May 25, 2024

Spotlight on Jory Fisher, DMC Certified Trainer

Jory Fisher from

Jory Fisher is a DMC certified trainer.

She first found Daily Marketing Coach from a previous web designer who knew Jory was struggling to get more coaching clients. So her designer suggested she listen to the “Black Friday” webinar (circa 2011) by Ann Sieg.

Actually, Jory was particularly impressed that Brian – Ann’s husband – called her to make sure she was registered for the Black Friday webinar.

She loved the fact that Ann ran a family business and that the Head Honcho was a woman. :-)

She figured if this all worked for network marketers, it could work for Jory too (who is not a network marketer, but a coach).

Jory wanted and needed a community that taught marketing and other entrepreneurial skills. And delivered it in such a way that it was easy enough for her to extrapolate. Bottom line, as Jory says, “Brian, Ann, and Curt had me at ‘hello.'”

Here’s A Sampling Of What Jory Fisher Accomplished Upon Joining Daily Marketing Coach (DMC)

For starters, she earned her first dollar online!

  • Jory turned what was her freebie give-away into a paid product. She now sells her Discover Your Purpose course for $19.97 and has other ethical enticements she offers in exchange for email address and name.

  • Jory totally re-did her website so that her primary focus would not be her radio show, but rather on her “visitors” and the value she can bring to each of them.

  • She became a certified DMC trainer via the Total Funnel Immersion program.

  • Jory completed a high converting Work With Jory page and video.

  • Jory increased her “listener-ship” on BlogTalkRadio.

  • She recorded, produced and published several videos.

  • Jory promoted a group coaching program using ideas from DMC.

  • Jory “grew” her Daily Marketing Coach team – still growing! which pays a residual affiliate income.

  • Jory enhanced her visibility in the marketplace (social media and email follow ups).

  • And she’s still achieving.

Pretty impressive list! Jory is serious about her business.

Here’s Why Jory Fisher Chose Daily Marketing Coach (DMC)


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“DMC attracts smart, caring people who want to make a difference in the world (not just personal gain). I love being part of such a community – knowing I can connect and learn and inspire and be inspired 24/7 is invaluable to me.”

Jory has commented that she also loves earning residual affiliate commissions. She has peace of mind knowing that she can learn how to market her business and help others learn how to market their business by referring people to DMC.

One of Jory’s biggest mind shifts has been that marketing is a good thing to be enjoyed, not a dreaded thing to be avoided.

All in all, Jory feels strongly that DMC has given her solid content to learn and teach. And
provides her with leaders (like Ann) to emulate and learn from.

Jory has made the most of her DMC+ membership. She upgraded to an Inner Circle and Total Funnel Immersion member AND has successfully gone through the DMC certification program. And now, Jory is succeeding.

Ann Sieg Interviews Jory Fisher. Listen To Ann and Jory Talk About “Success.”


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  • Learn more about Jory Fisher by visiting her website here:
  • Learn more about joining Daily Marketing Coach here.
    Do you know Jory Fisher? What good things do you have to say about her. Comment below.

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    1. Great job Jory!! You’re an inspiration for everyone, great website!

    2. Jory you are an example for us all, both as a DMC member and trainer, but more importantly, as a person! You walk the talk, and that’s huge! Keep telling your story and sharing your message and talents! xo

    3. Great interview! Congratulations on your success.

    4. Pat Campbell says:

      I haven’t met Jory personally, yet. I look forward to the day when we can both attend a live DMC workshop where online relationships are cemented into lasting friendships.

      I marvel at the attractiveness of Jory’s website and how it warmly draws her site guests to her message.

      I respect the consistency I read in Jory’s Start of Day and End of Day posts that reflect her faith values and commitment to personal development.

      Finding this post here today makes perfect sense to me as Jory has done a lot of work in her business makeover that is both and inspiration and an encouragement to others in the journey.

      • Thanks for commenting, Pat. Totally agreed. Everything about Jory exudes care, devotion and professionalism even down to her EOD reports. She’s a great inspiration to our Daily Marketing Coach community.

    5. What a gracious message, Pat. Thank you. We will meet in person… hopefully in August! I love how you say, “attend a live DMC workshop where online relationships are cemented into lasting friendships.” So true.

      Nothing like blood, sweat, and tears to bring people closer together (and a little stroll around Mall of America!).

      See you soon.


    6. Jory & Ann, In this world of “hype” everywhere about everything, it was refreshing to listen to an honest, motivating tribute with tangible results. DMC is a growing community of successful, humble, unselfish everyday people that have a heart to grow their business; while extending help to others on the same journey.
      Both of you are examples of people that have put the formula to work and have as we have learned, just done the work!
      Keep it coming!
      Blessings to you this day!

      • Thanks so much for your comment, Jane. I really appreciate having you in our community.

        So glad Jory referred you into our community. We’re really pleased with the number of professionals, like yourself, that have chosen to get their training and mentoring through the Daily Marketing Coach.

        I hope to meet you at one of our upcoming live events. Perhaps Renegade Action Workshop #4. We’ve got our date secured. :)

    7. Many, many thanks to you, Jane, not only for this heartfelt comment but also for being on the journey with us. Together we are effecting change in the world… one blog post… one FB message… one comment… one interview…one word of encouragement at a time. You are well on your way to being an even greater “influencer” as you put more and more of your own message online. I’m excited to be on the sidelines cheering you on.



    8. Jory, you are just damn too much. I observe that you are great and very sensitive. One thing I admire about you the most, is that you have an open mind; that is as long as you are living you are learning, when you stop learning; you have stopped living. It is the concept of great minds. I love to congratulate you about your achievements in Daily Marketing Coach and also joining 80/20 Marketing Inc. As a friend, am telling you that it is the best company in the world both offline and online. It’s leadership is extraordinary selfless leadership and Ann hovers like Johovah.

      Best wishes.

      You are my coach and trainer. Frankly, I feel more free now with you because of a lot of personal reasons and based on help and enlightenment, upliftment of humanity.

      Let me stop for now. Much respect and admiration.

    9. You have been busy lately! Glad to see you are making all the right connections Jory.

    10. Jory, big congratulations on becoming a certified trainer and getting your story on the Renegade blog!

    11. Awesome job Jory way to go DMC is really well put together and I believe it will work for me I have been a member before and wish to join again

      Dave Egan

      P.S. please email me Jory or Ann thanks

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