September 30, 2020

Why Connecting With And Building Your Community Is So Important

If you take a look around at the most successful people in the room. If you look at their habits, what they do, what they don’t do, you will find one commonality. I remember first recognizing it in late 2008 and I still see it today. I know I will continue to see it.

It’s this magical principle of having a community.

Those who are most successful don’t just have some great product, or a big brand, or a secret traffic strategy, or get rich quick formula.

They have created a community.

How Do You Create A Community

So how do you do that?

At first, it might sometimes feel like everyone is preaching to the choir.

Whether it’s your fellow Renegade Team community, or the ViSalus community, or the Empower Network community, or the Warrior forum community, or the Better Networker community, you’re just starting out. You’re interacting a lot with the same people.

It’s absolutely NOT a waste of time.

There are some important reasons why you will benefit from this preaching to the choir so-to-speak.

Become A Social Contributor

You want to appear (and actually become) a social contributor.

It has to start somewhere. It’s part of the oft-used phrase, “Give value.”

Understand that as prospects find you at your blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Google Plus or YouTube (or other social networking locations) it is extremely helpful they see that you’re braided into a social network. That you’re a part of the fabric.

This is why it’s encouraged to have friends, fans, followers, comments, etc.

This is why we are building out The Renegade Blog guest blog program (for our Inner Circle members).

It’s Called Social Proof

And social proof is a win win win situation for everyone involved.

It also shows that other people see you as a valuable contributor to the marketplace. That’s in itself is attractive.

No one talks to the wall flowers. You wouldn’t stand alone behind the tree in the shade at a BBQ would you? (or anywhere people are connecting with one another).

Well, you also don’t want to stand alone on the web (blogs, social networks, forums, etc.).

If you did, it makes you appear to be a loner, and that implies (whether it’s true or not) that you aren’t a go-giver. That you don’t belong. That you have no value.

Participation Is Not The Same Thing As Popularity

This isn’t about being popular.

It’s about circling yourself with others, particularly when they are affirming your points, shining a spotlight on those who are doing it well, occasionally sharing your value in the mix. It makes you more credible.

From a more technical stand point:

Having a group of people who link to your stuff and/or comment on it too whether it’s the walled off garden of Facebook or the Google or Bing web, it improves your rankings. Because the Internet has, and always will view community connection as a sign you are valuable to others (as long as it’s natural and not some “game” you’ve got on autopilot. That rarely lasts long anyway).

That’s why social networking sites have grown so fast and are so powerful. They are the essence of “attraction marketing” because they are built on true human interaction and the exchange of valuable information, commonalities and shared values. They automatically (and quickly) reward those who are involved, interacting, and contributing.

The Trick Is Being “Everywhere” Without Breaking A Sweat Or Letting It Take You Off Track

There’s the fine line that many of you haven’t quite figured out yet. Don’t EVER tell yourself or make the excuse that you were busy networking if it comes at the cost of you building out the true foundations of your business.

Don’t let the resistance beat you with that excuse. Not allowed.

Find a way to do sew yourself into the fabric of a community (or communities) without it taking a lot of time. Without it taking away from building the core of your business i.e. your marketing funnel.

Find a way to make your rounds and more social in-roads so people think you’re “everywhere.” Again, without it taking away from more direct ROI activities (like getting targeted traffic to that funnel).

These days, funnel creation and social networking work hand-in-glove.

Similary, it’s also why getting your funnel built is so important. You can get targeted traffic from sewing yourself into the fabric of a community. When you do, you BETTER have a gift waiting for them (which they get with email address).

In conclusion, community connecting and building is very important even if it feels like you’re preaching with the choir. It’s beautiful music which makes the web go round. It also provides social proof. In tandem with having a marketing funnel built, it’s on every success leader and business person’s track record.

Do more of it!

Whether you’re a Renegade community member or a member of another community, don’t slow down with it. Keep it up. Multiply what you’re doing by 10. The trick is to not make it seem like work. Don’t let it take a ton of your time.

Leave a comment if you understand. Preach to the choir! Give an example. Write something that adds-on to this idea. Disagree! Make yourself known. Then share it.

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About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email


  1. I definitely want to be part of the fabric, Eric. The trick, like you said, is to be sure it is not taking too much time – or time away from foundational building. Thanks.

  2. As always Obiwan (Eric) says, “Use the Force, Luke” and that is it exactly.

    Our Team Leaders and Coaches have been in the trenches during this Social Media Information Explosion and have experienced evolution and change and found that AHA! moment.

    As they teach us the How of this environment, it all boils down to the actual Process and the KISS principle.

    This is the epitome of what DMC+ is all about…..but I have always hated homework…it is about discipline and focus, and I am really having fun on this journey.

    To All a great Day of Rest, I am heading out on my Hike. Thanks

  3. I’m just learning about many of the social networks out there and what they have to offer, it’s more learning which takes time. Thank you for this article reminding me that learning is never wasted time. Wasting time is having learned, then camping in one spot too long, deadly time killer!

  4. Eric
    Hi! This is the first time I have done anything or responded to anything on the web.
    You inspired me to “jump out there”. Ya know, a boss of mine in 1992 as he just got back
    from conference said, that everything is going to be done on tbe web and he was right. I am married and
    my husband has a job which is good, im unemployed but we would like to find something on the web that we can make $ at and do it from our home. I have a BS degree in the arts. I’m searching for anything that is creative, where do I start??

    • What a courageous comment to make. Thank you for commenting Heather.

      Where to start?

      Well, you’ve taken the first step and that is to make yourself known. Can you do this every day? Can you make a comment at the blogs you like one a day? That’s a little start that can grow into something more with time and thought. But it keeps the wheels in the motion until you have a good plan.

      My first recommendation would be to go here: Create an account, upload a picture. That way when you comment, we can all see your face. It’s a small task that will go a long way.

      The second recommendation would be to choose a social network like Twitter, or Facebook, or Google Plus or YouTube. Even LinkedIn. Maybe a forum. But choose one or a couple so you can connect with people. Build that network. Make more comments. Listen.

      If you’d like more direction and suggestions, you can email our head coach, Curt Johnson at or myself at

  5. Hi. My first time posting about something that isn’t to do with parenting. Inspired by Heather in fact! I’m in a similar situation but suffer from a major lack in self-confidence due to not being in the workplace for many years. It’s easy to fall out of communities when you are a stay-at-home mum. But I’ll be making changes now so thanks!

  6. Hi, Eric!

    Wow! What a smartly-written post. The way you said it made “preaching” look cool! I just have to note that I cannot agree any less on this:

    “Because the Internet has, and always will view community connection as a sign you are valuable to others (as long as it’s natural and not some “game” you’ve got on autopilot. That rarely lasts long anyway).”

    Keep it up Eric. Cheers!



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