June 14, 2024

Facebook’s “Precise Interests” Tool For Advertising

Facebook Ads has a targeting feature called Precise Interests.

It’s a powerful tool for marketing your business.

Here’s a quick example of how it works.

Here’s what I’m talking about. Check out this picture:

Topics (marked with a #) let advertisers target users who have interests tightly related to the selected term. This has already proven useful for our advertising efforts. It’s also handy for research purposes.

Precise Interest targeting lets you define your ideal audience by what they are interested in, using terms people have shared in their Facebook profiles. These may be drawn from their listed interests, activities, education and job titles, pages they like or groups to which they belong.

Topics (marked with a #) let you target everyone who has expressed interests closely related to the term you select. E.g. “#Cooking” lets you reach interests like “cooking”, “cooking tips”, and “cooking and eating”. Precise interests (unmarked) target people who have expressed that specific interest. E.g. “cooking” includes only the interest “cooking.”

::source – Facebook::

It’s Like “Expanded Broad Match” For Social

In our Amway example from the picture above, “#Amway” reaches interests like “Amway Center,”  “Amway Global,” “Amway Grand Plaza Hotel” and “Amway Arena.”

See the pic below…

Think of “#Topic” as analogous to search PPC’s Broad Match and classic “Precise Interests” (no #) as Exact Match.

“Precise Interest targeting”  facilitates advertisers targeting ideal market segments by highly focused interests, using terms users share in their Facebook profiles.

Here’s an example of Precise Interest targeting with the #. Likely “#M&Ms”

How could you use this for advertising your business?

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  1. Hi Eric, like you, I’ve been using precise interests like “people who like the Amway page” also. I use them to target people who might be interested in my E-book and 7 day video tutorials series I have created.

    The cost per click on Facebook is lower when I send people to a page on Facebook, so I use a Facebook application I’ve had created for my page. This application asks people to give me their email address in return for me sending them my “offer”.

    By using an application on my Facebook page, it’s also easier to get my ads approved than it is when sending people to an external website.

    I’ve seen Ann’s and your ads on Facebook Eric, advertising Ann’s book and also your webinar. It’s a perfect way to market and attract people who are wanting to learn how to build their business online.

    Regards from Julieanne

  2. Will att.com work with Facebook, and won’t Facebook charge ppc to advertise on it which could cost a lot?

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