May 25, 2024

Daily Marketing Coach & Small Group Leader Stephen Hunt

Here’s Daily Marketing Coach & Small Group Leader Stephen Hunt’s story about how he came into DMC and the value that he’s received from it. Listen to his insights and why his experience has been so valuable to him personally, and his Pepper Jam business.

Kay Curtiss – Veteran Bookstore Manager Goes Big Time Marketer


Kay Curtiss retired from a twenty year career as a bookstore manager just this past year. Shortly after that she got into a network marketing opportunity. One that she really likes and is pretty passionate about. She’s always understood the importance of marketing as she had done some marketing as a book store manager. But […]

Positions Available ($3-5K per month)

Can ‘certain’ job opportunities accelerate your business development growth FASTER than being out there on your own?

You’d think the answer was “No” in our current economy.

Think again. Read more to learn how to position yourself properly.

Here’s The Social Network You Should Be Building Your Business


Struggling to determine which social network to spend all your time building your business? Here are 3 criteria to consider.

WordPress and AWeber: The AWeber Ad Tracking Variable on Steroids

Know What Traffic Source a Subscriber Came From in AWeber – For Free The Problem: WordPress Bloggers using AWeber need to track Squeeze Page Opt-ins so we can tell where our subscribers are coming from. This can be awkward since AWeber only gives us the name of the Squeeze page, not how a subscriber got […]

3 daily habits for your “make money on the web” interests

You’re going to learn the 3 daily habits for your “make money on the web” interests. Do these three things every day for the next 6 months and I promise you will be generating an affiliate income.

3 Quick Marketing Tips To Help Smart Beginners Who Want To Do Good Work

This blog is especially for you if you’re over thinking your marketing process, or if you’re struggling with marketing in-general. Apply these three quick marketing tips that are especially for smart beginners who are conscientious about doing good work; work that matters. If you apply the three tips for an extended period of time, I am convinced you will find an amazing turn around.

You’re Really Going To Have To Work To Make “THIS” Happen


To Go Beyond Your Range Requires Discomfort

Are you tired of “getting by”?

Are you tired of EXISTING?

What motivates you to do something different?

Most of us have calluses around the parts of our life that are uncomfortable.

Even though the pain points still exist…

Even though we’d feel better if we moved onto something that fit us more appropriately.

It isn’t natural to want to feel pain.

But that’s exactly what you have to do to move yourself forward. It is NOT life-threatening pain.

Here’s how to start…

Don’t Make These Mistakes On Facebook If You’re Trying To Market Something

Robert J Simons

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb If You’re Using Facebook To Create Attraction & Interest, And How To Fix It Now

Is DMC more for A) Internet Marketers or, B) Network Marketers? Is mindset different for A vs B?

Daily Marketing Coach, Bruce Morton, asked this excellent question yesterday at our private DMC group page. I replied there, but thought I’d also add my thoughts here at The Renegade Blog to keep it evergreen.

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