of my highest level mentorship students. Her name is Linda Troup and she’s pretty amazing.

A lot of times we focus on all the “make money” aspects of running an online business and all too often we miss out on other success aspects of the human experience.

Get a pen and paper out because you’re going to pick up some amazing life lessons.

Linda was told she had a pain level known as Suicide Pain and that there was no hope for her. But as you will see in our video interview she is now alive and vibrant.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What Linda did when she discovered her niche was too narrow (normally we worry that marketers go too wide)
  • How her weekly accountability partner practically saved her life and helped her go from disability to getting back to her regular job
  • Why a foundation in marketing is key to any future success online
  • How she leveraged forum marketing to become an authority in her niche
  • Why (and how) normal life challenges can be turned into unique specialties that have people seeking you out for solutions
  • Why a linear training system works best for how our brains are wired. Linda knows first hand because of a near fatal head-on collision.
  • Linda’s learning lessons for leveraged income versus the one-on-one work she’s grown to love.
  • Linda’s advice to people brand new to learning online marketing. Her answer is right towards the end.
  • Point by point comparisons of a previous program she’s been in compared to the Daily Marketing Coach program.
  • Top of the list is being respected and getting questions answered outside the scope of a given training topic.

Watch The Video With Linda Troup Below:

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  1. A girl who like’s “doing things herself”. That’s me too! I think that’s what’s at the crux of all entrepreneurs is that desire to get in there and do it yourself. Tenacity. I love how you laid out why DMC is laid out step by step by step. A true blueprint. Great interview! Congrats Linda!

    • Thanks, Eryn! Linda is a real trooper and I wanted her story shared with the community. It’s important to see the other wins in life. It’s not always about money. Sometimes it’s simply our health and happiness. Linda definitely gained that back in spades.

    • Linda Troup says:

      Ha ha – yes I’m a do it yourself kinda girl.

      The second I saw how logical and organized the information in Daily Marketing Coach was I was in 100%. I could breathe a sigh of relief and get to work!

      Thanks much for the kind words, Ann. My time in DMC has been life changing in so many ways. I can’t thank YOU enough for bringing all of this to us and for making it so accessible.

  2. Awesome Interview. DMC was the best learning tool for me. I joined when Linda did and the point she makes here about the community support is such a priceless assest to the DMC experience. I also know some of the business training I purchased in the past was out of date and that was dissapointing. Finding DMC and finding everything up to date and in step by step order was so refreshing. Evwryone on the DMC staff AWESOME, the Certified trainers just AWESOME. Cant say enough good stuff about Ann and DMC.

    • Thanks, Leisa for commenting. Glad you’re getting so much value of out the Daily Marketing Coach community. We’re happy about the value we deliver for our members. Thanks for all you do!

    • Linda Troup says:

      It has been a wild ride, hadn’t it Leisa. So much wonderful information inside DMC, the Inner Circle and TFI. WOW. I’ve found and deepened friendships that will last a lifetime.

      There is no comparison to Daily Marketing Coach’s trainings.

  3. Great interview! Being part of Lindas accountability group I can attest to her incredible good nature about her horific situation. I just know Linda will turn out as a smashing hit in her filed! Proud to be a small part of her journey! :-)

    • Thanks for commenting, Stella. It’s been amazing to see what’s come out of our accountability groups. For Linda it was truly a life altering event. It must have been wonderful for you to witness the health transformation for Linda. I’m so pleased to see how beneficial those calls have been for our members.

    • Linda Troup says:

      Stella you were much more than a small part! Our accountability groups were priceless to me. I looked forward to those 6:30 am (for me) Skype calls more than you know.

      Watching you completely change directions for your business has shown me it can be done. I’m still “checking and adjusting”. Sometimes you have to stop trying to put the square peg in the round hole. You have been a shining example of what happens when you find the right peg.

      Thank you!

      • Thank you Linda! When you’re in the midst of it all it’s hard to see that anyone can get anything out of the “mess”. And I’m still “checking and adjusting” too. Let’s never get out of that mode! 😉

  4. Awesome interview.. I was a recovering perfectionist as well (or at least that was my excuse from taking action).. Haha

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story, Linda.. Truly inspirational!

    You shared TONS of gold nuggets.. Thanks again!

    Greg Jr.

    • Linda Troup says:

      Thanks so much Greg. Requiring everything to perfect is the highest form of self abuse. At least that is what a very respected boss I had many years ago told me. I’ve learned that is true.

      I wish you much success.


  5. This interview was very inspirational to me as a newbie in TFI. I have no excuses now. I’m so glad I joined TFI and especially now that I’ve seen what Linda has gone through. Laying on the floor with computer on top of you is the epitome of going above and beyond and doing what it takes. I’m in awe!

  6. It was so encouraging to experience this discussion with Linda – made me realise that if she can do it ,with all the challenges she faced I should just get down to it and achieve, too – thank you Linda and Ann.

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