April 25, 2024

Kay Curtiss – Veteran Bookstore Manager Goes Big Time Marketer


Kay Curtiss retired from a twenty year career as a bookstore manager just this past year. Shortly after that she got into a network marketing opportunity. One that she really likes and is pretty passionate about. She’s always understood the importance of marketing as she had done some marketing as a book store manager. But […]

Courtney Sullivan TFI Scholarship Winner Interview

Lorraine Moody

So grab a pen and paper and learn from Courtney’s success story and how she won our coveted Lorraine Moodie Total Funnel Immersion Scholarship. She’s got loads of advice that can help anyone wanting to succeed marketing their business online.

The 3 Key Elements Of A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) That Make People Want To Buy From You

At our marketing workshops we help you get clear on your USP.

First off, what is a USP and why is it important?   A USP is what helps set your product apart from the rest of the products that are like yours.   What makes yours different? Why should I pay attention?   A USP is foundational to every marketing piece you create, but especially to […]

DMC Star of the Week – Myron Haluschak

myron haluschak

Myron Haluschak is DMC’s Star of the Week. Listen to his interview with Ann Sieg. They talk about Myron’s rise to success: having gone from spending incoherently to focus and daily regimen with DMC – among many other things too.

Is DMC more for A) Internet Marketers or, B) Network Marketers? Is mindset different for A vs B?

Daily Marketing Coach, Bruce Morton, asked this excellent question yesterday at our private DMC group page. I replied there, but thought I’d also add my thoughts here at The Renegade Blog to keep it evergreen.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #17)


“Be decisive even if it means you’ll sometimes be wrong.”

This sure can be a pain point for a lot of entrepreneurs. 

You want success so naturally you don’t want to make a decision that goes bad.  The challenge is you end up stalling out for fear of making the wrong decision. 

The key is not so much in making a wrong decision.  It’s more about how you handle it.  I call it a re-calibration moment. 

Watch my video and then weigh in on this suggestion for success as it relates to you

DMC Star of the Week – Jahnan Derso


Jahnan Derso is DMC star of the week.

Jahnan has a wealth of experience. She has traveled across the country and around the globe. She grew up in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. At 22, ventured across the United States to go massage school at Heartwood Institute, a healing arts, whole foods and permaculture school.

Listen to her interview with Ann Sieg and why she decided to join Daily Marketing Coach.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #16)


“Be A Self Starter”

This would seem like an obvious suggestion for success.

Especially if you’re an entrepreneur.   

I had the good fortune to have this modeled for me in my growing up years. I wouldn’t even know what it would be like to not be a self starter.  It’s just way too much fun to be a self-starter. 

Listen in my video for how I look for self starters in business building.  Then comment and weigh-in on this suggestion for success. 

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #15)


“Be honest.”

My husband says I have this quality to a fault. 

So there’s likely – once again – a finer distinction to be made for this success suggestion. 

In this video, I share a story of a Dairy Queen employee. Contrary to the dishonesty of a customer, this employee came out in winning colors because of his sense of justice. 

DMC Star of the Week – Amy Hagerup

Ann Sieg and Amy Hagerup

Amy Hagerup is a Shaklee Health and Wellness educator and is a mom of five children and twelve grandchildren. She’s our Daily Marketing Coach star of the week.

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