April 21, 2024

Promote Yourself And Share What You Do

DMC community

On behalf of Ann Sieg, her in-house marketing team, her cadre of marketing experts, trainers and the entire Daily Marketing Coach community, we’d like to give everyone a “safe space” to promote themselves and share what they do with the community.

In the comments below…

Please introduce yourself. Let us know about yourself, your background, your credentials if you applicable, your philosophy, your passion and anything else people should know. Include ONE LINK of your choosing, more information about your own “make money” interests here on the web. How are you helpful and who can you help best?

DMC Star Of The Week – Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline

Lisa Saline is DMC’s “star of the week.” Learn more about Lisa and watch her video interview with Ann Sieg.

Learn How 23 Year Old Computer Science Major Gabriel Both Is Building His First Online Business Through The Daily Marketing Coach


Stop everything you’re doing and listen to this heart warming interview with Gabriel Both. He’s one of the youngest members of our Daily Marketing Coach community. And in some ways that makes him a really big breath of fresh air. No, not just because he’s young but because he’s got so much wisdom.

Thankful For The MLM Life – A Better Way to Live

Coach Curt

Many chastise our industry because so many join and don’t make a profit. Many quit because they think it is easy and they don’t make money quickly. That is a narrow and warped view of the MLM world. Many people stick around a company a long time without making any money? Many MLMers stick and keep coming back to this industry even after promising themselves they never would.

Why? In this short audio, you will hear my take on that. . .

Meet Daily Marketing Coach Certifed Trainer Julieanne van Zyl

Ann Sieg and DMC Certified Trainer, Julianne van Zyl

Julieanne is no slouch when it comes to online marketing. She’s a veteran of the industry having built a large following and team back in 2004 which stemmed in part from the global interest following “The Secret” movie. Prior to that she had been a computer science lecturer and has been teaching programming and other computer applications for a few decades. Here’s an interview with her about her success.

Meet Stella Scott – Professional Opera Singer and Daily Marketing Coach Certified Trainer

Ann Sieg and Stella Scott share a few laughs at The Renegade Action Workshop

You may be asking yourself … Why would an opera singer get involved with marketing? How in the world could an opera singer use our Daily Marketing Coach platform to live her dream? Well… meet Stella Scott from Sweden. She has one heck of a story and I know you’ll learn a lot from our interview.

Daily Marketing Coach Success Story With Suicide Pain Survivor Linda Troup

linda troup

I’ve got a full length interview for you to watch with one of my highest level mentorship students. Her name is Linda Troup and she’s pretty amazing.

A lot of times we focus on all the “make money” aspects of running an online business and all too often we miss out on other success aspects of the human experience.

Get a pen and paper out because you’re going to pick up some amazing life lessons.

Linda was told she had a pain level known as Suicide Pain and that there was no hope for her. But as you will see in our video interview she is now alive and vibrant.

Daily Marketing Coach Success Story: David & Laura Bostrom

Larua Bostrom

David and Laura Bostrom are Daily Marketing Coach members. They have been members since November of 2012, and in that time, they have used Daily Marketing Coach in a specific way to build their business. Watch the video interview Ann Sieg conducted with them to learn the specific ways they used DMC as well as […]

Daily Marketing Coach Success Story – Michelle Pitot


Michelle Pitot, Another of many Daily Marketing Coach Success Stories

Spotlight on Jory Fisher, DMC Certified Trainer

Jory Fisher from JoryFisher.com

Jory Fisher, DMC Certified Trainer shares her experience with Daily Marketing Coach, what she’s accomplished since being a member of the DMC community, and speaks candidly with Ann Sieg in an audio interview about consistency and the struggle being worth the effort. Read and listen to one of DMC’s finest and most successful members.

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