July 17, 2024

Here’s The Social Network You Should Be Building Your Business

Struggling to determine which social network to spend all your time building your business? Here are 3 criteria to consider.

Watch the video, and read the post below it.


You are marketing something

Even if that’s an idea; even if that’s a non profit; a political candidate; your kid’s lemonade stand; your yummy weight loss shake; your to-die for ebook book that taught you 29 ways to generate leads, and sells for $72, which, when you sell it with your affiliate link, you make $37. You might be selling your own products too.

Whatever. You’re using social media to spread the word for your make money interest.

Don’t be “that guy”

What isn’t always obvious is that you don’t want to be “that guy.”

That guy is the guy who bombs your news feed with his “ground floor opportunity.” You know the one. He’s the guy talking about a glow in the dark berry found in a rare mushroom fungus forged out of a meteor rock at the bottom of the sea, which will grant you the ability to do what has never been done and be the person you’ve never been. And in doing so, he usurps Jesus with the audacity of Satan. That guy sees EVERYONE as perfect for his product.

You’re a smart beginner. You’re not “that guy.”

You know to use the social network of your choosing with common sense, with intelligence, with empathy, and you share your life not just your make money interests. You share your opinions. You provide insights. You deliver perspective. You let other people into your life so they can get to know you a bit. You are honest and meaningful.

Your question is WHERE do I do this. Your question is WHICH social network should I use? Should you be everywhere; try to be seen everywhere across all the platforms, or focus on just one and go deep?

Go to where your audience is

I personally think you need to be where your audience is.

Your ideal starting point is knowing who you are trying to market to.

WARNING: deciding who you are trying to market to often changes, evolves, as you change and evolve.

WARNING: deciding who you market to should NOT take longer than a week. IF it does, just market to the “you” that exists in the market place, and watch the form that follows.

I recommend that you ask,

“For who will you be most effective with?

On which platform do you think you will be most effective communicating your value and making meaning?”

Build your castle here

Obviously, you have to know what you are going to sell, and determine who will want it.

Then ask where those people are…

are they on Facebook;
are they on Instagram;
are they on Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn?

Maybe they are at more than one of those. If so, determine how you will handle that. Maybe your pockets of people are on Instagram and Facebook, but since you love taking pictures you choose Instagram, and perhaps repost on Facebook.

You can’t expect your audience to come to you. You have to go to them. You also can’t expect yourself to be successful on a platform unless you love using it every day.

Lastly, go deep. You’ll need to commit to a daily practice for at least 9 months.

We offer much more in-depth training on this very important aspect of business building on social media inside of the Daily Marketing Coach.

Learn more about DMC here now.

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Super advice! I’ve found a good combo through Instagram.

    When I made my plan for 2014 I thought Pinterest would get more of my attention, but no. I found that IG is perfect. Half of my audience is there. And I can repost to FB and Twitter directly. The other half is on LinkedIn. Interesting and unexpected combination.

    Well of course everyone in on FB, but its a platform that makes it hard for the marketer to interact directly… :)

    Thanks for your guidance Eric!

  2. Emma Ginger says:

    Hi Eric, great post. I want to emphasize the -you don’t have to go to FB- part. Not everyone, even in the marketing business, understand that, but FB and twitter are not always a comfortable platform for every publisher, and not always the right medium for every business. It depends on many things- do you feel comfortable and self-confident there? are your customers there? does it fit the character of your business? and many more. There are many photo sharing network/video sharing, and many kinds of social networks including local ones that can be very good for local businesses (e.g. meetey.com(

  3. Dave Drimmie says:

    Great article Eric. Spot on and superb advice.

  4. Makes sense to me – if you want to catch a specific type of fish, you have to research the fish, learn what it likes and most importantly where it swims. There is no point in casting your line just anywhere in the hope of catching your specific fish.

  5. Powerful yet simple advice for both beginner and expert; sage and workable advice, that even the Gurus sometimes fail to remember and focus on. Keep it simple. Eschew Obfuscation!

  6. Joseph Maher says:

    Just getting started, this is the first e-mail from Ann who sent me this link. It makes sense, as the old adage
    goes, “dance with the one who brought you!” Looking forward to being successful.

  7. I agree Eric. I have found that using one social network is better than trying to use a few. It’s time consuming to jump from one to the other. Great advice for old and new marketers. :-)

  8. I totally agree to this Eric.
    To many networks to much frustration to many ideas to lead nowhere so one network many ideas fewer
    to follow to get what you need and support your clients best.How ever my website is under construction still my ideas are not and basically I believe i will save money to my clients and this is part of our service…

    George Genovezos
    CEO of 3dmobilewebapps and Direct Multimedia Computers International

  9. Since there are so many social networks and so little time everyday, I agree with you about going deep with one and learning all you can about that one. That is what I am doing with FaceBook because my services help local business owners learn to use the full power of the Internet to grow a loyal customer base and to expand their market reach. However, I have a solution for business owners who want to expand their reach to network on at least 50 social network. For more information just click to my site and read my blog post “Solution Partner Announcement”. Thanks for sending me an email to watch this video about Social Media.

  10. HI Eric, This was really very freeing advice. I find I do my best work, and have gotten the most response, on facebook. Yet I have dabbled in Twitter and GooglePlus with very little response and no strong relationship per se. Pinterest has gotten me a lot of blog hits and possibly some sales and new subscribers and LInkedIn needs more of a strategy – some budding relationships there now. So . . . I will go deep with facebook and feel good about it! thanks, Amy

  11. I am working on being more knowledgable about social media. I find it overwhelming where to start. Within in the next year I will be moving to a smaller town and social media may be my main source of exposure for my service. How do I evaluate how to even start? I need straight examples, I learn by doing and find it hard to just read the steps. Thank you for all you do.

  12. Really smart advice. The most difficult part of this is bloging. I don’t know if I ever be able to advanced in this business.
    Thank you for your dedication.

  13. Great insight to Social Media use.
    I find that using a mixture of FaceBook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn works best for my Marketing strategies.

    I use Twitter as more ‘casual approach’ to connections, retweeting short statuses and finding the best ‘online content’ to help my followers succeed. LinkedIn I use specifically for professional connections, team building and opening up job opportunities.
    Google + is used similar to LinkedIn, but on a more personal scale.
    Facebook is used as a way to connect with customers in a more in depth way and is used as a ‘linking strategy’ between my customers. I find it’s easiest for people to connect with each other on Facebook through groups and pages, working off the page walls and creating a nice buzz through comments and likes.

    Every place has it’s use though, and making sure you share and create useful, insightful and exciting content for people, you are sure to find your audience.

    Don’t forget, post regularly but always something different. Set a day to connect personally with a few customers, then use another day to thank some sharers/followers, the next day to share someone else’s content and connect with other pages, then share a few of your own pieces of content and so on. Make it exciting and different every day for your customers and they will come back for more.

  14. Chuck Levin says:

    Ann, VERY impressive Blog. Some people say blogging is so simple. Google even has instructions. Nonsense. Google has a help center. I do have a blog, actually three of them. No one reads them.

    Blogging is so simple. Heck, I had an uncle who couldn’t even cook a Pop Tart in a toaster. He was a very intelligent person. He was a lawyer.

    I saw classes in blogging listed at libraries. I amk going to try to sign up for one. I think they fill up quickly.

    I want to take classes in web page creation. They teach that at colleges.

    Nice blog. You are very good.

  15. Thank you for brief video. I am just a beginner in new business. Your informations seems very helpful.

  16. I liked the point of going to the place where your audience is. it is really makes sense because selling position the rat is hard, it will never buy it. thanks for sharing this nice article

  17. This was really helpful. I am a newbie in this industry and am always looking for great tips on growing my business.

    For me the best part in your article is that it showed me that I am not concentrating enough on on area of social media. I think for me it will be best to do that consistently for 9 months and then, once I’ve mastered that, move on. Great advice. Thanks for helping me break it down.

  18. I am a proud Newbie! Ready to get started. I was at the right place at the right time to hear about this wonderful opportunity. Ann Sieg is great!

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