February 29, 2024

The 5 Ingredients of Online Marketing

Success in online network marketing can be boiled down to 5 main ingredients that combine to form what I like to simply call the “Profit Formula.”

There are hundreds and even thousands of different methods you can
use online (or off) but all of them end up falling under one of these 5 main categories.

Just like an algebra equation that balances itself out, when you put all
of these 5 ingredients together, the only possible outcome is a money-making business.

But just like with a recipe for baking a cake, you need every one of them in order to produce the results you want.

Here’s what you need to make your business work:

Traffic + Content + Conversions + List + Monetization =
A Money Making Home Business

Let’s look at each one…

1. Traffic

This is the glamorous part of online marketing. Or nowadays it’s actually not so glamorous. Anytime we think about making more money we naturally assume that the only sensible way to do this is to get more people to our website.

This is true to an extent – but it’s far from being the only thing you need.

Too many people are led astray in a never-ending search for the “holy grail” of traffic generation. The “silver bullet” that will solve all their problems and flood their website with more traffic than an eight lane superhighway during rush hour.

Well, in case you’re still looking, here it is:

The Secret To Getting More Traffic Than Any One Person Could
Ever Want Is To Get The Rest Of The Formula Right

The truth is, traffic generation is the easy part… IF …

… If you’re faithfully implementing the other four ingredients.

Of course that doesn’t mean traffic generation should be ignored. Nothing happens until someone sees your message!

Here is what your traffic-getting strategy should be:

If you’re just starting out, the incredible power of social media is the way to go. It’s free, it’s leveraged, it doesn’t require any complicated knowledge of search engines to get initial results, and it builds powerful relationships with prospects and customers.

Then, as soon as you can, you want to move in to paid methods as quickly as possible (while continuing to build and leverage your social media traffic streams).

2. Content

This is the oh-so critical “value” component of the equation that I’m always ranting and raving about. The reason this is so important is because this is the biggest part of the equation that has been missing from network marketing for decades!

This is the “uniqueness” that you and you alone provide to the world. It’s what sets you apart and gives prospects a compelling reason to do business with you over everyone else.

Your content should educate your prospects and solve their most pressing problems. And there are many different types that you can use at different stages of your marketing funnel. There are basic forms like articles, blog posts, videos, emails, etc. And there are more advanced forms ranging from webinars to ebooks to coaching to home study courses all the way to full blown in-person live events.

The goal is to gradually progress to more and more advanced levels of content. It’s very simple:

The More Content You Create And The More Advanced
Forms Of Content You Create, The More Leads You Generate

It’s crucial that you understand this component of the formula because the people who own and control content have the most leverage. They control the traffic. They have the most joint venture opportunities. They have the biggest lists.

It’s basically like controlling the oil supply.

This is what my free report The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto is all about. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s 45 minutes wisely spent.

3. Conversions

While value (content) attracts the audience to you, it and it alone is not enough to get most people to take action. A decent amount will, but not the majority. And not the amount you need to make a full time income.

In order to do this you have to learn how to motivate people to take action. That’s what a conversion is: Whenever any type of action takes place. To put it in more layman’s terms: You have to learn how to close.

But just so we’re not mistaken: Learning how to close doesn’t always mean having people give you their money. That is the end goal of business, but there are conversions points along every single step of your marketing funnel that require people to take action.

Believe it or not, you still have to sell the value you’re giving – even if it’s free!

If you’re struggling to make money, my greatest advice to you is to become a voracious student of copywriting. It has a dramatic impact on every single aspect of your business.

It determines whether or not people decide to…

•    Read your ads
•    Click on your ads
•    Opt in to your email list
•    Read your subject lines and open your emails
•    Read past the first paragraph of your emails
•    Click on the links in your emails
•    Read your articles or blog posts
•    Watch your videos (and continue watching them)
•    Ultimately buy your product

Copywriting is basically what moves the whole process along. It makes sure that a prospect goes smoothly from point A to point Z without getting stuck or lost or distracted along the way.

4. List

Ann Sieg and Ty Tribble's Blogging For Prospects

Which one of these ingredients you need to focus on depends on where you’re at with your business. But the goal of all these activities is to be continually building your list of prospects.

See, building your business online really isn’t that different from doing the warm market/cold market thing after all :-) The point is still to build your list. The difference is how you get people on the list and what you do with them after that.

In fact…

The Turning Point For A Network Marketer Comes When They Truly Begin To Learn The Science And Business Of List Building

All – I repeat ALL – successful marketers have a list.

One of the single biggest factors that has allowed me to have the success I’ve had time and again has been the list I’ve been building over the past six years online.

Big pay days never happen overnight. But if you continue to grow your list it can.

There is one overarching golden rule to always remember when it comes to list building…

The quality of the list is more important than the size. There are a few things that affect this.

•    How did people get on the list?

Did they come from a glowing endorsement by another marketer? Did they come from pay-per-click? Did they come from your Facebook account? Were they opportunity leads that you purchased? Every traffic source produces different quality leads.

•    What steps did they take before getting on your list?

Have they already consumed a lot of your content before they opted in? Did they double opt in or single opt in? How much information did you require they give you to get on your list? In some cases you want to make it easy as possible to get on your list and in some cases you actually don’t. Just know that the more hoops someone jumps through the more qualified they are.

•    The most important: What is your relationship with the list?

Do you continue to provide them with tons of value once they get on your list? Do you relentlessly pound them with offer after offer? How often do you follow up with them?

5. Monetization

Monetization is simple: Offering products that relate to your prospects needs.

This is where your MLM fits in. Building a list comes first, not building a downline. Monetization is the fun part and it’s where you really want to start thinking outside the box. Obviously you want to generate income with your business as fast as possible.

This means asking yourself:

What Else Are My Prospects Looking For?
What Else Could I Offer Them?

Affiliate programs are the fastest and easiest way to begin selling other people’s products to earn commissions. But my biggest tip for you here is to begin developing your OWN products.

It’s much easier than you think and the benefits are beyond what you could imagine.

Having your own products (info products are the best) gives you more profits, more control, more credibility with your prospects, more lead generation power, more advertising options… and… it makes selling other things like affiliate products or your MLM a thousand times easier!

The goal is to have automated monetization so your income isn’t dependant on you always having to work. But if you don’t have a huge list yet, a great way to begin making serious money with yours right from the get-go is by offering consultations.

It’s an easier sell than most products because your prospects are desperately looking for one-on-one help (it has to be value based though and not a pitch-fest). This is how I got started and it’s one of the quickest ways that many of my students have gone from zero to $2-3k/mo.

Just imagine what you could do for your business and your life with an additional two to three thousand a month. Things start to get very exciting when you can…

•    Buy more money-making tools for your business
•    Buy any product you need to keep learning new skills
•    Expand your advertising
•    Have less stress and more free time because the bills are being paid

The key to selling your own products or services is to simply be a couple steps ahead of your prospects. And believe me, you already are.

Traffic + Content + Conversions + List + Monetization =
A Money Making Home Business

That’s the profit formula. Tape it to your computer desk and never lose sight of these 5 ingredients.

If you’re not making money you’ll know it’s because you’re missing one if them.

To Your Success,

Ann Sieg

P.S. In my free ebook, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto, I offer 133 different ways to create content that attracts interest in the forms of leads and new customers. Click the graphic below to get your copy.

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Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Excellent information Ann. I have already downloaded the Attraction Marketers Manifesto but haven’t had the time to read it all the way through yet. I’ll be Making the time to do that today.

  2. Ann! Wonderful synopsys. You make it sound so easy.

    May I humbly add one more piece to the puzzle? It is implied in most of the things you say, but it does not stand alone as a separate component.

    It is what makes your traffic stop and look.

    It is what holds their attention as they absorb your content.

    It is what inspires the conversion.

    It is what keeps people on your list.

    And above all it is what gives peole the confidence to give you money for what they perceive is value.

    So, what is it?


    Credibility comes from integrity and you have done a masterful job of demonstrating your integrity in the things you provide.



  3. Hey Ann, great info yet again! I am currently placing all the ingredients in a big bowl ready to give it a mix. I can’t wait to smell the results as they are baking!!!! Thanks Ann for all that you do. I really appreciate it. Tania

  4. this is so true

    great post


  5. Hey Ann

    That was awesome….

    The Best Detailed Description of elements which actually matter in a long term home business


  6. I think it should be #1 Content #2 Traffic, & so on.

    You could get traffic on a site but if your visitor does not do anything on the site, that’s it. If you have content (I mean, useful content), traffic will follow base on how search engines could give you and what you provide your visitor.

    Conversion takes place when the page that pre-sells is compelling enough for your visitors to take action.

  7. Awesome and yet simple. Thanks!

  8. good stuff

  9. Ann, this a great post! What you’ve done is to define the framework for success online. If anyone who reads this would just spend a some time studying each component and begin to put the pieces together then success should follow.

    This is a perfect summarization of attraction marketing on the internet.

    NOTE: Maybe I have a misunderstanding but I would have put “content” as the first item. If I have no content to direct my traffic to then what would I do with the traffic? Just a thought and no disrespect intended.


  10. Thanks for clearly stating the five specific ingredients needed for success in this business. I will continue to put my cake together.

  11. Thanks for the reminder Ann, I find myself spending too much time on the things that I enjoy doing the most – right now, it’s content generation and social networking. Reading this post reminded me to get started on studying copywriting. Best regards,Kevin

  12. Hello Ann,

    I understand the importance of traffic as I continue to build my site using SBI. But Content is really the key and should have been listed first IMHO. After all you admitted that it “is the oh-so critical “value” component of the equation”!

    Most of us get stuck building the list. That is where I’m heading next.

    Thanks for the refresher!

  13. Ann,

    Always over delivering. Great stuff here!

  14. Tami Sedlacek says:

    This was the best post yet and really puts things into perspective! You really have a way of explaining things, and laying them out in a concise and easy to follow way. I printed this one and will keep it readily available at all times. It kinda goes back to the old saying of “Keep It Simple”. These 5 ingredients could not have been laid out more simply. Thanks so much and keep the inspriation and good info coming. Tami

  15. Hi Ann!
    Thank you for making a difference in my business and business model. I have had great success since getting your Renegade program well over two years ago. I am only sorry that I didn’t do anything about it sooner. This is a great post and wonderful information but we never get anything less from you!!! Always make it a great day…

  16. Juhud Felix says:

    Thanks ANN for your advise and your opinion for me about the success but the one problem which forcing me is the how can i get the perment computer becouse have been pay to for hour or hlf an hour so in my area is to difficut to get that internent therefore if have probability to help me the one Computer it is better in order to buld some of success.
    Juhud Felix
    Karagwe Kagera Tanzania

  17. William says:

    Ann, this is very nerve wracking, and yet, how can i not relate?
    I can bake you a ‘cheese flan’ that would make your eyes roll into the back of your head, it’s so good. There are only five ingredients there, come to think of it.
    And if l learned how to do that so well, l can obviously learn your five step ingredients too! ‘So please, for the love of Pete’ ……. Lets get this shopping list of ingredients to my home already! My laptop is already pre-heated to 365* !
    You sure know how to get a guy crazy about your dish.
    You can be sure that you will get all the credit for the recipe ,with all my guests!!
    Ann, thank you for paying the price for my success!

    Wm. R.
    sunny, FL

  18. Awesome content Ann…You Rock, I will now be following you on Twitter and putting your link on my blog

  19. Great article. I can’t get enough of your ideas or implement them fast enough.

  20. Eke obinna. m says:

    Ann,thanks for your e-lectures.how can one without capital enback on this business,evry day by day i pay to browse on your information.i dont have a pc of my own talk more of being connected.i was thinking that the offer made to me online would be a thing to use in facilitating my move to your proposed scholarship.having this in mind i have come to know that the world is bereft of love.are you a member of liverpool football club?i saw someone in 2008 calender you sat at the extreme end in the left hand side.please if you know what to do to asist me financialy,please do.i can asist you for victory in any football match you enbarck on,this only secret i learnt from theosophy.

  21. Fantastic information Ann
    You are very good for all of us
    and we appreciate all your doing
    In Gratitude

  22. Ann, your information is always so coherent and to the point. Thank you.

  23. Hi Ann, great tips. i learned a lot since i met you. You’re my Online Guru 😀

  24. thanks for the coaching ann this is the first website i build take a look at it an let me no what i need to ad to it brian.

  25. “learn how to motivate people to take action.”
    This is probably one key ingredient most people lack. They have all the traffic, they have built content but they are not seeing the money. All they need is motivate people to take action without sounding like desperate salesmen:-) I will go and look further into my website, make afew more changes to make it even more effective.

    Thanks for these great tips.
    Annette @ http://budurl.com/pavx

  26. I remember less than a year ago when I came across a squeeze page you had done,Ann. I was just learning how to make squeeze pages back then and had saved yours as and example because I thought it really touched on the emotional trigger that gets the person to take action.

    You were then, as you are now, putting into practice what you preach. Thanks for the lesson and putting it so clearly in terms any newbie can understand.

  27. No matter how long someone been in Network or Internet Marketing we can never stop learning. The market place is always changing, and that why Renegade training programs are so helpful.

  28. Thank you Ann, there is so much healthy filling in your sandwich and so much goodness i your baking.

  29. Thanks for the basic guidelines. I guess the most imp. aspect is that success dosent come overnight. Hitting it big on the net, especially in the current scenario, is far and few and requires more than just a weekends preperation.

  30. Thank U very much for being concerned for other peopel success and not being selfish… I wish everybody wwould be compasionate and concerned like U are… now I just need to start to send my motivational messages and business e-mail to the people on the business cards that were pa sses unto me… in the mean time is U coud do o ne favor for me, I d ask U to please pray for me becasue I am under a lot of pressuring stress for neck pain twisitng and degeneration which require physical therapy and I hope the auto ins covers because other wise I should sue the opposite guilty party who drov right into my rear fender spinning my car one and a ha lf time. SO my nervous system is kind of jeoperdiized and also al othe organs.. I am very broke and my husband doesn’t care of my bills.. he loves his money from General Motor whihc is closing now down too much to share with me as wife… I hoep to have success in ACN or in Primerica financial Services.. ( I try to find customers for first and sec0ond mortgage and 4 term Life Insurance…
    ALl my respect and much appreciation for all that U do… I go ttoo busy helping poor ladies and distress as my younger depressed sisters and consumed my business prospectin time…I donhjave now much resistence when it comes to stressing challenging projects…

  31. Dear Ann, You are Awesome.I am making progress in my business.I am assured I will continue to grow and prospe.The monetary is on the way.Thank you for giving your talents, skills, experience,gifts, wisdom and knowledge to others so we can be blessed. I am eternally grateful Ann.I see my business The journey has not been an overnight miracle.It took diligent work and belief this would come to pass.It does get easier. You have paved an easier,softer road. I had many hungry wolves’s placed in my path that tried to lure me into the corner of get rich quick schemes,for themselves.I am so thankful you landed in my e-mail 12 months ago Now when I fall it is upstream, not downstream.I will be in touch. Again, thank-you,may God continue to bless you We do reap what we sow.See you at the TOP. Attraction Marketing all the way!
    My Love, Patti Burkhart

  32. I really appreciate your Teachings Ann ,

    Thanx very again….

    Love from my Heart for you !

    Sylvia, Canada

  33. Edward T. says:

    Ann, I always look forward to your emails. I just know that I’m going to get educated on something that I needed to know.(Thank You for being there). Your materials are rejuvenating and spirit filling…sort of like being on cloud nine. I feel like I can conquer the world of network marketing. I feel smart and motivated, as though I’ve been given a glass of fresh iced water to quench my thirst. I guess what I’m saying is keep up the great work. Keep the water flowing, because you are an incredible blessing to us.

  34. Wow this is I think one of the best information I’ve gotten from Ann in months. I already started applying few of these ingredients but not all of them. I will definitely work on the rest. Thanks Ann for reminder me again.

  35. Ann, this sounds like a Very lovely program,, I am learning how to implement all of this and will be on my way soon. I am a very new student to the whole attraction mlm/marketing concept and am very excited bout it. This is what we all need– the very best ingredients to cook up ourselves delightful thrills and meals of success! Let us ALL follow it thou to the letter

  36. Jack Henderson says:

    Hi Anne

    Thanks for all your ideas

    regards Jack Henderson

  37. Brilliant information! [The Secret To Getting More Traffic Than Any One Person Could Ever Want Is To Get The Rest Of The Formula Right.] The not so secret reason for failure to get traffic is that so many just do not want to do the doing on the rest of the formula. As Nike made famous – just do it!

    Two helpful books I’d recommend are ‘Words That Sell’ by Richard Bayan and ‘The Irresistible Offer’ by Mark Joyner

  38. Ann,

    Thanks for the great tips you have provided, I have saved each and every one and review them every so often,

  39. Great list Ann!
    These 5 things are so important to an online business…and an offline business. If any one part does not work then the whole system is affected in a negative way. Like a Wheel of Life – Everything needs to be in balance before each item works to its best performance.


  40. John Macy says:

    Excellent information, you are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for all your help.

  41. Debbie McNeely says:

    I appreciate having this very concise list. I printed it out to use at my desk. The way you have written it in the step by step manner makes it easy to see the overall plan. I like the “if you are not making money you will know it’s because you are missing one of them.” It is so valuable to have that and never be in mystery, just look and see if all the ingredients are there or what is missing. No guess work! Thank you Ann. I so appreciate all the help you give.

  42. Hi Ann,
    I love the way you organize your thoughts because it flows so beautifully into your training. It all comes out so clearly. Now, I need to organize myself to implement your teachings. I’m a newbie and can certainly benefit from your guidance.

    Thank you for your wonderful advice.


  43. Ann,Your post was such a powerful summation of Attraction Marketing…It reminds one to stay on the straight and narrow…relentlesly…jim

  44. Great to read what you have to say yet again. My business has all the training that you need to get by already inbuilt and it is not an MLM so I don’t need as many people to talk to to make big dollars but I do still find what you have to say interesting. You just need to get out there in several different ways. A customer needs to see you in seven different mediums before it really impacts on them. I have learned so much since my search began a year ago!

  45. Great post!It sounds like all of your hard work has really paid off! I hope to be in your shoes someday giving others the very same advice. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  46. Ann – this is brilliant. I always believed that ‘GENUINE traffic’ is so much more valuable than simply ‘traffic’. Thank you for reassuring me that my effort in the other areas will give me the golden return that I aim for!

  47. Very nicely written article. I’ve got 1, 2 and 5 down, but I don’t do #4 at all, and #3 isn’t going all that well except for Adsense, which, in my mind, doesn’t really count. But it just gives me more to work on.

  48. Thank you for the mail!
    I appreciate and will save “The 5 Ingredients” for reflection in my work.

  49. Hi Ann,

    I always come away from your blog post having learned yet another valuable lesson. It really is a simple process, but it is a process. When done right it has tremendous benefits to any business.

    Thanks again for all you do.

    Michelle Moseley

  50. Thanks again Ann,

    Wonderful formula to follow. I appreciate all the wisdom you and knowledge you are willing to share.


  51. This was a very good post. I have been following you for some time now and along with all of my other internet mentors the word I always come across is :value: If you are looking to build your list and to build trust among those on your list you must provide these people with value of some sort.

  52. Great Post Ann,
    I printed it off and will put it up in my office.
    The formula will help to keep me on track and a way for me to keep my business organized.
    Thank you for the valuable information.


  53. I love this post! Bringing it down to 5 ingredients really helps my brain take it in better! Thanks so much!

  54. Ann –

    I really like your articles. You always seem to strike the right balance between just enough information (so that I remain interested) and not too much (so that I navigate away from the article).

    Thanks for all you do.

    Patrick Howard

  55. Ann I can’t thank you enough for the tremendous help you have been for myself and my business.And this information brings home the fact once again how committed you two are to the development of business owners with the internet network marketing community.

    Thanks for breaking it down in simple terms for all us non-techie types, before this is all over I just might be call myself a techie.And for me that’s a huge accomplishment.

  56. Hi Ann,

    As always Ann, you always over deliver. And I’m forever grateful.

    You all have the Biggest Hearts.

    The information here that you have provided is the True Formula to staying on track…

    Thanks again,
    Donna Wells

  57. Hi Ann!

    Of course this is a great post! I’d been waiting to read it as soon as I found a time to really absorb it and take action.

    You pointed out two pieces of the IM pizzle that I’ve previously overlooked: Content and Conversion. Everyone knows you need traffic, a list, and to monetize that list. And that can get you far in other Internet Mktg arenas.

    But in Network Mktg, you need that content to build the rapport and you need to make sure you’re converting or moving your visitors along the road.

    Thanks for the great info!


  58. Always valuable content and lessons to be learnt.

    Once again you have summed it up in 5 simple steps. Maybe now I will “GET IT” and build some traffic.

    Thanks so much for all your input and for helping everyone so unselflessly.

  59. Great Ann. Thanks. The tip about creating your own products was taken to heart here.

    Watch this space!


  60. Ann,
    Good advice – stick to the basics. The profit formula is simple; it takes work, but it is simple to understand and straightforward to implement.

    No matter how much I progress with my business, I see or hear something I need when I get back to basics.


  61. Hi Ann,
    Everything you provide for business builders is powerful. The marketers manifesto as well as the renegade network marketer have been the most effective for me in my business and this blog is a great place for me to hang out and learn effective business strategies. The tips and advice in this post will work for anybody and thanks for providing so much for people that struggle in network marketing. Reading this post is so important for business builders that need to know the whole formula. Thanks!

    Rick Salas

  62. The Formula is very simple – and should be obvious. However, so many online marketers miss one or more steps! I passed along this important info on my blog with a link back!
    Randy reek

  63. Thank you Ann. Your information is always of interest. I just wish I had paid attention when I first came across your ebook.

  64. May we have an option to work a program at a somewhat slower speed? I can’t keep up with the dash that most of the Renegade programs seem to run. I cannot keep up with the dmail and correspondence necessary for progress, at least with the pace at which NEW materials, concepts, and ideas keep flowing out to us?

    Would like to hear some ideas that could be workable in about 4 hours a day.



  65. Hi Ann
    I liked that you mentioned coaching…and how many people want support with all of this.
    I’m at the point where I am finding myself answering a lot of questions.
    I like to coach so I appreciate the reminder about how much coaching is needed and how I can monetize that.
    Great list…and right to the point as always in your posts…thanks!
    Best to you,

  66. Hey Ann and TY I recently ordered MLM Blog secrets and I have to tell you the information is great set up a new blog following Ty’s instuctions and have already put up 3 posts and I am still learning great product thanks a million please check it out let me know what you think

    • Congratulations Dave!

      You’ve gotten into action very quickly. That is very impressive. Yes, love what I’m seeing. You’re definitely getting the feel of blogging and affiliate marketing. Keep me posted on your progress! You’re a fast action taker. :)

  67. Hey Ann,

    I saw you were from Eagan, MN and thought I would drop in and say hi from a fellow Minnesotan :)


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