July 17, 2024

Ann Sieg and Daily Marketing Coach (DMC)

Here at 80/20 Marketing, we have a product called Daily Marketing Coach, or “DMC” for short.

You know that in order to get more business and more customers, you need to learn to market your business online. At DMC, our mission is to help people do just that.

Furthermore, when you put your business online (no matter what kind of business it is), you need to center it around “you”

… so you have complete control over it
… so you can develop your own business assets that make you the most amount of money.

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Here’s What We Show You How To Do

At DMC, we teach you how to put your business online, and center it around “you” by leading you through the necessary steps to do so in a clear cut, linear way. Wherever you are in your stage of development, we offer just the right training and guidance at just the right time so you can keep going and growing.

Here’s a super short list of some of those things we teach:

  • How to build an email list, and what to write when you an email list. Which means you’re collecting names and emails from people who are giving you permission to continue sending them relevant information that they’ve requested. Including your sales offers.

  • Literally a dozen or more methods on how to generate traffic to your lead generation pages. Which means you’ll have eye balls on your stuff so you know what works, what doesn’t and how to make both better.

  • How to create a lead generation page plus the step by step technical steps to do it. There’s so much technical help around the DMC community (that includes our private Facebook Group) that you’ll never want to throw your computer in frustration through the window again.

  • Why and where to gather testimonials that establish your credibility, and how to use them. Third party verification that prove you-are-who-you-say-you-are, and can-do-what-you-say-you-can-do is HUGE for trust building. Trust leads to sales.

  • An entire 27 issue newsletter dedicated to helping you develop content that builds and strengthens your relationship with your prospects and customers – even if you don’t think you can write.

  • Multiple webinars each week dedicated toward core attraction marketing and niche development training so you will become ultra clear on what makes you different from everyone else.

  • 17 sequential step by step and click for click Do-It-Yourself videos that show you how to build a blog or website, what plugins to use, how hosting works, etc. And the methodology and rationale for it all.

  • And so much more (like WAY more).

We Don’t Call It DAILY Marketing Coach For Nothing

We offer daily (except Sunday) small group support calls especially designed for our newer DMC members.

So if you think you’ve seen programs like this before, you likely haven’t (they don’t exist).

You can reach out to us in this webinar to get your questions answered and/or your confusion or frustrations resolved by some of our incredibly talented and helpful experienced DMC community members.

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Here’s What Other Happy DMC Members Say

“DMC offers a rare combination of cutting edge marketing training, master-minding, accountability and personal mentoring that allows anyone, beginner or seasoned pro to develop and mature a business based on your individual talents and passions…and provides real value to your marketplace. I highly recommend everything DMC has to offer.”

– Rachel Williamson
“DMC has been such a blessing to me as well as to my clients and colleagues. As a service-provider, I wasn’t taught online marketing. All I knew was that I needed to have a website to ‘prove’ I was for real. Lead to sale conversion rate? Never heard of it!Ann Sieg , her team of trainers, and my DMC colleagues continue to teach and encourage me to become more and more successful online. Love this community for their genuine caring and for helping me help others each and every day!”

-Jory Hingson Fisher
When I started this online marketing journey, I knew nothing, so I had to place my trust in someone. I searched high and low and came across Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach. I now have a fully functioning blog, lead funnel, products to promote and best of all LEADS! Ann Sieg is the real deal and the amount of knowledge and skills I’ve picked up from DMC+ is impressive, and the interactive community support is priceless! If you’re looking for the best marketing training grounds, look no further!

-Eryn McCormick
“Since joining DMC, I have sharpened my skills as an internet marketer and have had constant support and guidance in building my online business AND I’ve made more money! Can’t say enough good things about Ann Sieg and her team!”

-Lisa Kneller

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