June 14, 2024

Leadership Quality #8: Grace Under Pressure: How Not To Lose Your Cool

Despite being super prepared, and no matter the amount of experience you may have, you WILL run into challenges. How you handle yourself will make all the difference. Here’s how to keep your cool and have grace under pressure.

Leadership Quality #7: Good Leaders Know When and How To Delegate

Ann Sieg

It is your job to train those around you to be effective and efficient. Here are some specific tips on how you can delegate your current tasks onto someone else.

Leadership Quality #6: Focus In On The Good In Everyone and Everything

Ann Sieg’s leadership series #6 where she describes how to focus on the good in everyone and everything and how that can positively impact your business and mindset.

Leadership Quality #4: Leaders Inspire Others Into Action Through Selfless Action

Ann Sieg and mom and dad Sieg

It’s a bit counter intuitive. True leaders live in the space of their vision of how the world “ought to work.” When they do this they naturally attract to them people of like mind and vision.

Leadership Quality #2: Develop a Courageous Spirit To Rally Your Mental and Moral Forces To Execute The Tasks At Hand

ann round table

Leadership Quality #2: Develop a Courageous Spirit To Rally Your Mental and Moral Forces To Execute The Tasks At Hand

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Ann Sieg speaks about entrepreneurship, how to be an entrepreneur when you’ve always had a job.

Ann Sieg Leadership Series (part 1)

Leadership Quality #1 – Be Aware Of Your Patterns To Avoid The Reactive State – Seek Instead To Develop Self Control, Composure and Calm

How To Use Consultative Selling To Work Your Leads

Ann Sieg training on Consultative Selling, and how to use it to work your leads as a true networking professional.

We’re giving you permission to STEAL our blog posts

Here’s a cool story about how an old school network marketer began tapping into The Renegade System to educate himself and his downline, but instead of hard selling Ann’s product at his people, he educated them first by leverage The Renegade Blog.

Salesmanship is the finest of all arts

I firmly believe sales is the transfer of energy. It is the total belief beyond 100% of a shadow of a doubt that what you have to offer will change people’s lives. If you don’t believe this then you shouldn’t be selling your product or service. But if you do truly believe (and know with […]

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