March 1, 2024

Give Them A Reason To Follow You

Ann Sieg Be Bold

Give people a reason to follow you.

Your Job Is To Become A Producer And Distributor Of Information

You’re not in the (insert your business) business, you’re in the information business. He/She who owns the content makes the rules.

Why The Internet Might Be Your Worst Enemy

The fact is, if you’re not taking advantage of the Internet right now — or more importantly, if you’re not educating your audience — you’re losing customers, prospects and existing downline members to those who are (whether you and/or your upline realizes it or not). Read why.

The Internet IS The System, And Here’s A Two Word Formula For Using It Effectively

Without the formula, your results might be fast and exciting, but they’re also likely to be short lived. You won’t be able to create long term wealth. Remember this 2 word formula.

What Network Marketers Can Learn About Marketing From Tim Ferriss

Targeting a specific niche like this is not mandatory to get started in attraction marketing, but if you can begin identifying a certain group of people or a specialty that you want to go after, you will be light years ahead of where most network marketers are today.

The 5 Ingredients of Online Marketing

In this post you will learn about how “Traffic + Content + Conversions + List + Monetization = A Money Making Home Business.” That’s the profit formula. Tape it to your computer desk and never lose sight of these 5 ingredients.

Efficient Marketing Vs. Effective Marketing

Would you rather be efficient or effective? Here’s the difference between being an efficient network marketer versus being an effective network marketer.

The Difference Between Positioning and Prospecting


These days, if you’re going to do anything effectively, especially if you’re selling something… you’re going to have to find a way to get invited – not as an unwelcome pest, but as a welcomed guest. Read more to find out what happens when you provide true information your target audience is looking for.

Attraction Marketing For Network Marketers

Attraction Marketers Manifesto

The fact is, if you’re a network marketer and not taking advantage attraction marketing using the Internet – if you’re not educating your audience – you’re losing customers, prospects and existing downline members to those who are (whether you or your upline realizes it or not).

SPECIAL DELIVERY – Handwritten letter for you!

*Download my handwritten letter here* First of all, I want to wish you and your family a Happy Father’s Day! I hope you take some well-deserved time off to spend the day with your loved ones and recharge those batteries. (This is important and I don’t think we get around to doing this enough!) […]

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