July 4, 2022

How To Help Local Small Business Owners Get Traffic & Customers For Their Business


Introducing the “Social Marketer Workshop – Social Media Marketing Success For The Busy Small Business Owner in Just 15 Minutes A Day!” It’s being hosted in the Twin City, MN metro area on Wednesday, August 21 from 11 am – 1 pm CST. Find the rest of the details by reading this post.

42 Google+ Plus Tutorials (short and to the point)


42 Google+ Plus Tutorials

Facebook updates cover photo and News Feed ad policy, limits text to 20% of image

Facebook is changing its policy regarding text overlay on photos in pages’ cover photos and News Feed ads to limit text to no more than 20 percent of an image’s area.

Build Your List With FB Sponsored Story Ads — Free Webinar Dec. 12

TONIGHT, Wednesday, December 12th at 8pm CST I’m inviting you to a free webinar where Ann Sieg and Rich Hazlett are going to show you how to build your list using Facebook Sponsored Stories. **But this isn’t just another webinar.** Rich is going to show you how to get 50 leads a day for 400-500% […]

Why Connecting With And Building Your Community Is So Important

preach to the choir

Those who are most successful don’t just have some great product, or a big brand, or some secret traffic strategy, or a get rich quick formula. They have created a community.

Two Types of Social Networker, Which Are You?

There are usually two kinds of social networkers I cross paths with: 1. The Smart Beginner, usually an inexperienced solo-entrepreneur who is intelligent and eager to learn how to use blogging and social media. Because of their lack of experience, they tend to NOT know exactly who they want to attract, and usually spend their […]

Don’t Measure Your Social Media Success With Engagement and Comments, etc.


Don’t Measure Your Social Media Success With Engagement and Comments, etc. Measure Your Success On Your Implementation. Read more for the details…

Facebook’s “Precise Interests” Tool For Advertising


Facebook Ads has a targeting feature called Precise Interests. It’s a powerful tool for marketing your business. Here’s quick example of how it works.

Participation – The Final Step Toward Social Media Marketing Success

to participate

Participation is the final step toward social media marketing success. Here’s how to take action and what to do.

The Key To Social Media Marketing Success Is How You Define Social Media Marketing Success

social media success defined

How to define social media marketing success for your business.

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