July 17, 2024

How Marsha Godwin Became Her Own Boss, And Finally Built The Online Business She’d Been Striving For After Years Of Struggle

You’re prob’ly a lot like Marsha Godwin.

Or you, at least, know someone like her.

Does this sound like you?

You want to be in control of your own destiny. You’re tired and burned out from corporate politics, and working for others. You want out of the rat race.

Like Marsha, you might even have a background in training, and you too might enjoying training others.

And it’s likely that you see the power of the internet to reach more people about your business, or opportunity, or product or idea. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

But mostly, you don’t want to be locked into one place, and you don’t want to rely on anyone but yourself.

After many years in the hospitality industry and then corporate world, Marsha’s entrepreneurial spirit took over.


Let Me Introduce Marsha Godwin

Marsha Godwin worked for years in the hospitality industry with companies like Walt Disney World in various management positions. And after that she was a corporate executive for a Fortune 100 Company for over 12 years with an accomplished background in sales, sales management and sales training.

But like so many, Marsha’s entrepreneurial spirit took over!


she kept bumping her head on the corporate ceiling.


she saw that she was getting older; it’d be harder to survive in the corporate world. She saw the forced retirements; the younger workforce, and she did not want her future to be dependent on someone else.

So she became a Realtor where she’d have more control to take charge of her own future.

She was also introduced to online marketing via her new real estate profession, and simultaneously sought to build an online business.

Like you, understanding the power of the internet to build a location independent, remote control business was fine and dandy in theory, but actually making it work was another thing altogether.

Marsha is a blogger, trainer, speaker, coach and creates product. She’s also a DMC Certified Trainer.


Here Was Marsha’s Problem

Or maybe not so much a problem, but a factor that might have both helped and hindered the progress of her online business.

You see, Marsha loves to learn.

She was always intrigued by the next course; the next concept; the next shiny object.

The good part of that equation is that she loves to learn (which is no doubt a major factor for how she’s learned to master the art of blogging for business not to mention some of the finer details like blog set up structure, keyword research and search engine optimization).

The bad part of that equation is there were times it kept her from getting into action.

Can you relate?

Marsha Godwin


How Was Marsha Going To Make Money?

How was Marsha going to make any money if her sole focus was on learning (and teaching others) instead of the revenue generating activities.

Upon reflection, Marsha thinks this is a throw-back from the corporate environment where a paycheck showed up no matter what. She constantly had had to remind herself that a paycheck does not show up unless she does something specific to make that happen!

It’s a lesson she continues to keep reminding herself.

It doesn’t matter how busy her day is if she didn’t do something to generate revenue then it was not a productive day.

Even to this day, the tension and sometimes struggle that Marsha feels is to stay focused on revenue generating activities.

This has taught Marsha to be aware of activities that are time and energy wasters. She makes a list of what she wants to accomplish and then evaluates herself based on accomplishing those tasks.

She tries to ignore shiny objects – at all costs! Marsha’s focused on long term goals, and the short term tasks that it will take to reach those goals.

Well… all that focus is starting to pay off for Marsha, but it hasn’t come without struggle.

Marsha had been trying for years to create a business online.

She’s invested countless hours and a small fortune. She’s chased after every program, and followed every guru offer and promise.

Only to find no success.

Marsha Godwin – MLM Blog Training [dot] com


This Is What Changed For Marsha (where she put her focus)

So how did that change?

Marsha gives a lot credit to Daily Marketing Coach (DMC).

Marsha became a Founding Member of Daily Marketing Coach and then the Inner Circle after that.

She followed the blueprint laid out by Ann Sieg, and the rest of the 80/20 Marketing team responsible for building out DMC.

As mentioned earlier, Marsha’s attention and focus grew narrower and narrower. She stopped looking at all the other shiny objects.

Then, she started to participate AND WIN the first two challenges offered inside the DMC membership. They were the 30 Day Blogging Challenge and the Holiday Hustle (build your own squeeze page) Challenge.

That enabled Marsha to continue learning while also keeping her focus on the skill development. The DMC membership offered her a chance to develop and improve in a few specific areas.

Like Robert K says (summarized quote, not actual) …

“First for the skill and education and not the money. Then the money will come.”

Marsha then got super active and immersed herself into the DMC community.

Here’s Marsha presenting on how to blog for business at The Renegade Action Workshop


Marsha Is No Slouch

Here’s just a mention of the many areas where Marsha has had influence and experience at DMC:

  • Regular contributor and supporter at The private DMC Facebook Group. This includes guiding and helping countless individuals “on the fly” at no charge.

  • Contributor to dozens of webinars. From cohosting, to blog critiques, and more, Marsha has done it here within the walls of DMC.

  • She was personally asked to be a Certified Trainer by Ann Sieg.

  • She’s been a presenter at all the RAW Events and has provided support throughout these events too.

  • She’s contributed to the back office DMC training suite. They are ‘Blogging Basics 101,’ ‘Creating Your Compelling Offer’ and 12 video ‘Blog Set Up’ tutorials for the foundational Marketing Funnel Bootcamp training.

  • She’s contributed to the curriculum in Total Funnel Immersion, which is a very robust, comprehensive membership within the DMC membership.

Marsha and Ann at the first Renegade Action Workshop event


This Is How Marsha Makes Money With Her Online Business

As you can see Marsha’s passion is to teach and train, but I know what you’re asking now,

“Well… that’s fine and dandy but how did she parlay all that to make money?”

Like so many, Marsha started out with offering services. Blog services specifically. She has many happy customers that received a WordPress blog set up and personalized training to go with it.

That’s a great place to start because it gave Marsha deep insight into what other people consistently asked for, and the trouble spots they ran into when it came to leveraging their blog to build their business.

Marsha – Canada


Marsha Created Her First Product, ‘Blogging Simplified – LIVE’

It was that insight that led to create her first product, Blogging Simplified Live – 6 Week Live Webinar Course.

Marsha created Blogging Simplified Live to leverage her time and resources from the services stuff. It also enabled her to focus on training and working with more people. She’s really enjoyed watching clients and members of her course move their business forward.

*If you’re a DMC member, here is a way to join Blogging Simplified Live at a steeply discounted price.

Marsha has customers buying her Blogging Simplified Live course. She has the testimonials and the earned income, but says the most gratifying is “When they start to see success, I start to see more success too.”

Blogging Simplified – LIVE by Marsha Godwin


This Is What Marsha Says About Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) With Ann Sieg

Today, Marsha can proudly say, “I made it.”

Marsha continues to blog, train, speak, coach, create products and fulfill her role within DMC as a Certified Trainer.

In a nutshell, Marsha now monetizes what she learned at DMC, and teaches it to others.

This what she says about DMC:

“Daily Marketing Coach and Inner Circle gave me what I needed to create a successful online business. I give credit to Daily Marketing Coach, the 80/20 Marketing Team, the educational platform and the community they created for the launch of Blogging Simplified Live, my other information and training products, and all the components of my online business.”


Not a Daily Marketing Coach Member?

Here is a personal invitation to partner up with Ann Sieg and earn up to 60% commissions on multiple products and residual streams… Plus, receive daily support , training and guidance through a unique online community (where you will have the opportunity to interact and receive guidance from great people like Marsha Godwin too).

Learn More Daily Marketing Coach Here

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. What a great story about Marsha! I have known Marsha for a number of years now, and she is truly a teacher at heart. She sets her eyes on a goal, works tenaciously, and doesn’t give up! Along with personal drive, having a supportive team behind you like the DMC is a winning combination. Marsha is a shining example to all of us that you CAN achieve great things if you stick to your course and keep on keeping on.

    Thanks for your post, Eric.

  2. Well said Lisa. Agreed. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks Eric for highlighting me and Blogging Simplified Live on The Renegade Blog.

    I appreciate very much what you wrote.

    ~ Marsha

  4. A beautiful piece about a beautiful woman. Marsha is the epitome of SERVICE. I’ve never seen her when she’s not ready to answer a question or show us how to do something with style, ease, and flair. She deserves to be featured again and again.

    We love you, Marsha Godwin!

    With gratitude for all you do for us and others,


  5. Great article about Marsha. Using her realtor background, Marsha often explains things in terms of a house, I’ll follow that line here.in 6 weeks, she taught me how to develop my blogging blueprint, helped me re-build the foundation of my blog, provided me with tools and resources to continue.
    I’m now building the first floor. I had been stuck for more than two years on my compelling offer, however through DMC+ I was making progress, but Marsha did some one-on-one coaching with me that really got me unstuck. Yesterday I published my first compelling offer: a 42-page illustrated eBook called “7 Steps That Transformed My Life”. Now it’s time to check & adjust; and take action on the next step.
    I am absolutely thrilled with my decision to join DMC+ Inner Circle and to take Marsha’s first Blogging Simplified Live class. It won’t be long before I’ll have an online mansion. Thanks Marsha and the team at DMC+.
    Enjoy the journey,
    Cinda Weisgerber

  6. This is my first time visit at here and i am actually impressed to read all at single place.

  7. Star harden says:

    This is myfirst time on here as well. That is a wonderful piece on Marsha. It gives me hope that I
    too, can build a thriving business on line. A solid and strong foundation is what I what to build my business on and with. I am looking forward to interacting with the team members of DMC. I just purchased the RNM and in the process off reading the AM manifesto. Thank you to all tha contribute to helping others and the DMC team communit.

  8. It was lovely to read Marsha’s story. Very encouraging too. I could SO relate having that love of learning and find that can keep me from getting into action too. Ok, back to work now Abi!

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