April 25, 2024

Here’s The Social Network You Should Be Building Your Business


Struggling to determine which social network to spend all your time building your business? Here are 3 criteria to consider.

You’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Facebook… Now What?

People are re-setting on Instagram, and finding the people and brands they really want to follow. Here’s how to get started.

Don’t Make These Mistakes On Facebook If You’re Trying To Market Something

Robert J Simons

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb If You’re Using Facebook To Create Attraction & Interest, And How To Fix It Now

6 Common Sense Social Media Methods That Will Create More Traffic From Your Social Media Channel(s)


Here are 6 common sense methods, that might not be so common to generate more traffic from your social media channels. Check yourself against these baseline activities to ensure that you are creating a following and doing the minimum amount required to get the impact you want from social media.

This “Sports Mom” Builds Her Business On The Go With Only These Two Tools

angela brooks 1

Angela Brooks has been working in a state funded mental hospital for 25 years. And she’s still sane (though that’s debatable in some circles ). She’s seen a lot of things. But after 25 years, she’s now in a big career shift. Angela is moving out of nursing and into business (in a big way!)

Meet Daily Marketing Coach Certified Trainer Stacia Hopkins

Ann and Stacia

Stacia Hopkins is our youngest Daily Markteing Coach Certified Trainer. This is pretty cool because she’s also never held an “official” job. She’s been an entrepreneur from day one. That means she alone has been responsible for writing her paychecks. Nobody else. That’s pretty impressive considering most people struggle leaving the safety net of having a job. She understands that it is only through her hard work and perseverance that she can earn an income.

DMC Star Of The Week – Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline is DMC’s “star of the week.” Learn more about Lisa and watch her video interview with Ann Sieg.

Ann Sieg – Weekly Thursday Twitter Chat At 1 CST (or Why Twitter Is Worth 24 Billion)

Ask Ann Sieg on Twitter Every Thursday At 1 CST

Free Training Webinar: How To Use Twitter Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Twitter PPC

How to have your Tweets shown to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people (even if you only have a few hundred followers), which means you’ll get more traffic to your landing pages, increase your follower count, which means you’ll ultimately generate more leads and make more sales.

The Renegade Blog – Status Update [October 2013]

The following video by Ann Sieg is a status update about The Renegade Blog, and our commitment to growing the blog as a business entity itself. We’ve been blogging since spring of 2011. Find out what we’re doing differently with The Renegade Blog now, and how you can leverage our efforts for your own personal […]

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