June 20, 2024

Meet DMC Star Of The Week – Dr. Hale Pringle

How A Lifetime IT Expert Spent Thousands Of Dollars On Marketing Training Events Finally Found His Home (And Success!) Through The Daily Marketing Coach

Hale Pringle and Ann Sieg

Enjoy the friendly banter in this interview because it’s totally real and heart felt. I think you’ll be smiling and chuckling right along side us.

Hale is a long standing member here inside the Daily Marketing Coach and considered by many (including me) one of the most loved members of the Daily Marketing Coach.

For one, I don’t believe there is another member that comes close to the love, care and attention he provides inside our community (except… yours truly ;))

But his history is rather interesting as you’ll hear inside this video interview.

For one, he admits to being a big event diva inside the attraction marketing industry.

The bottom line… he’s shelled out a lot of money to get the inside secrets from all the big industry “gurus”. He’s got loads of pictures to prove it.

But that’s not the point. The point is when he first came online to market his network marketing business he wanted three main things.

They are as follows…

#1) A mentor
#2) A step-by-step training program
#3) A mastermind group

When finding Ann’s training system he thought to himself,

“This is where I want to land. This is the person I resonate with. The training looks exactly right and the Facebook Group is the online mastermind I’ve been looking for.”

Listen to what Hale likes best about the Daily Marketing Coach. (the secret is in his mindset approach – this is in part how he’s since built a list of 2500 subscribers)

  • Why the teaching and mentoring style inside the Daily Marketing Coach has helped him reach the level of a marketing professional.
  • What Hale appreciates about Ann’s team and their responsiveness to the needs of it’s members.
  • How as an introvert sitting behind his computer, Hale has completely changed his circle of friends solely due to the community aspect of the Daily Marketing Coach.
  • Hear about the skills Hale has developed: building a downline, selling products online, putting together marketing funnels,creating multiple sales funnels with his own ebooks.
  • His biggest achievement so far – building a list of 1000 subscribers in three weeks time… and at the time of this interview, he is half way to his goal of a 5,000 subscriber list.

Listen to my interview with Hale Pringle here:


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About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Ann,
    I find myself much like Dr. Pringle, I’ve bounced all over the web, checked out many of the same content
    and webinars as he. A couple of years ago I downloaded your book “The 7 lies about Network Marketing”
    (that computer died with that knowledge going to its grave) which was an initial connection for me to what You say and do. I have had my inbox flooded in the time since by so many trying to involve me in their program but whenever I have one of your’s I always open it (not trying to shmooze you, just that a lot of the others get deleted upon arrival!). I am for the most part a newb to all this internet marketing but with joining DSdomination I feel I have finally found a safe starting point to learn and build a business for myself and to teach my sons so they don’t have to trade time for money the rest of their lives. THANK YOU for a great video and Thank you to Dr. Pringle for making me feel as if I have found a community of like-minded .

    • Great to have you here, Wayne. Opening my emails has led to a whole new world of possibilities for you. You’re well on your way with DSD.

      Hale’s interview is just laced with wisdom. He’s an outstanding Daily Marketing Coach community member and leader. I’m really blessed to have him here. He’s doing the deal.

  2. I love the “There is a basic formula for Internet Marketing”. I agree. And till people thing the can wing it by themselves. Tell it like it is Dr Hale! :)

  3. These 3 things are why I stick with DMC as well. Amazing people in this community and I enjoy the feedback that Hale offers too. Great interview.
    #1) A mentor
    #2) A step-by-step training program
    #3) A mastermind group

  4. I agree with and share Hale’s desire to understand the big picture or the reason behind the steps and thw different processes in the marketing arena… and I appreciate that DMC educates us on that level. Being a part of this community of givers has been a great blessing.

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