June 14, 2024

DMC Star Of The Week – Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline is the Daily Marketing Coach Star Of The Week.

Read this short article, and then watch the video interview with Lisa to learn more about her.

About Lisa Saline

Lisa is local to the Twin City metro area, and I’ve had the privilege of working with her locally a few times.

She’s well known in the Twin Cities for her social media expertise.

She’s also a highly valued member of our Daily Marketing Coach community.

In this video interview with Lisa, she shares why she chose the Daily Marketing Coach community above and beyond any other training systems. Lisa is no stranger to online marketing, and especially social media.

Watch & Listen The Video Interview With Lisa Saline



Lisa Saline with Curt Johnson at the Renegade Action Workshop #4

In this video interview with Lisa Saline, you will learn the following:

    • Lisa’s painful and costly $30,000 learning mistake and why she did not give up after a disastrous experience.
    • Hear of her heart for the small business owner and her experience as a chamber of commerce business owner.
    • Discover the enormously costly mistake that Lisa made and why she so appreciates the teachings of the Daily Marketing Coach.
    • Learn of the blessing that came out of that mistake and how she’s been able to find and appreciate one aspect of DMC that’s changed her business.
    • Find out how feeling safe and comfortable in a learning environment has given Lisa the confidence to take her business to the next level.
    • You’ll hear why most live events and workshops fail the instant people leave the event and what makes the Daily Marketing Coach events success rates vastly higher than other industry events.
    • Find out Lisa’s biggest breakthrough as a result of the honesty of one of our DMC coaches. This one is huge and a major problem for many entrepreneurs.
    • Learn how Lisa’s been able to substantially build up her client base as a result of her new positioning.
    • Hear Lisa’s warning not to be a “dabbler” in your business. Rubbing shoulders with fellow entrepreneurs learning marketing is an invaluable experience inside the Daily Marketing Coach.
  • Lisa provides tips for how to maximize your learning and implementation.


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  1. Thanks for sharing more about Lisa with us! She is a very talented person and an asset to our community.

    Her story I’m sure sounds familiar to a lot of people. But, she has learned from the experiences.

    I’m so glad she is sharing her journey with others so they can see there is an opportunity for success.

    ~ Marsha

    • Hi Marsha,
      Thank you for responding to this interview and your support. As I tell people I meet “I’ve found my home” with DMC. It’s people like you and others in this community that pull us through challenges and push us to be better. I appreciate you.

  2. Brett Gurney says:

    Excellent interview with Lisa it’s inspiring to hear others success.Thanks

  3. Wonderful! I love the DMC community, too. It is a super safe and trustworthy place to get quality feedback on our business. Ironically, these aren’t qualities I would think of when I describe the Internet and Online Marketing. Thank you Lisa and Ann for your affirmations. I went to college for Marketing and graduated hating it! Now that I am apart of DMC, I love marketing. Ann Sieg and DMC provide a different approach and more over a wonderful atmosphere.

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