April 15, 2024

Your Job Is To Become A Producer And Distributor Of Information

You’re not in the network marketing business, you’re in the information business.

You’re not in the health and wellness business, you’re in the information business.

You’re not in the travel services business, you’re in the information business.

You’re not in the legal services business, you’re in the information business.

You’re not in the real estate business, you’re in the information business.


You try it…


You’re not in the (insert your business) business, you’re in the information business.

You hear the word content used a lot on the internet. My health awareness seminars were content. The more content you produce (both online and offline), the more customers and leads you will generate. I can’t remember a time EVER when this hasn’t proven to be true.

Very few people truly get this (I sure didn’t for a LONG time), yet it is so simple. Delivering quality free content to your prospects that is useful and brings value to them BEFORE they ever purchase anything from you (or not) will open the flood gates of growth in your business.

Think about this for a moment, and what it means for your business:

  • Nothing is sold without content.
  • It is what makes the world as we know it function.
  • This is what every website, TV station, magazine and newspaper publisher on earth lives and breathes for: Good content.
  • Because people are attracted to value (content), not sales pitches.
  • People don’t buy the magazine for the advertising. They buy the articles and pictures. The more content a magazine has, and the better quality they are, the more magazine subscriptions the magazine sells. The more magazine subscriptions the magazine sells, the more readers the people who pay to have their ads in the magazine get to expose their message to.

The point is: Content is the reason that advertising is able to exist in the world.

If you’re not doing something to educate your prospects and enrich their lives, you’re like a TV station that runs nothing but commercials 24/7.

Who’s going to watch that?

(Not me. Not you. No one)

In my free ebook, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto, I offer 133 different ways to create content that attracts interest in the forms of leads and new customers. Click the graphic below to get your copy.

The Marketer's Manifesto

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  1. People look for solutions to their problems. Products solve problems. If you present a product that appears to solve a problem, achievea dream, etc. they will keep listening to your information.

  2. Great post. I been using the renegade blog posts to my groups and my blog. I’m producing lots of interests so far. People love Ann Sieg’s blog contents so I’m going to keep using it. I’ve gotten few clicks so far.
    I’m producing for people that are hungry for contents.

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing with your community Prince. There’s lots more to share with them through our new Daily Marketing Coach training and mentorship platform. We’ve got a webinar tomorrow night to fill you in on all the details. Here’s the link to register. http://www.webinar-meetings.com/trs

      I hope to see you there!


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