June 14, 2024

Interview With Marsha Godwin – Certified DMC Trainer Spotlight

Please check out a super meaty interview I had with one of the founding members of the Daily Marketing Coach and who is a Daily Marketing Coach certified trainer.

Marsha Godin and Ann Sieg at the first Renegade Action Workshop event

Marsha Godin and Ann Sieg at the first Renegade Action Workshop event

Marsha helped create the foundation of what would become a very thorough comprehensive training, coaching and mentoring platform that teaches people how to market their business online.
Marsha understood the importance of having been invited personally by me to be part of a very special project I was creating. We’ve since gone on to help thousands of entrepreneurs market their products and services online.
Marsha is the type to jump way over the bar to reach her goals. Going small just isn’t her nature.
She was the winner of the first two challenges we rolled out to our Daily Marketing Coach.

Listen To Ann & Marsha Talk About Success


Marsha’s clearly been a big go-getter in our community.

Learn more about Marsha’s Success Story


  • How she become a multiple trainer at our Daily Marketing Coach events and all the topics she’s an expert at. Likely you need her help in your business for at least one of her topics.

  • Marsha’s savviness to size up the needs of her audience and jump on it. Why this put her to the top of her community.

  • Learn why (and how) going through the school of hard knocks helped prepare Marsha to excel at online marketing. HINT: She didn’t get a free ride for any of her accomplishments even if it meant taking twice as long to get there.

  • How Marsha dealt with the proverbial corporate “glass ceiling” and made a conscientious decision for a change.

  • Find out which industry Marsha gave her the first true taste of entrepreneuralism after 13 years in the corporate world working with a Fortune 50 company. This was her first entrance into online marketing.

  • Learn the reason Marsha took me up on my offer to join me in a special project I was rolling out in June of 2011. This became a huge game changer for her future.

  • Find out what Marsha’s product series is all about. Some say it’s a higher level of “The Dummies” series.

  • Prior to the Daily Marketing Coach learning online marketing, for Marsha, was nothing but a bunch of unconnected puzzle pieces. Learn how it all came together through the Daily Marketing Coach.

  • Listen for Marsha’s golden tips on how to “reinvent” herself after leaving the corporate world. PLUS her bagful of 3 Top Shelf “Rockefeller” success tips.

  • Learn how Marsha, as a community leader, leads her members. She’s got a deeper perspective that helps her better serve people and herself at the same time.

  • Discover what becoming an Ann Sieg Daily Marketing Coach Certified Trainer has done for her business. Credibility in the market place has been one of the biggest out of a whole stack of reasons.


Here’s What You Know…

You know that in order to get more business and more customers, you need to learn to market your business online. At DMC, our mission is to help people do just that.

Furthermore, when you put your business online (no matter what kind of business it is), you need to center it around “you…”

… so you have complete control over it
… so you can develop your own business assets that make you the most amount of money.

Watch This Short Video From Ann Sieg, Co-Creator Of DMC

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Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Ann…..

    It was such a blast doing this interview with you!

    ~ Marsha

  2. I really resonate with the piece about “putting it all together” with blogging. I have found having my blog helps bring all my skills in one place. And DMC helped me “put it all together” in a marketing sense.

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