May 25, 2024

Promote Yourself And Share What You Do

DMC community

On behalf of Ann Sieg, her in-house marketing team, her cadre of marketing experts, trainers and the entire Daily Marketing Coach community, we’d like to give everyone a “safe space” to promote themselves and share what they do with the community.

In the comments below…

Please introduce yourself.

Let us know about yourself, your background, your credentials if  applicable, your philosophy, your passion and anything else people should know.

Include ONE LINK of your choosing, more information about your own “make money” interests here on the web. How are you helpful and who can you help best?


*Note: we reserve the right to moderate as we see appropriate.

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About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email


  1. Nicole Nauss says:

    Hello, my name is Nicole Nauss. I am a housewife and stay at home mother of 2. I am currently in search of my niche. I also, am currently looking into affiliate companies on the internet that cater to my passions. I have a background of 15 years as an asst. horse training for Arabian Show Horses. I also have backgrounds in real-estate, homeowners insurance, mgt over grocery at Walmart, retail, fast food industry, working from home. My husband’s company keeps us moving around so it is imperative that I work from home v.s. having to quit and find new work every time we move. If you would like to know more or feel we have things in common I would love speaking with you and getting to know you better too. You can email me at

    • Hi, My name is Kristin. I formerly owned an internet-based company in which I utilized Ann Sieg’s marketing strategies, however I did not invest the time involved to incorporate them properly. I now work with my partner, Will in the field of Private Investigations in Southwest Florida where we investigate criminal cases, insurance fraud, and assist individuals in divorce/infidelity, and child custody matters. We also protect the public in providing background checks to employers as well as individuals. I continue to learn marketing strategies. I have attended many of Ann’s Marketing Webinars and will continue to use her expertise in my endeavors. Please feel free to visit our website at and best of luck to everyone!

  2. Hi, I’m Carla Gardiner otherwise known as the Fiery Grandma. I am an ex-banker who left the corporate world to build a future for myself and family. Nine years ago I started a traditional business as an auto transport broker and dispatcher. Regulations changed forcing a shift in my business and our lifestyle. I needed a way to replace the income we lost overnight. Using social media to build my network marketing business helped me find other like-minded women who were ready to take their future into their own hands.

    Today I help women over 50 redesign success by starting their own direct sales business using social media. When they work with me they earn more money, receive more referrals and build larger teams faster. When they work with me their learning curve will be cut in half!

    If you have a question or would like more information visit

  3. Thank you Eric. My name is Gabriel Both, and I’m a couple weeks away from receiving a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. My expertise is computers and technology as well as creative media such as graphic design, video, and music production. That’s why I call myself a “Creative Entrepreneur”. Another one of my main passions is personal development – growing, learning, and developing myself (body, mind, and soul) to expand my infinite divine potential within myself.

    My purpose is to develop, express, and share my creativity, love, joy, harmony, peace, and wisdom with the world to make a massive, lasting, and positive difference in millions of people’s lives. I live by the highest values and spiritual ideals in my life, including in my business.

    100% customer satisfaction is my #1 goal in my interactions with my clients and I will go out of my way to achieve that, even if it means spending extra time and putting in a little extra effort. Building a strong, trusting, and lasting relationship with my customers is my top priority. Everything else follows naturally.

    If you need help with your blog from a technical, visual, and/or creative aspect like installing and setting it up from the ground up, or revamping an existing one to look more attractive, I can help you. I also do graphic design work (headers, ebook covers, logos…), and custom music creation for your videos. I’m also working on a membership site which teaches you how to set up your own membership site which I plan on launching by the end of December 2013.

    You can check out my blog here:

  4. Great idea! Thanks for the opportunity.

    My name is Elise Adams and I am a marketing/branding/social media engagement professional focused on creating powerful content for health-focused businesses. From website design, in-your-voice ghostwriting and specialized copywriting to marketing strategy, social media management & personalized engagement I am a full-service growth booster!

    Currently I am writing, engaging and marketing for Fresh Start for Health, a faith based, grace focused program offering baby steps for mind/body/soul health. We offer personalized health coaching, a bible-study prepared for churches and small groups, an email meal planning service and a popular 14-day Challenge program for group inspiration and accountability using Facebook and our website. Additionally we are opening a Health Coach training program we call Fresh Start Leadership Academy in January of 2014 for service-minded individuals who long to empower individuals through the Fresh Start system (registration open now through our website).

    In the coming year we’ll also be moving into video classes, a YouTube cooking class/virtual coaching show and a LIVE virtual retreat for all our members!

    I LOVE what I do. Writing is my ‘first language’ and connecting with others online has been so transformational for me personally that I can’t imagine doing anything else! I believe that powerful change can happen in folks lives when they connect with practical life-changing truth and loving people online!

    Currently I’m looking for one more client. I’ve found that dedicating my full attention in just a couple directions brings out the most powerful results. In the past 3 months I’ve brought Fresh Start into the black since I came on board and I’m excited to create continued powerful growth in 2014 for my clients!

    Please come visit us at !

  5. Brett Gurney says:

    Hi my name is brett Gurney and I’ve been dabbling in network marketing for 12 years or so now. Have had some moderate success and some failures too. From my own research and activities I have a good idea of how internet marketing works..maybe more so than the average new person attempting business online because of all the reading and watching that I’ve done. I know the basics, understand the concepts, have a good understanding of the fundamentals of internet marketing, but just not doing it. I’ve learned the hard way that knowing how it’s done (generally speaking) and actually doing it is 2 different things. I found myself all over the place trying to get training and work with this person on this phase over here, and with that person on that phase over there…and ending up overwhelmed and confused.

    It wasn’t until i found the Daily Marketing Coach with their systematic step by step training by those with skin in the game (from experience), and being held accountable for completing the tasks was I able to start putting all the pieces together. Now I believe I can reach my potential with my DMC coaches help, and from there to reach my goal of being able to share what I learn with others and help them find success with online business. I know that helping others find success will drive my success to new heights.

    My blog is under construction… a work in progress, but if you follow it you will see the growth and evolution I can promise you is coming. …thanks!

  6. What a great opportunity to share! Thank you!

    My name is A. Lynn Jesus. I am CEO and Purpose Expert with Thriveology.

    I realized that I did everything I was told (get good grades, go to college, get a good job, get promoted, get married, buy a house, etc.) and then I’d be successful. The thing I realized was that after accomplishing all those things, and even though I looked very successful on the outside, I was miserable. That ‘success’ didn’t equal happiness.

    So I decided to strike out on my own and define my own road map. And ironically that led me to discover my life purpose – to help others live life on their terms.

    My program Ginormous Personal Satisfaction (GPS) For Life was launched yesterday. Feel free to check it out here: Here you will get a free 3 video series about how fear keeps us stuck, how to get into action, and a 5 step system for getting started living YOUR life. There is also a bonus video outlining GPS For Life. (And during the launch which closes Dec 16 there are additional bonuses with GPS For Life)!

  7. Hi! My name is Valerie Ehalt and will be turning 55 in a few days. I have been on this incredible journey of learning the online world. I have been working at a Crisis Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada since 1996 when I started as a Data Entry Office Support Worker and am now an Accounts & Benefits Worker (bookkeeper).
    I have knowledge in Microsoft Office & Excel. I am also very proficient in Simply Accounting, now known as Sage 50.
    I am the go-to-person when there are computer software problems. If there’s a problem I will 9 times out of 10 find the solution.
    I will be retiring from my job at the end of February 2014. I am very excited about pursuing my online business. I have a site called which is geared to the homemaker. I may need to narrow down my niche somewhat as I am feeling a bit stuck.
    We are distributors/wholesalers for a product called the Ultimate Cloth. We sell the cloth at trade shows, but I really want to sell it online and maybe supply it for organization to do fundraising.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  8. Greetings from Jahnan Derso! I’m an empowered mama who combines my life experience and educational knowledge to offer you solutions in the form of Self-Care with herbal remedies. As single woman in my 20’s my main interests were holistic health, travel and self-education. For the past 15 years, I went on a global expedition to find these tools especially in bodywork therapies and intuitive healing. Then, I started a family! Incorporating Self-Care as a mother had a whole new set of challenges, but without it, I just wouldn’t be able to maintain balance. I am grateful for this skill set so I am able to share it with you. I love working with pregnant and new moms, but many men are in search of nurturing themselves and their families, too, and end up connecting with me. A healthy family starts with you.
    Right now I’m offering Free Consultations to boost your Self-Care practices. I also send out a weekly Self-Care tip to educate and inspire you in my newsletter, Nurturing Yourself Naturally. Here’s the link if you are interested in learning how to use herbal remedies and more to take care of yourself:

  9. I working in mechanical engineering by day but in the evenings and weekends I am endeavoring to build an internet business. I joined DMC last summer and at first I was just checking things out. Around September I realized this has huge potential. My web site is health and nutrition based. I dabbled with some advertising and I finally realized I really had not defined my niche market and my USP. I am currently trying to dial that in.

  10. Thank you Eric and Ann for the opportunity, this is a great idea.

    My name is Nabih Al-Amin and I’m healing from prostate cancer. My wife who use to be a nurse is very supportive of my decision to treat my diagnosis through alternative methods. We believe that optimal health can be achieved without using traditional daily drug regiments. That’s why we are excited to have found and joined a network marketing company that has filed several Health Claim petitions with the FDA and has obtained two Qualified Health Claims. We are inspired by the testimonials from others using the products and would like to help people that have health challenges witness for themselves what we have found to be true of the company’s products.

    To view our products take a look at my site: *Thank you for your time.

  11. Thank you DMC team for offering this outlet. I have found it difficult to choose one niche because I have so many interests. Can anyone relate? I have been teaching yoga for 10 years and it is one of my great passions because I know how it benefits people. I’m also really passionate about internet marketing and have been developing skills in this area for several years. I can help smart beginners develop their online marketing strategy by helping them tap into their core strengths and guiding them through the steps to build a solid, online presence.

    In the last year or so I’ve been incorporating essential oils into my yoga teaching (aroma yoga classes) and into my life. I currently have a growing organization of passionate oil sharers all who have come from my local (not online) efforts. I can help yoga, fitness teachers and other health professionals incorporate the oils into their current business while writing off every essential oil they buy for themselves. I can also help them with their marketing efforts online if they are interested in building a passive income through affiliate and network marketing. I can help any small business with their online presence if they are starting from scratch. My oil website is called Bring Me Bliss and I continue to improve it through my affiliation with DMC which I am proud to call my online training home. You can see what I have so far at

  12. Thank you for the joy of sharing with you!

    My name is Margaret Halverson and I am based in Georgia
    and President of Prince Designs Inc. which specializes in corporate wellness and corporate gifting. I
    was the founder of Move Into Shape fitness programs which included women’s kickboxing and water aerobics back in the late 70’s.

    I helped to start several chiropractic offices back in the 80’s and 90’s and since then help families
    get healthier physically, financially and spiritually! My passion is helping single and married folks who want to restart their lives with a home based business that provides flexibility and residual income potential.

    Finally I am a lifecoach implementing faith-based principles to help women and men realize their dreams!

  13. Thanks to the DMC team for this opportunity to share! DMC is the greatest training offered anywhere!

    My business is geared towards helping moms who just want to stay home with their kids understand the technology available for having their own online business. I offer services such as WordPress website set up, AWeber auto-responder set-up, and integration of the two.

  14. Thanks so much Ann and Eric for allowing me the opportunity to share!

    My name is Melina Ryter and I am simply a wife and mom who had to go back into the workforce after taking a few years off to raise my children. I needed to help bring in some extra income but was curious if I could accomplish this and still (for the most part) fool my children into thinking I was really a stay at home mom!
    Well, it’s been 8 years now and I have been able to successfully work from home with many legitimate companies such as Hertz, Stub Hub, Nine West, among others.
    And I’ve also found other ways to make a little extra money here and there as well as stretch my dollar to cover more and more household expenses. Needless to say my husband is very grateful!

    After a while, I wondered if other moms who found themselves in circumstances similar to my own could be helped by the information I had come across over the years and so that is when I put together my website:

    It really is a labor of love, put out there for other moms who are struggling to make ends meet but don’t know where to go to find a real work at home position with a legitimate company.

    I so enjoy your newsletter and your products, it is actually because of Ann that I was inspired to put my website together and I will be forever indebted to her, so I just want to thank you Ann, you are amazing!

  15. Hello! My name is Steve Porter. I am a trial lawyer and a marketing consultant. I help frustrated network marketers to succeed in the network marketing industry by teaching them the “skills” they need to succeed. The starting point of my “skills” training is the “Success In 10 Steps” e-book written by my friend and business partner, Michael Dlouhy. Anyone may obtain a FREE copy of the “Success In 10 Steps” e-book at

  16. My name is Ken Hatton and my goal is to earn enough money online to leave my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), pay off all of my debts, and travel the world with my wife Sandra. We have a passion for seeing the world and helping others. Hence, our online business with SFI / TripleClicks.

    The ECA program is especially beneficial to all people who have products to sell but need a platform to sell them on. You can sign-up and post your items for free and be exposed to a Global marketplace. Here are some of the benefits:

    …by plugging your products and services into TripleClicks.

    – We take you global! Reach millions of potential customers worldwide on one of the fastest growing, international e-commerce sites on the Web.

    – We put the marketing muscle of over 100,000 SFI affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products and services in over 20,000 cities in over 190 countries!

    – Simply sign up, submit your products and services, and get ready to take orders! It’s quick, simple, and there’s no risk because you pay nothing unless we get you sales.

  17. What an Awesome way to share!!!

    My name is Darrin Farley. I am a special education teacher working with sick children in their homes because they are too sick to attend a campus.
    My passion is Travel. I have always loved to travel and explore new things. I am working with My Fun Life to fulfill my dream of being a full time network marketer with a travel company. The great thing is that I can help people start their own business for only $25! Plus we have great travel specials every week on top of our normal booking engine.
    I love helping people build a large residual income using an affordable business in an industry that captures everyones attention.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share this with all of you!!!
    Have an Awesome Life!

  18. My name Kim, I’m a 35 year old mother of two. I’ve worked in the legal field as an Intellectual Property Paralegal for the last 12 years. While I like my job and enjoy what I do, I’ve always had this feeling there was something more waiting for me. I know I want to spend more time with my family, and there is money to be made in multi-level marketing. My problem has always been finding a product I believe it. I can’t try to sell a product that is crap. About a month ago, I finally found “The” product. It’s a product that is helping people become healthier. It’s enhancing peoples energy levels, bettering their sleep patterns, and helping them lose weight. I know what’s it like to struggle with weight, I’ve struggled most of my life. I’ve tried just about every product on the market and while they seemed to work for a while (a day or two, maybe a week), and then a friend introduced me to Velocity. She wasn’t trying to get me to sign on to the mlm side, she knew I had shot down every other offer out there, she just wanted me to try the product. She gave me a 3 day sample, and on day two I called and asked her how I go about becoming a distributor. In 2 days my energy levels were up, I slept better than I had in months. I knew this was a product that would not only improve my life, but other peoples too. I finally found a product I believe it. And 5 weeks later, I’m down 20 pounds, which to me is just an added bonus to how good Velocity makes me feel.

  19. Hello,

    My name is Fernando Bonillas. I currently work for a Customs Brokerage Logistics Company.

    With the support from my wife we have started our franchise with AMBIT Energy, our goal is to help people save money on their electricity, to the point of getting it for FREE.
    Electricity deregulation is happening right now, and once is over, it will never happen again.

    The time is now. Please take a look at my website:=


    Fernando Bonillas

  20. Hi my friends. I’m off on one of my new adventures promoting health and wellness of life via Limu. Haven’t heard of it? In my mind, it’s like “got milk?” Limu is a superfood that is all natural and has amazing studies that demonstrates why this seaweed extract is so amazing for the body. If you are interested in trying the product, connect with me one of these ways: Visit my website and order online at

  21. Hello my name is Christina and I own a Juice Plus/Tower Garden franchise. Juice Plus is a leader in the Health and Wellness industry. Our goal is to teach people how to prevent disease instead of just treat it. I host events, participate in health seminars, and promote national events. All of my events involve teaching the importance of a healthy diet and exercise program to your overall health. I teach easy ways to help prevent diseases like, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. We have seen many people get off medication with these changes.

    NSA/Juice Plus+ is a leader in the wellness industry, which is expected to be a trillion dollar industry in just the next two years. Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched whole food concentrate in the world with over 23 medical peer reviewed journals to date. More and more people are looking for ways to feel better, look better, and live longer, and they have discovered their dollars are better spent on prevention. NSA/Juice Plus+ has the answer to to both health and finance. Since we are expected to add another 10 million customers in just the next two to four years, our company is looking for individuals who could get excited about sharing the Juice Plus concept for health benefits and also those who are looking for financial stability, time freedom, and an additional unlimited monthly passive income stream. We currently do business in 20 countries. To learn more about Juice Plus the product or the business check out my website at

  22. Hello,

    Thanks – I love this idea.

    I’m the Dad of, my new kid-friendly intruction service, specializing in introductory drum lessons based on the FUNdamentals :) I’m a married dad of two gradeschoolers in the suburbs of NYC. I’m an IT professional 9-5, online contributor, classic car owner, but very much a classically trained drummer at heart. Not much time for gigging these days, but I do teach my local youth – and decided to expand my drumming website (my ongoing project). It not only advertises my lessons, but has downloadable materials, including my own eBook!, special projects, and soon to be more (working on possible endorsement/advertising deals with various drum companies).

    I’m on FB, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,, and probably more :-)

    My premise is that you don’t have to be a world renown professional to have some thing credible to offer our future drummers and musicians. Plenty of local musical hero’s who are willing to teach and promote products for a very fair price – just so we can eek out a living, and have some fun with a sense of accomplishment.

    DadDoesDrums is my online face to champion for all musicians who are like myself. There’s a reason it’s DadDoesDrums, and not DrummingDad, etc. Dad is first, because my focus is always on being a Dad/Parent first, but, I happen to be pretty accomplished drummer who’s trying to get paid something to pay it all forward.

  23. Hello, I am Kevin Kintzi of Minnesota but soon to be back up on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. I retired when I was 39 after I was the world’s first survivor of a ruptured basilar tip artery brain anyuerism back in 1991. It took a team of 12 neurosurgeons twelve hours and a total of 130 man hours to get it clipped off. I started networking then and have been making a living ever since. I am currently a Regional Director of the program and it’s out mission to take the current world wide known Yellow Pages printed pages into the digital and mobile age. We offer free signups and a 400% commission annually on all ad code plans and they are featured packed and low priced also.

    I have also purchased a broker position in the program listed in my website link for a one time payment of 95 euro’s which will pay me weekly when I play their new, unique video game program with their money (earned in bonuses paid every Sunday) and purchase virtual stocks and mutual funds. I can take out the earnings in real time directly to my bank account or let them ride to make much more. They provide a weekly emailed newsletter with information on member companies so we can choose which ones to invest in. All of us know how addictive those video games can become but this one will actually pay us to play. Binary compensation plan which has already placed over 6,000 under me in the one week I have been in it. All members have to buy into it at the broker level for 95 Euro’s the Pro Broker for 200 Euro’s or the Executive Broker which is 750 euro’s but gives you 5,000 Euro’s worth of WFO (Wenyard Financial Objects) also. Send me an email or look for me on Skype if you want to know more because after it launches on the 12th of January the whole internet will be buzzing about it.

    Working towards YOUR success,

    Kevin Kintzi

  24. I’m known as The Entrepreneurial Pastor. I empower Christian entrepreneurs to share their faith through the power of video testimonies via websites which I provide for them free of charge.

    My name is Ced Reynolds. I’ve been a pastor for 19 years and a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. I have combined my pastoral gift and passion for entrepreneurship to help entrepreneurs of like faith offer spiritual and economic hope to serious seekers.

    In addition to providing free websites to Christian entrepreneurs, I also offer advertising packages to online marketers who are looking for advertising and traffic for their businesses. The Virtual Traffic Exchange Network is my latest creation. The network offers advertisers to place one ad that is seen in multiple traffic exchanges all at the same time. See it in action

    I’m Ced Reynolds, The Entrepreneurial Pastor. Feel free to connect with me via @CedReynolds on any social media outlet.

  25. Hi, my name is Carol Wiley, and I’m a freelance writer who writes web content, articles, case studies, and much more. I’m also a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils and have a website where you can get lots of aromatherapy information:

  26. My name is David Albanez. I am the author of the White Envelope Report. A brief introduction into ‘leveraged’ or residual income from what I believe is the #1 home business opportunity in the USA.
    I love network marketing but most importantly showing others how to succeed and realize their dreams through a home business. Thank you in advance for visiting my site.

  27. Hello, my name is Klara Sajben. I work as an independent rep for a company in environmental business. Our goal is to work for a sustainable and healthy liveable future; and to help everyone come to the realisation that only through working together can we stop the deterioration of our Planet before it is too late. Our mission is to introduce Sustainable Development and Carbon Neutrality into the lives of people worldwide.

  28. hi my name is Dan Bryant I have been tine the travel industry for over 10 years . I help people take care of those travel dreams in unique ways . People love to travel but sometime can’t afford to travel or have the time freedom to do that . By accident i found the solution to both a couple of years back . I have worked from home for over 10 years and know the benefit . Being a travel agent for years was fun and sometimes challenging with all the internet savings ideas the a friend in the travel industry showed me this way that people could save on world wide travel for life and a way to finance travel dreams. One can save on travel and help others do the same with a free website and more here with this special invite code BV30603 Key Bry
    My Mantra is Don’t Just Dream it Do It
    To many people just dream of travel and don’t do it . Don’t be one of them when your solution to be able to save on travel and finance your dreams is here

  29. I hear this all the time, trying to establish visibility and credibility. It is one of the reasons I started down this path and created The Resourceful Lady website. It’s the exact reason why I am so passionate about the needs of small, local business. Like other business owners I was struggling with the product I was promoting, to get my name out there.

    Directories, all sorts of local directories, are crucial for local SEO to help local business promote products and services to potential customers. When your customers search Google, for example: a “plumber in Edmonton”, are you there? Do you have as many chances as possible to establish your credibility? Are you able to, give your potential clients the answers they are seeking, and be in a place where they can see others have recommended your services?

  30. Hello, I’m Melanie Milletics, an Internet Entrepreneur who has been working to integrate Internet Marketing and Network Marketing since 2001.

    I employ a business model that enables me to easily sponsor hundreds of reps a year and acquire customers easily using both offline methods as well as Internet Marketing strategies.

    I got my start in the industry in 2001 when I looked for a home based business that would enable me to raise my children without ever putting them into daycare. I became a master recruiter and an expert in online lead generation. As a result, I have created a multiple six figure income with Network Marketing.

    My specialty is in utilizing list building to build a downline both online and off, stress free, based on my direct experiences in the industry.

    You can download my “12 Crucial Lessons I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Working from Home” at my blog,

    Specialties: Network Marketing, MLM, Multi Level Marketing, list building, prospecting, internet marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, blogging

  31. Great idea Ann and Eric! Thank you.

    Hello Everybody! My name is Irina, I have been working as a medical librarian for more than 30 years, but my trully passion is my business with Forever Living Products company. Forever Living is a multi-billion dollar company with a presence in over 150 countries. We manufacture and sell dozens of exclusive, beneficial wellness products based on one of nature’s purest gifts-Aloe Vera. I have been drinking Aloe Vera Gel more than eight years. I could say that I became an Aloeholic already and happy about this. I even started my Blog about this wonderful, silent healer plant. I found my niche. I want to say that after reading Ann’s “The Renegade Network Marketer” book I decided to learn how to start my own blog. Thank you, Ann for your encouragement and information.

    Please visit my Web site: and my Blog

    ….and maybe we will start drinking aloe vera together!

  32. Hi my name is Simone Peront, I am a all around athlete, martial artist, surfer, field hockey player, and runner. I enjoy writing numerous poems on the side, as well different outlets. My purpose in life is to inspire others toward enlightening change, discovering a new found horizon that they have yet to discover. My philosophy in life is to hussle hard, make things happen and believe in yourself and others around you. A world of a difference occurs we not only just we show a light unto ourselves, but like a candle we spread that light unto the community, thus like a ripple effect, the world, when we encourage others to show their inner light also.*

  33. Hi,
    My name is Alma Jones. I am an independent associate with LegalShield and Identity Theft Services.
    I market to groups, small businesses, individuals, truck drivers, and families. I also look for new associates who would like to earn money working from home. There are many associates who use LegalShield and Identity Theft Services to supplement the income they earn from their regular jobs.

    My website is:
    You may visit for more information

    If you have questions please feel free to email at Please place in the subject bar
    “Speak Your Mind”.


  34. Bored with life as a firefighter…

    I jumped into the world of online and network marketing, and like so many, struggled for years. I remember signing up for so many how to courses that promised me the “secret.” And all it got me was complete information overload.

    I was frustrated, going broke, and my family was starting to doubt me, which is a horrible feeling. And then one day, it all changed. I’ll get to that in a minute.

    I’m a husband and a dad of 3 beautiful girls. My middle daughter has a disability. I wanted to be able to stay home with her more and help my wife out with the “extra” things that come from having a special needs child. That has spurred in me a deep desire to help other parents, not just those with special needs children, to come home from extra work to spend more time with their kids.

    But it is not as easy to learn how to be successful in network marketing, especially on the internet, when there is so much different information out there. What I needed was a simple step by step plan that not only I could follow, but people on my team could follow. And that brought me to the day I was talking about a minute ago. A plan that most people will never know about making money online.

    You can get that plan by clicking here and watching the video.

    What I want you to do is click on that link and put in your email address, and then watch the entire video. It will show you 2 very distinct ways to make whatever marketing you are doing better.

    I think my career as a firefighter, and a father of a special needs child makes me a creative problem solver. And after a lifetime of giving to my communities, I am enjoying giving to a much larger group of people who need my help.

    Be the change,
    Ken Montoya

  35. Hello Everyone! My name is Marcia Shea. I have been a patent and trademark paralegal for 26 years. It is a very interesting field. I became an Independent Associate with LegalShield because it is a way for me to help people find solutions to everyday issues. We provide legal and identity theft protection services to individuals, families and small businesses. When someone finds out I’m a paralegal, they ask for legal advice (which I cannot give), or ask for an attorney referral outside of my line of work. By offering this service, I can help others. I am passionate about having the people I come in contact with succeed and have what they want in life.

  36. I am a recently (6months ago) retired school teacher/administrator. I have spent the last six (plus) years trying to build an online business. My website is an attempt to help seniors, like myself, get the most out our their retirement. I try to provide helpful information regarding many aspects of retirement such as places to retire in various parts of the US, exercise, nutrition, etc. etc.

  37. Stan Ingalsbe aka The Energy Savings Guy here. Our business supports commercial and residential customers to put money in your pocket for FREE! We helped a commercial client to put $90,000 into his pocket! How? We’re experts at finding savings where corporations and homeowners usually do not look. Homeowners – place $1, 200.00 Tax Free dollars into residential users pockets thru our FREE ENERGY Program. Plus we will give residential clients $50.00 for trying our service thru Dec 31st. And we do all the work for you. Contact us now and we’ll show you how! or

  38. Monica Flores says:

    Hi, my name is Monica L. Flores and I am currently living in Mexico right now. I am still trying to get my work visa so I can teach English. I am also an Entruapeuner by heart, and learned about web pages at school but it has been at least 7 years since I have taken my web design class that I forgot most of it. I know there is wealth in the internet business, sadly I wasn´t taught how to us it properely and here in Mexico I only know of two people that can help. I am interested in finding someone that is patient and willing to work with someone my age. I am only 43 and will be a grandma soon. I am one class away from owning a Bacholors in Community Health, I say owning because unless I pay down my student loan, I can´t graduate. I am really trying to stay positive and look at the bright side of life. I love swimming and volleyball and thought it might be nice to be a volleyball coach somewhere. I am interested in being a teacher and coach.That combination would make me extremely happy, as well as working my business with magnets and oils. I love health care. I have been looking into several ways to use the web but need the education to make it work. I do know some code but need a refresher course in the money part of owning a website. How much it cost and what are the legalities? That is me in a nutshell and Thanks for the opportunity to Share a little about me today. Monica

  39. Thank you, Eric and Ann, for this opportunity to let folks know whom we serve and how we serve them best. It’s a joy to read the posts of fellow DMC team members. What a diverse group we are!

    My specialty is helping Christian women create healthy, purpose-guided lives and businesses. I hold the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation and am also certified as a life coach, Christian coach, True Purpose coach, career coach, health coach, and trainer for Daily Marketing Coach. I’ve coached professionally for five years. I practiced law for almost 20.

    My passion is helping people make a joyful and meaningful contribution to the world as they strengthen and deepen their relationship with God. As a life coach, purpose coach, and Christian coach, I help people realize their God-given potential. As a career coach, I help people fulfill their divine calling through their work. As a business coach, I help people learn how to share their gifts and abilities with others both online and off and build profitable, sustainable businesses. As a health coach, I guide people through a complete and comprehensive program that helps them lose weight, live a healthier life, and achieve long-term success. Yep… I love variety!

    You can read my blog posts, listen to my internet radio show, and contact me via my website:

    Thanks again for this opportunity.

    Jory H. Fisher, JD, PCC

  40. Hello my name is Susanna Terry . I am a holistic health professional- a homeopath-as well as an attraction marketing coach and mentor .

    My search for a particular antioxidant known to protect people’s immune system led me to find a company specializing in a toxin and carcinogen-free range.
    It so happened it was a network marketing company. Having acquired a small e-commerce site led me to learn how to use google adwords.
    To my delight I started building a downline fast. My success was recognised by my company in various ways.
    Reading Ann Sieg’s the Renegade networkmarketer a few years later was my introduction to attraction marketing. I love the principles, the openness of Ann and the support I get from her inspired coaching and consulting.

    Later on I studied coaching in the Coaching Cognition Academy to the advanced level and
    last year I got my Social Media certificate. What I found out, from personal experience, is that learning online marketing can be a challenge. In particular if you are a busy professional at the same time.

    Therefore I have devised a system which helps my clients customize their profit plan according to their personal talents, knowledge and aspirations.
    The initial design of their personal profit plan, is followed by implementation support to
    turn it into reality.

    I am also working with a system which provides free leads for people’s mlm businesses.

  41. My name is Donald Eugene Wiggins. I am a small EXPANDING business owner hailing from Kansas City, Mo., This is the Center point of U.S. Business, where I specialize in training in sales and business building for entrepreneurs ages 18 and up. I have over 15 years of experience in the field of business building and personal development. I am a top expansion leader in a thriving network marketing business with a revolutionary company named Boresha International. Where our mission is to rid America of obesity with the “World’s Only Fat-Burning Coffee and Tea”. For more information send me a message with your name and telephone number (and the best time to reach you)-I and my team will show you something very special. For personal one on one training SUSCRIBE to my Youtube channel

    To All Your Success,
    Donald E. Wiggins
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    Team Infinity Expansion Leader

  42. What a great invitation to see in my inbox today.It has been a year of amazing inspiration. Sitting on cusp of 2014 I was compelled earlier today to ponder the course my life has taken over the past 7 years and the path that I envision before me as the years of wisdom unfold.

    I am a Transformation Success Coach. I bring over 25 years of experience coaching experience to inspire and guide purposeful shift for entrepreneurs. Within the context of my coaching programs we delve deeply into the stories you carry around with you, that no longer serve your truth or higher purpose. We explore the filters through which you perceive the world and then create action steps both internally and externally to re-set those filters where necessary – thus opening to fulfillment, meaning, freedom and the unlimited income that can evolve from walking in truth.

    I work with my clients on a practical level and on a soul level. There is the opportunity to a map of your life, that has been with you since the beginning – and to engage your deep strengths while burning through challenges that have been blocking the full expression of your success and joy! I offer complimentary vision sessions for those who are curious about all their potential!

    Thank you Eric and Ann for the opportunity to share and self promote. As always since I have been blessed to know both of you – the Go-Giver from the heart aspect of Renegade shines through! Happy Holidays!

  43. Wow! Look at all these wonderful entrepreneurs with such passion and drive! Love it. 9 years ago at the ripe old age of 28 my husband was diagnosed with a rare yet possibly fatal disease. Today we celebrate 4 years, 8 months and 16 days in remission using natural options not yet offered by conventional wisdom.

    Due to this character building experience I have discovered my passion for helping entrepreneurs take their health as seriously as they do their wealth!

    For me it is the perfect mix. I have the honor of helping to educate like minded people who are overachievers to take their health into their own hands.

    We just finished our Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series and have created an affiliate program for anyone interested.

    • Dani,

      I must say i love your story. The way you transformed your life from a negative to a positve way. I always encourage self develpment to people because when you have the right mindset to overcaome, nothing can stop you or even get in the way of your goals. I need more people like you on my team. Thats how life is for most people, you have some type of incident or problem that you need to find a way to overcome and that honestly makes you a better person when you make it through it without looking back in a negative way..So kudos to you :)

  44. Hello everyone! My name is Dennis Leavitt, and work with an exciting a unique company called global energy savings! Their flagship product is the GROSAVE controller. feel free to go the website or go on youtube and do a search for the Grosave unit. It is an ingenious little invention that recycles electricity! Not only does it come with a 20 YEAR FULL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY, but over the course of it’s lifetime (an average of 25 years) your R.O.I. (return on investment) is likely to be 10-15 to 1. i.e. if you spend 700.00 dollars, save you anywhere from 7 to about 15,000 dollars over the course of it’s lifetime.

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    Dennis Leavitt

  45. Terry Tiessen’s Summary

    I am an avid scholar and innovator in Web presence, working as an Internet Brand Developer and Implementation Manager for both personal and corporate Online identities, I designed and present a
    4 hour training module ” Internet Branding 101 For The Entrepreneur and Small Business With Little or No Internet Presence”
    I also am an Award winning Customer Service Representative, and have designed and present an one hour Customer service training module “Psychology of the Perfect Call” as well as an one hour “Team Building” seminar for Call center management.

    Specialties:Customer Service Specialist, Back-link Strategies,Brand Development,Internet Marketing Strategy,Social Media marketing,Internet Branding,Lead Generation,Leads,Search Engine Optimisation,SEO,SEO Consultant,Internet Marketing,Traffic Generation

  46. Hello everyone!
    There’s no way on earth I could have imagined that I might become an entrepreneur. Never! I was always happy as a secretary. It filled so many needs I had to organize, help, support, problem-solve, and even letter-writing I found to be a creative outlet. In 1994, I was in my early ’40s, and had been employed by a major teaching hospital in Los Angeles for 14 years from where I planned to work until retirement. I was laid off, devastated, and unable to find work at a similar salary my expenses were based upon. I know they were always there, but this is when I started noticing little miracles where one thing just lead to another to make things happen.

    A few years prior, in my kitchen, I created an herbal remedy that consistently prevented a cold sore from surfacing when I applied it at the early warning symptom, a tingle. Those nasty cold sores are unsightly, horribly embarrassing, and I’d been suffering with them several times a year from the age of 15. You can imagine how this improved the quality of my life but it never occurred to me to market it. I didn’t realize over 80% of the world’s population are affected. Soon after, I created a similar remedy to treat my occasional canker sore, the ulceration that appears inside the mouth. The total science background I lacked was made up for by a talent to be resourceful and persistant.

    And this is where a series of serendipidous events occurred that lead to creating a business and marketing these two remedies, Cold Sores Begone Stick and Canker Sores Begone Stick, in the natural products industry for now over 20 years. There were ups and downs, believe me. In fact, I’m just emerging from a period I didn’t know from which I would survive, but I am and things are moving in the right direction. Recently, Sprouts Farmers Market brought in my line, a chain of 170 stores as did LuckyVitamin (starting January 2014), one the largest online vitamin retailers. It’s also available on a couple of my websites.

    But I’m 62 now, single, I have no children, and I’ve been concerned how I will survive financially if I’m thrown another big curve. I realized fairly recently that for the same reasons I have insurance for medical, car, my home, it was no longer an option – it was essential to create additional streams of income that could sustain me if for some reason, my business were to close.

    I did a tremendous amount of research, talked to dozens of people – many of whom I knew well, some not so much, but all of whom had been in MLMs, network and affiliate marketing for many years, and seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was during this time I learned about attraction marketing, which is a natural for my personality and what drives me (to see others succeed, it just does something for me).

    So, I’ve selected three programs, all different yet all sound, all online. All are consistent with the ‘new economy’, none involve taking a financial risk large enough to think twice about, and provide me with a greater sense I’m better protected for the future.

    We were instructed here to only provide one link which was a challenge because I have several, but the one I chose is what I feel would be most appealing to many of you who may be looking for what I am. It’s the easiest, most affordable, least time consuming, the greatest potential for a significant residual income, and what I value immensely since I have a special needs relative I care for, it’s inheritable.

    So, for all entrepreneur participants in this thread, I am all of you, and I cheer for your success as I do my own!

  47. Hello,
    My name is Sliverstri Muzoora from Uganda Africa . I own a tour and travel called “Real Great Apes Safaris Ltd” . I specialise in all activities including gorillas and Chimpanzee tracking and Safaris you might need here in Uganda Africa.
    I hold both Diploma and Degree in International travel and Tourism Management from Kampala University.
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    Lastly i am in need of an agent to help me market my tour Company out there.
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  48. Thank you for the invite! Past positions that I have worked include retail, sales, studio portrait photographer and management, not to mention the wonderful position of domestic management including the raising of three wonderful daughters. As our country was taking a turn of events with an economic sense of direction finding myself out of a job, not once but twice, challenged me to seek a direction where we have control over such matters. My internet search lead me to a Company that I can work from home as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with an A+ rating with the BBB, Dunn and Bradstreet Listed, Member of the United States Chamber of Commerce, well you just can’t go wrong! As everyone is in need of dental and medical care, our programs so affordable, who could say no. Working as a Benefits Specialist is very easy, also I lead a team of members who also benefit by working the hours of their choosing, with three choices of benefit programs receiving commissions and residual income. Our Cadillac program has also proven a well earned goal to accomplish. call 623-229-5820 for an interview. follow my blog at: enrollment accepted at

  49. Thank you for the opportunity! I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 26 years. In that time frame I have worked in public health, home health, Hospice, acute care (labor/delivery, medical/surgical & as a nurse specialist in wound care). I’ve done legal nurse consulting/expert witnessing, traveled across the U.S. as a nurse consultant to long term care facilities and currently work full time in a Federal prison where I have a wound clinic. My nursing career has been a very adventurous journey and I have no regrets.
    Despite the stress, the good and bad days, I have learned so much on my career journey. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that LESS is MORE in terms of drugs (over-the-counter as well as prescription).

    Two years ago, I began my journey in network marketing because I found a product that I discovered (from personal experience) actually works. In my professional career, I have been both caregiver and patient, so my perspective is powerful to me… to convince the rest of the free world! :-)

    I am a health educator at heart who sincerely wants people to understand that no drug is without side effects. People end up taking another drug to counter the side effects of the first one they took. Drugs have to be detoxified by the body, so you end up hurting the liver and kidneys. It’s a vicious circle!

    People are slow to try natural, more conservative products (such as are found on my website–which is still under construction). People want maximum success from minimal and inconsistent effort and I continually have to work on my own frustration that they just don’t “get it.” So I am remain a work in progress with a lot to learn. This is why I joined Inner Circle….. I appreciate any help/feedback members can offer. Wishing you all the best and that pain and disease will be far from you,
    Pam Baker, RN

  50. Thank you Ann and Eric…what a great way to get to know the members of the team!

    I have owned a flower shop since 1995 and started teaching floral design classes loooong before Facebook and Social Media were even considered. So, it was very difficult and cost prohibitive to promote my flower shop and/or my floral classes to a mass audience.

    Also, I preserve Bridal Bouquets and display them in hand made shadow boxes that I make myself in my father’s wood shop (he’s a cabinet maker at 82 years old LOL).

    And……I am a Director Consultant for BNI where I teach other business owners and representatives how to build their business through word-of-mouth marketing and a proven referral system. That’s how I met Sue Henry.

    Sue and I have both worked over the last few years studying the Internet Market industry and both of us knew the value of building face-to-face relationships, but also knew that by accessing the internet we could also build relationships with people online to take our businesses to a new level and a new audience.

    Thanks to you and your team, I have launched Designs By Jerry online and not only do I promote my Bridal Bouquet Preservation business locally online now, but I am in the process of creating floral design courses where I teach ladies (and a few men) how to make floral arrangements at home for parties, special events and even how to make some extra income from home. People can now attend my face-to-face classes at my flower shop in Huntsville, Alabama. But, I am most excited that soon they will be able to take my online training courses for floral design!

    So nice to meet everyone!


  51. Thank you for this great opportunity!
    I have been a fulltime homemaker for the last 37 years. I have raised 6 children so feel like my expertise is in character building and child training! I always have been interested in health, disease prevention and “alternative” care. Everything for me has been “on the job training”. I had to educate myself on nutrition and in so doing received a certificate as an herbal consultant. I distribute for a company that has high quality supplements, flower essences, essential oils, and a whole line of TCM supplements, that I particularly love. We believe in treating the whole person and root causes of illness, which is often emotional, thus the flower essences. I love to teach and help people take responsibility for their own health.
    Most recently I have become an independent consultant for a company that sells microfiber cleaning products, cleaning with only water and a cloth. This is another step in having a healthy home and eliminating chemicals.80% of the chemicals we come in contact with are in our homes putting homemakers at high risk for the illnesses that are caused by toxins and chemicals. As the use of chemicals has risen so have the incidences of cancer. I have done health fairs and demonstrations at health stores trying to get the name out there as it is new in our state. I do home demonstrations and am trying to learn to use youtube and facebook to help people learn about it.
    I am trying to learn about blogging so I can link to both of the companies I consult for and network marketing. Would love to build my business online.
    Have enjoyed reading about all the others and their skills and talents. So happy for this opportunity to learn from the best!
    Health and happiness,

  52. Hi Fellow DMCers,

    First, I want to thank Ann and Eric for creating this space that allows us to share our passion.

    My name is Marc Korn and I am passionate about Network Marketing and helping others.

    I live in NJ with my wife and son…

    I am proud to have finished in the TOP 10 in both 2011 and 2012 in the TOP 50 MLM Blogger Contest.
    So, I know how to deliver value.

    Ann was my very first online Attraction Marketing Mentor and it has been Ann’s training that has helped me to understand the true importance of becoming a dedicated Attraction Marketer and adding value to the marketplace. I am a follower and raving fan for life !

    I am the Night Time Networker and it is my passion to assist other part-time Marketers in learning how to leverage their time and work smarter, not harder.

    I accomplish this by introducing Associates to the 2 areas that will help take their business to the next level.

    All Marketers need the proper Mindset, Training, Coaching and Mentoring and there is NO better community than DMC to accomplish that.

    After we learn how to brand ourselves and generate traffic, it is important to have access to the tools that
    will allow YOU to build your list and create your Marketing funnels so that you will have ENDLESS leads and a place to send your Prospects that will convert those leads into sales.

    So, I invite you to visit my blog so that you can get to know me a little better and see the tools and resources that I use that will elevate your business… you are also welcome to claim a FREE Lead Generation tool that is designed to help you to generate leads and build your list.

    You Don’t have to be a lone wolf and you should never build your business alone. I work with a team of successful, driven and supportive Networkers dedicated to the success of others and YOU should, too.

    Here’s wishing you and your families a Happy and Healthy Holiday season and a Prosperous 2014…

    Marc Korn
    Continuous Learning Advocate

  53. This is a great idea, thank you Ann and Eric.

    I am a Network Marketing Professional, a newbie, just going into my third Year of learning and training. i have learned that this profession is just like work where training and experience is key. The biggest difference is that I am my own boss and a commitment is required. I have committed a 5 year period to learn and succeed.

    I am a member of the Genesis PURE™ team! We are so happy you want to help spread wellness throughout the world. We love when people share Genesis PURE™ with others! When talking about the products, it is important to remember the following:

    1. Genesis PURE products do not treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    2. Genesis PURE products are tools intended to nutritionally support the body’s innate ability to maintain good health.

    3. We strongly recommend that you encourage others to check with their health care provider before introducing Genesis PURE products into their current regimen. It may be best to find a doctor who understands both conventional and herbal medicine.

    Dr Lindsey Duncan is the founder and formulator of Genesis Pure and is the center and strength of our company.

    Dr. Lindsey Duncan is an award-winning naturopathic doctor who believes in using top nutrition and “Cleanse, Balance, Build” to create overall healing and wellness. His philosophy includes utilizing nutrition to create an alkaline body for optimum physical health.

    Genesis PURE is the creation of his many years of hard-won wisdom and expertise in the natural health field. Dr. Lindsey touts education and decisive action as being the key to improving all aspects of health. His effective, emotional and often humorous seminars, lectures, educational study courses, newsletters, conference calls, websites, interactions, and other learning materials have literally changed people’s lives. His belief in the company cannot be expressed in a more powerful way. As the head formulator of Genesis PURE nutritional products, Dr. Lindsey touts them as being the best supplements he has ever developed.

    We are so excited because we know that we have health products that will help you. I invite you to look at my website:

    Have a Healthy Life,

    Brian Kitagawa, IBO
    Genesis Pure

    ICBB……………..Do You?

  54. Hello everyone. My name is Justin Kent and im a former military memeber until i decided that was not my true purpose in life, even though while i was in, i went to some amazing places around the world and helped out in a major way. But i always knew there was more for me out there. Recently I moved home to Maine to help my father out around the house because his health had taken a turn for the worse, he eats well and does somewhat excersize, but everyday stress will wear your body and mind out fast. So i was just hoping and praying something could come our way because he hates seeing doctors and taking medications. When i introduced this product to him on thanksgiving he was very receptive to hear how the product is natural and is far more effective than any others on the market. (something i didnt think he would even go for.) Thank God for my wonderful partner that helped me show this to him, he was very understanding and also became excited to see something that would be the answer to our prayers.

    In My early 20 I was introduced to the network marketing field and found out right away this is the future. Absolutley anyone with a sound mind is capable of doing this. So recently i partnered with the top selling product of 2013, a company called Vemma, which stands for ( Vitamins, essentials, minerals, Mangosteen and aloe vera. This company has been clinically tested and proven effective for multiple health issues, they even have a vitamin for kids. What truely sets this product apart is one: the unique formula of the extracted vitamins from plants, and its a liquid vitamin which your body absorbs over 90% of those rich vitamins your body needs. They also have an natural energy drink that contains the same formula of Vemma, and the energy drink industry is constantly on the rise, but people need something better to put in there bodies besides coffee, red bull or monster. The company is so sure about its product, they offer a 30 day money back gurantee. Try it out and share with family and freinds to start the revolution of changing health for people across the globe. And if your in need of a weight loss system, proven effective and endorsed by Chris Powell himself (host of Extreme Weight loss) we have that too.

    The reason im so enthused and passionate about this industry is because i see a decline in peoples motives to want to change but they just need a little hope and encouragement, thats why we reach out to everyone. When people are given the opportunity to rise above there fears its amazing to see the changes happen. Besides changing peoples health problems in a huge way, the company offers an opportunity for people to build a business with the bets team of entrepeneurs to become as wealthy as they desire, given they put forth the right effort. But the system thats in place and so well designs, the only way you can fail is if you stop completely. With the rise of debt for students coming out of college and people being laid off, business going bankrupt, this is putting all the power back in the peoples hands to take control of there futures. So i strongly urge anyone who is in need of becoming a healthier person to live a more abundant life for your family or have the passion to help people, this is a perfect opportunity for you.
    You can see all of the products here and take a look at the business opportunity. Im always available and so is my team of experts:

    God Bless,

    Justin Kent

  55. What an interesting group! Thank you, Ann for allowing us to introduce ourselves here.

    A bit about me personally….I am one of the Boomers, eldest of 13 children, terrific cook, know how to operate heavy equipment, drove a dump truck with a baby seat in it when my daughter was an infant! I was in the Air Force and held a CDL driver’s license for years.

    I am an ‘old timer’ here, I tell people I was with DMC before it was DMC…that’s the truth…we were originally known as The Renegade Team.

    I began business online in 2008 with traditional storefront sites that sold hundreds of products and drop-shipped them to customers. In my former life, I was an Asset Manager in Commercial Real Estate….the market crashed in 2008 and here we all are!

    My business now is setting up web-sites of all kinds, e-commerce, blogs, and membership sites. I also build sales funnels, landing pages, set up auto-responders, etc. My work is about 50/50 with doing the technical work for others and one on one coaching for people that need a bit of extra help learning the technology for themselves.

    My next product is 7 Video Training Modules called WordPress for Business to be launched January 2014. My first product was an ebook and 30 WordPress training videos which are now available to DMC members at

  56. Hi, I am Suzanne Goodwin, I am in Alabama and I am absolutely having a ball. I am from a Nursing family, and Doctors included too. My Grandmother and Mom both RN’s and I wanted no part of it. After working as an office Manager for a couple of years, I went back to school and became that RN. I worked over 30 years primarily in Surgery from a beginning position to Director of Surgical Service. I retired in 2009 from nursing, and my husband and I sold our farm and moved to a lake home, with a “postage stamp” yard, that is what he calls it, so my work load had reduced drastiically!
    Much better for me to be busy, so I found a home business, MLM, one of those that you do what they do…….
    Stayed with them because of friendships that you build within your team, but I decided that I was not getting the training or the income that I was wanting, so I no longer market or work with that company. One of good things that I acquired was a person named Rachel Williamson, she has been wonderful helping me launch my new business. I am in a Financial Services company and wanted a Blog, she helped, she trained, and now I am In DMC and Inner Circle and I am going to build an awesome business!!!!!! I am not shy btw, must be the surgery background…..
    I will have to update on the next go-round!
    Thank you,

  57. Thanks to Ann and Eric and my new DMC Family… I hope you are all still reading because I feel like I am way down on this list!

    Who is Dawn Golden…I am a busy lady and a stellar multi-tasker, and through the training and knowledge I am offered as an IC DMC Member, I intend to empower and mentor other multi-taskers to balance their business and busy lives to ultimate success!

    I have been involved with various MLM or direct sales companies over time, but truly never had the passion or commitment to the products. My past endeavors were just an attempt to earn an income. Having had a brush myself with two forms of cancer in 2012, our family took a hard look at our lifestyle and nutrition choices. I then found my passion with the Vemma Nutrition Company and their line of Liquid Vitamin/Mineral and Antioxidant Supplements for adults and children, Healthy Verve Energy Drink and Weight Loss Plan sponsored by Chris Powell. I lost over 40 pounds myself, and we have been living healthier and sharing the products ever since.

    Ann’s Attraction Marketing Manifesto really hit home for me, as I am not truly in favor of warm market tactics, and would much rather promote my business via online marketing and help other busy multi-tasking business owners do the same, regardless of their business adventure… and do it all part time.

    Marketing is my passion and I have a degree in Marketing, Advertising and Business. My goal is to grow my online business over the next 5 years to allow me to retire from my various jobs and concentrate completely on my online business. Helping others do the same and work their business around a busy and demanding lifestyle is my niche. The DMC Affiliate Program is just perfect for me and I truly hope to grow my Vemma Business along the journey.

    I invite you to visit my website and if you are interested in learning more about the Vemma products, please use the links on my ‘About Dawn” page to link to my products webpage.

  58. Greetings!

    APOLOGIES ahead of time. I’ve been known to get on my soapbox and go on and on. My Dad recognized this early on and said I was going to be a preacher (lol). Imagine that!

    My name is Henry Hawthorne (aka “Hawk”) and I appreciate the opportunity given to me by Ann and her team of experts to tell the world a little about ME.

    I am the seventh child out of ten born and raised in a small town in the Midwest, Springfield, Ohio. Having come from a large family and extended family, I had the opportunity to be around a lot of older family members. My Mom and Dad were products of the South. Born in Georgia in the early part of the 20th century. We are as close knit family and my Dad always told us to stick together. I have 6 brothers (now 5) and three sisters.

    Having grown up around a lot of elders, for some reason I had the good sense to listen to a lot of their sage advice. For some reason that’s a lost art for some of the so-called Gen-X and Millennials. I’m better off for my ability to soak up some of what they were trying to impart to me.

    Coming from a large family, it was necessary to be able to go out and do odd jobs if you wanted spending money as a young person. There were just too many of us in the family to expect some sort of allowance. There were plenty of lawns to cut and driveways and walkways to shovel snow during the winter months in Ohio.

    So, I was introduced to the work ethic early on in life. My Dad and oldest Brother opened a BBQ restaurant on the corner from our house (too convenient). It was short-lived due to a large family and a lot of family friends. You can just imagine how popular I became as a high school sophomore and your family owned a BBQ restaurant. It was the talk of the town.

    Fast forward to 1966. I was drafted during the unpopular Vietnam War. I landed in Northern California before I was shipped off to the “Sun and Fun Land” of South Vietnam. Wow, that was a rude awakening to the world at large. What I learned from that experience was the amazing hustle and creativity of the Vietnamese people. I thought, as a people, if we had half as much juice (creativity and hustle) as they had.

    After that experience, I went back to Northern California to finish out my time. My intent was to get out, go to law school and save the world, as I knew it to be. After attending two years at the local junior college, I transferred to the University of California, Davis, California. While there, I got turned from the legal to the business arena by my Uncle who also was a law school graduate at U.C. Davis and also taught there. He was one of my professors. He thought business was a better fit for me.

    So I embarked on a business career. Along the way I started a family while still in school and left after my third year year and didn’t finish. Had to take care of business. I spent the next 34 years working for the Southern Pacific/Union Pacific railroad. Wow, was that a stressful experience. I started as a Service Engineer and then became a Road Engineer riding the rails outside the confines of the yard. I was based out of Roseville, California. I have a million stories about that experience, but for a later post.

    During my time on the railroad, I became a licensed real estate agent and finally earned my degree in business management (magna cum laude). I am still a licensed real estate agent with over 30 years experience.

    I also became a business partner in a firm started by my Uncle, me and two others. We acquired a commercial building in an Enterprise Zone with the intent of creating a business incubator. My Uncle and I decided that the incubator would be retail-based. We wrote a proposal and got it funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.) It was called “Biz-Train” where we trained new and existing businesses how to construct their business plans to the point where they could seek venture capital. That was an amazing experience. I became Director of Training and helped set up a micro loan fund which was funded by the City of Sacramento.

    After 34 years with the railroad, I thought it was time to do something else. I was introduced to the network marketing business model around 1993. I thought, what a good way to include the masses in this business model. Like other newbies I suffered the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing. I got involved in no less than 10 different opportunities trying to make it work, not realizing that what my upline was pumping me full of was not going to work as constructed. I still believe in the business model but not the approach. I am still a die hard to this day because I’m still involved in 2 because of the potential I see in the model.

    I first discovered Ann Sieg back in 2007 through my affiliation with the Site Sell program. At the time I did not realize I had found the wholly grail (smile, Holy). I re-introduced myself again in 2011 after leaving the railroad. Now I’m trying to get all I can but intravenous feeding is not possible. I am guilty of “immediate gratification”. I know I need to trust the process and focus. I can’t make up for lost time but I can use what time I have going forward. A lot of people in the network marketing business but a flawed system that they are trying to follow. I just want to help them with the right system. I have a lot of friends and family members that are trying network marketing. I want to help them but first I have to get the system ingrained in me.

    I desire a legacy, to create something bigger than myself. Something that touches people’s lives and impacts their world. Giving up isn’t an option. I like the process of helping people create positive change rapidly. My biggest fear is that life will pass me by while I’m busy paying the bills.

    I’m not sure if I have identified the correct niche but it is something I am passionate about. I have 6 brothers and 5 of them have had prostate problems and genetically, I know my turn is coming, especially being an African American. You can find my blog at
    There’s not much content there but there will be with help from my Inner Circle.

    Thanks for your time and I hope I didn’t talk too much.

  59. My name is Stephen Forbus and I want to help you become successful, no matter what business you are in. I have a blog that I post to on a regular basis that is geared towards helping those in network marketing or home business.

    My blog is free of charge and hopefully you can find some useful information on there. If you find any post you like/dislike, I would love to hear about it in the comments section. Please feel free to check it out today. I want to help you become a leader, not a follower.

    The link for the blog is here ——>

  60. Chief Instructor

    Mr Mark Schiffman


    Mr. Mark Schiffman started his martial arts training, like so many of us, with Judo at the local “Y” in 1972. After finding that Judo did not meet the need for self-defense, he moved on to join a local “American Karate Studios”, and attained the rank of Black Belt in 1983, from Mr. Dennis Nackord. Mr. Schiffman first met Mr. Ed Parker at a tournament in York, Pennsylvania, where Mr. Parker was a guest. After driving for 3 hours in the snow and arriving late, the tournament director said; “you are too late to enter”, Mr. Parker countermanded that order with a final; “let them in”. Coincidentally, this was the first time that Mr. Schiffman won first place in competition, he was a purple belt.

    Mr. Schiffman opened his studio, AMERICAN KARATE SYSTEM in 1987. After opening his studio, he was again in the market for an instructor, the IKKA recommended Joe Palanzo. In 1990, just six weeks before he died, Mr. Parker promoted Mr. Schiffman to 4th Degree Black Belt at the last East Coast training camp. Mr. Schiffman is careful to point out that he was not a student of Mr. Parker, but trained with him. He never formally asked to be his student. “I don’t want to be like some other people that go to a few seminars or a few camps, and then announce to the world that they were a personal student of Ed Parker”. Mr. Schiffman met Mr. Sean Kelley in 1989 in New York, where Mr. Schiffman drove with Mr. Parker for a meeting with Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels. Through Mr. Kelly, Mr. Schiffman has met and trained with; Mr. Lee Wedlake, Master Knife Maker Mr. Gil Hibben, and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. It was at Mr. Parker’s funeral in 1990 that
    Mr. Schiffman and Mr. Kelley met Mr. Jeff Speakman, star of the movie THE PERFECT WEAPON. The first movie to showcase Ed Parker’s American Kenpo.
    When Mr. Parker died and the meeting was held to decide to form the WKKA, Mr. Schiffman met Mr. Huk Planas. At lunch, not even 3 hours after they met, they got into a philosophical discussion about the “how’s and why’s” of Kenpo. “Mr. Parker often spoke about ‘my boy Huk’. Finally meeting him was quite an honor”. In 1994, Mr. Schiffman was tested and promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt in front of a board that consisted of; Huk Planas, Joe Palanzo, Frank Trejo, Greg Silva, Dennis Nackord and Joe Bridenstein. After leaving the WKKA, Mr. Schiffman became a formal student of Mr. Huk Planas, and has been training with him ever since. He is the last word on how to do Kenpo, I wish I had met him 20 years ago.”

    Mr. Schiffman has also trained with undefeated World Champion Joe Lewis, Mike Stone, former Elvis Presley bodyguards and Kenpo Black Belts Mr. David Hebbler and Elvis’s step brother Mr. David Stanley. Mr. Schiffman is still an active student and competitor. He has competed all over the United States and Canada, and won his first national tittle in 1979 as a Green Belt. In 1994, he won the National Black Belt League National Championships in Self-Defense. In 1999, after extensive boxing training with Mr. Frank Trejo, he won a full contact boxing match against an opponent 15 years younger and 35 pounds heavier. “It was a great experience,”, Mr. Schiffman says of the intense training and the fight itself, “but not one that I am eager to repeat!”. His most recent victories include, in 2001; 1st Place in the “Black Belt Battle” in King of Prussia, in 2003; 1st Place in the 1st annual “Kenpo Clash”, and in 2004, 1st Places in Executive Black Belt Forms, and Fighting at the 2nd annual “Kenpo Clash” held in Southamton, PA.

    Mr. Schiffman has also trained with local police, and the US Marshals. He has done speaking engagements, and demonstrations for Women’s groups, the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Birthday Parties, Public and Private Schools, Gun Shows, Thanks Giving Parades, 4th of July Parade, Flyers Hockey games, Sixers Basketball games, The Charge Women’s Soccer game (where he met “Gervis, from the first Survivor TV show!), and Movie Theaters.

    In November of 2006, Mr. Schiffman moved to New Jersey where he is now teaching full time. See the website for details.
    When not teaching, Mr. Schiffman attends as many training camps and Seminars as His time allows. Personal Quote: ‘Live each day as if it were your last, it might be, and you will have a greater appreciation of all that is around you”. .Teaching Philosophy: “Lead by Example, and be Accountable for Your Actions”.
    Mr. Schiffman may be contacted at (856) 324-0431 or on the net

  61. Hi! my name is Rosie I work from home, I lost my job 3 years ago and the need to support my kids made me become an independent distributor. I promote 100% natural products that have been of great benefit to my health. At Bestlife our philosophy is that you help yourselves in order to help others. Do you know what it means to live the Best Life? Living the Best Life means Excellent Health, Financial Freedom, Enriching Personal Relationships and the freedom to spend YOUR time enjoying what makes you happy … we call that an abundant life! If you need more information of this amazing products feel free to visit my site at or email me at and I can send you information on how you can detox your body with Powercleanse and how to prevent a premature death with Cardiovida.

  62. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    I spent most of my career in higher education as an Academic Counselor, Career Counselor and Athlete Academic Advisor. I helped many students make appropriate academic decisions, graduate and achieve their career dreams. Sadly, I saw too many students attending college with no reasonable career goals and digging themselves into deep financial debt. After 35 years I decided to leave higher education and become an Indpendent College Consultant and started CAREER PLANNERS College Consulting Services. CAREER PLANNERS can help students and parents navigate higher education, a marketplace full of snares and illusions, with increased confidence resulting in reduced costs. You can learn more about my services at

    I specialize in career development and sports careers. As a Sports Career Consultant, I have a variety of services to help you learn more about opportunities in the sports industry. I can help you assess your career goals and give you guidance about how to best transition your skills to the sports industry. If you would like to talk, contact me at 614-582-6399 or

  63. I’m Frank Osorio from Dixon Illinois. I’m a father of three, a husband for 23 years, a cat lover and enjoy working online. My passion is helping others with a very lucrative online business that everyone can afford.

    In the past I was promoting a very high cost business that many that showed interest in joining couldn’t, because of their financial situation. Now I’m having more success than ever before because even if you’re laid off you can still afford to be your own boss working online.

    Besides showing you a lucrative business you can afford, I also love sharing valuable content that’s needed in our industry.

    Thanks Eric!

    Frank Osorio

  64. effah williams says:

    I am a software trainer for kids, a writer and a networker.
    Values: I Always want to leave people happier than when I met them. I Like inspiring
    And motivating people to achieve their goals

  65. Wow! Thanks for giving us this platform to show off a little bit and promote what we are passionate about!

    My name is Kelly Fedio, and I am the creator of

    I am first and foremost a wife and mother. I am and attorney and business law professor turned home-based mompreneur, and it is my passion to help other women who have given up their professional careers to be the moms they want to be also pursue their passion for business. I am an advocate for network marketing and internet marketing, and I firmly believe it is up to all of us to help others realize what a wonderful industry this is!

    As moms, we really can have it all, and I love inspiring Mompreneurs to dream big…and then make it happen by launching a successful home-based business.

    I would love to get some visits and like on my Facebook fan page…which can be found at

    Thanks Ann Sieg and everyone at DMC for this amazing community!

  66. Hello everyone, My name is Amy Hagerup and I blog about healthy Christian living with tips on faith, health, and marketing. I am passionate about helping people take their next step in their life. Visit my fan page at Blessings, Amy

  67. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. It’s fun to read about others and learn what they do. A community of givers is always from to be part of.

    I’m Lisa Saline and have been teaching people how to use social media to grow their business. However, the secret sauce is about how to optimize the social media profiles and the behind the scenes technical tips that really get people’s attention. We all know that just posting content that has little value and or no call to action will generate frustration and failure. Social media is mearly another inbound traffic generation tool.

    I’ve been in the online marketing sphere since 2007 and recently managed an affiliate program for a software vendor. I am currently doing several offline training events where people can bring their laptops and get to work.

    You can read more about me at

    Lisa Saline

  68. Thank you, Eric and Ann, for this opportunity for us to know more about members on the team and for them to know about us. My name is Isabel Denman and I am a Personal Wellness Coach. I help people feel better by educating them on Health, Nutrition and Fitness.

    I am in the Health and Wellness business. In our area I help host FREE Fitness Groups, hold Weight Loss Challenges and offer FREE Body Analysis and Wellness Profiles. I am a Member of Herbalife International and we AREN’T just about Weight Loss. In cities across America we are offering so many different activities (many are FREE) that you can’t help but get fit and healthier too!

    Herbalife has always been about Health and Wellness. We’ve been around over 33 years, in over 93 countries and have some of the best doctors and scientists working on our Products. We have products for EVERYBODY concentrating on both inner and outer Nutrition (we just announced some Skin Products that are simply amazing)! Herbalife sponsors over 40 professional atheletes, the LA Galaxy (among other Teams) and give back to communities throughout the world. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our products.

    We love the products and the business opportunity and love to share them with others. I’m always looking to help others so if you’re interested in either the products or our Business Opportunity, you can contact me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  69. Hi I’m Debra &thank-you ,may all earths blessings be upon you”Ann&Eric I’m a leadership coach I help others make an extra cash flow while anti-aging I have 2horses we ride &get much enjoyment from we have dogs &cats we also love as part of the family I’m over 55 and love my life&love to help others have a beautiful life Through daily commitment to my Nucerity Family &team dream believers I will help enable individuals &our family globally to develop the greatness within themselves and create a future that allows them to retire with dignity & leave a legacy for future generations I’ll do my best to inspire & empower those I touch Together,we will live passionately& give radically and create lives of impact ,influence,success&significance! You can email me: thanks in Love & Gratitude!! Happy Holidays Everyone!

  70. I currently work for Avon Products Inc. As an independent sales rep I have advantages of working my own hours and expanding my business. Avon is a Great Place to be employed and has great opportunities for advancement. This year I am hoping to grow my business by doing more recruiting and saling. The ultimate goal is opening my own Avon Store. If you want a career with Avon you may contact me at the above website and/or email address. Thanks and here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Mary Ann

    P.S Website is and the Email is Mary Ann Thanks

  71. Hello All, I’m Allie and it’s nice to meet you!! In my “career”, I was a patent litigation paralegal for an international telecom corporation. Currently, I am COO for tractor/trailer repair shops. Additionally, I have the privilege of helping others save money or make money. It has been such an honor for me for customers to call ME to say thank you because they are able to do more this year for their families this Christmas. All I did was help them save, or make money, on their monthly energy bill. I have partnered with the World’s largest direct seller of Energy(per WSJ), Ignite (powered by Stream Energy). It is such an honor to help both residential and commercial customers. I’m expanding my business in Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, and Maryland. If you would like to save money every month or make money every month and also earn free energy in the background while you live your life, please visit my site at and/or contact me at I so look forward to helping you and getting to know you better! Thanks so much for the opportunity to introduce myself!!!

  72. Ann and Eric, You are so kind to give the “community” this opportunity to introduce themselves. I just wanted to express my gratitude before introducing myself to the DMC Community.

    Hi, I’m Dan Snow, President of Snow Consulting, LLC and the creator of the Action Marketing News Ezine, and The Dan Snow Bog, and this is my life.

    I was born in a rural community near Oxford, Alabama in 1941. Being the seventh of 10 children, I learned the Work Ethic very early in life. I was married to my late wife for 50 years. We have 5 children and 10 grandchildren. This is where a strong work ethic really came in handy. I sincerely have sought to live a transparent life before family, friends, and business associates.

    Since 2001 it has been my privilege to work hand in glove with online businesses who desperately needed to get their message out to prospects, but did not have an email list of subscribers for their email campaigns.

    Since 2006 as Publisher of Action Marketing News Ezine it has been my privilege to work with hundreds of email marketers around the world with their advertising needs with free and paid advertising to the Action Marketing News subscriber base.

    While I thoroughly enjoy my marketing career, my first love is my activity with the people of a small rural Baptist church. As Music Director I have been blessed with a quality small choir, an orchestra, and some dedicated singers and musicians who are a delight to work with. Most small “community” churches do not have what God has chosen to bless me with at my church.
    My latest business venture has been The Dan Snow Blog: and the writing o my first Ebook, “Email Marketing Handbook”, all about doing email marketing the correct way. For complete details on the book and purchase info go here:

    I conclude by telling you that I had the blog Website set up and developed before I joined the DMC community. My attendance and participation in the RAW4 workshop event in Minneapolis along with tons of training webinar videos in the DMC back office gave me all I needed to put the “meat on the bones” of the Website I had set up. After that, It was just a matter of TAKING ACTION on all the coaching and training.

    Thank you for taking time to read about me telling all about me. Hope it has been a benefit to you. Click on “Contact” at my blog Website and let’s get acquainted through email or phone conversation. I may be able to assist you with a solution to your marketing needs.

    Dan Snow

  73. Thanks Ann and Eric for providing this platform to share a bit about who we are.

    I’m Denise Keenan, owner of Keenan Wellness and creator of the Transition to Triumph Program. I’m a hypnotherapist and breathwork facilitator. I’ve spent thirty years in the holistic healing field, studying massage therapy, integrative bodywork, meditation, healing with music, movement therapies, martial arts, shamanism, Huna, etc. ad infinitum……I have also teach HypnoBirthing, a system of natural, empowered childbirth using self-hypnosis and breathing techniques to achieve a calm, graceful birthing experience – to benefit mom, dad and of course, the little one making their entrance to the world.

    My mission at Keenan Wellness is to provide a nurturing environment to heal mind, body and spirit. My niche market is women in transition. I’ve had an adventure-filled life, and have weathered many transitions, some wonderfully exciting and stimulating, and others heart-breaking and discouraging. I’ve garnered many tools that have helped me to survive and thrive, and I feel it is my calling to share the knowingness that transition is always a chance to re-create your life. I provide the tools, inspiration and support needed to feel more confident, focused, playful and balanced. I love watching women come alive and reach their full potential. I am branching out into teaching and consulting online, using Skype and eventually doing group webinars. I can see tremendous value and opportunity in affiliating with DMC to assist women in transition to reach more prosperity and empowerment.

    I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this community. I am impressed (over and over) with Ann’s wisdom, knowledge and integrity, and the support and nurturance of the team and my fellow travelers. I feel the love.

    Please feel free to friend me on my facebook page or check out my website:

    Blessing to all,

  74. Hello and thanks for the opportunity to talk business!! I love chatting with people and building relationships which I didn’t think I could do very well. I am learned that networking and being open to people is very rewarding.

    I am in the skin care, spa and wellness industry with a great company called Beauticontrol,(division of Tupperware) here in Canada. The reason I say Canada is that we are a service oriented company and can only promote the company in our country of residence. I have been with this company for 20+ years and their products are amazing! I love helping people look and feel their best. I studied esthetics at a community college and thought that would be the best way to help people by having more knowledge. I am scared to death to talk to people about my business as I do not want to seem pushy and I do not handle rejection well. So I thought getting more educated would help, but really it is getting out there and doing it that helps. So I have been taking the bull by the horns and talking to more people. I usually do the soft sale and maybe this is wrong as I do not consider myself a sales person. But if we do a business we have to be able to share with people what we do and how we can help them. I also took photography in school and love to do before and after photos!! So much fun!!

    I am looking for people who want to have their own home based business in Canada and who want to help others deal with their image and with their stress in a relaxing and comfortable environment. If you want to know more I would love to hear from you! Have a great Christmas and all the best for a terrific New Year!!

  75. My name is Ithamar Fenerson and I am just an average guy. I had a career in construction as a Union Carpenter but since the recession, the unions never recovered from the housing collapse. Since I chose a trade, I never pursued an education to fall back on and as a result, I lost everything – my house, car, lifestyle, and wife.

    In February of 2013, I decided enough was enough. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to do something about it. I turned to the internet for a way to make money since I’ve always had a love for computers and I decided to start a blog. It has taken me the rest of the year to discover my purpose in life and develop a blueprint to achieve my financial and lifestyle goals.

    In the process, Achievement Activism was born. It is a personal development site that not only tells my story of self-discovery, but is a resource for others who have found themselves in a similar position, but don’t know how to take the necessary steps to transform their lives and achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

    It is a work in progress, but after all, that’s what life is all about. Even though I don’t have the big budget to develop my site a quickly as I want it, I do have all the time in the world now and I spend about 12 hours a day not only teaching myself, but most importantly taking action and implementing what I’ve learned. It is my life now and my passion, and I am determined to make this dream happen.

    You can check out my latest article here and thank you for the opportunity to share:

  76. Wow, this was a really interesting thread. So many things to look in to.

    I don’t help anyone make money. GASP!

    I help you manage your life so that you have fewer distractions, better health, and more energy so that you can do what you do best. If you find that the demands of life are keeping you from making any progress, stop by the blog and find out how you can get it all done, and still have time for business and even fun 😉

  77. Hello My name is Karen Davis and I am passionate about helping others realize who they are; I am a firm believer in everyone on the face of the earth was born for a purpose. Everyone has something that is unique to themselves. No one else can do what you were created to do like you. I am a spiritual guide and I would like to use my Prophetic gift to bless others by helping them to realize their full potential in life. Don’t waste time chasing somebodies elses dream allow the Lord to lead and guide you into the area of life that is specific to you and your gifts and talents.

  78. Hello there everybody ! My name is Carlos Sisk. I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry since about 2006. I’ve seen the good,bad and ugly of this industry. I do still work a J.O.B but hopefully this time next year I will just be working from home. To anybody reading this, find something in life that interests you and expand on it. You have to love what you do to be successful. As this saying says, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Herman Cain.
    I have my own blog page and it’s still work in progress especially the design. I use it to mainly review some companies i’m looking at these days. It’s what I call my home on the internet.

    Thank you for letting me share this.

  79. Thank you Ann & Eric for this opportunity to share myself and my efforts. My name is David G. Baugh. For over 20 years, I owned & operated my own small mfg. business. I sold out in 1991 to devote full time to evangelism and political activism. Ultimately, this landed me behind bars causing me to lose all I had worked for all my life. Unfortunately, my selfless humble efforts do not provide any means of income so I have been trying to learn how to earn a living online through which I can incorporate my accumulated knowledge and experience in Scripture, history, and law with the intent and purpose of downsizing the criminal governments and restoring our lost liberties and the freedom to exercise & enjoy them absent overly intrusive, abusive government infringement & encroachment. At age 70, I find myself an “old dog having trouble learning new tricks” or how to make use of the internet to earn a living. After trying many programs, and doing much investigation, I think I have finally found something I can use as a tool to generate leads and simultaneously promote other things. Thus, I now have the site where anyone can go and get a free lead generating system which I am sharing with others so they too can take advantage of this great tool in their own respective businesses. Yes, it is a free system to be shared with others. I see the greatly expanding internet marketing and networking to be the salvation of our liberty, freedom, and restoration of our prosperity in our once free enterprise system notwithstanding the international banking cartel owners of the private fed and their fraudulent debt-money usury system. There are but two sources of wealth in the world; first, the natural resources our Creator/Savior has provided us, and second, our labor to refine them to suit our needs and desires. Thus, it is we, the people who actually control the wealth, not the plundering, parasitic international “banksters” and their puppet political prostitutes. Thank you again Ann. I have been following you and your work for several years now and been encouraged and enlightened.

  80. Larry R Holloway Jr says:

    Hello, my name is Larry R. Holloway Jr and I’m from Lynchburg, Virginia. My family and close friends call me J.R. because i’m a junior obviously ( lol ). I have always been involved in marketing in some way, shape or form all my life. My father , Larry Sr, being an Career Multi-line Agent for Nationwide 40 years, raised me in the marketing business. I also have a background in computer science and i love computers where i get to work on them and i’m even interested in software programming which i plan to further my knowledge and education in sooner than later. I must say that i do have a trade in many facets of my life. I’m a poet, writer, researcher in the background of anthropologists, ancient artifacts, philosophies, psychology and science; mainly: microbiology, meta-physics and quantum mechanics. I’m a spiritualist who loves and has practiced healings of all sorts such as : reiki energy, and tai-chi energy, prana, etc.. I have had quite a lot of experiences in my 30 + years on this planet. And some which noone would ever believe if they haven’t or couldn’t relate based on their own experiences. I also have a background in paralegal work, financial aid advising, team leader associate in new business applications, etc. I love martial arts and i started karate when i was a little guy, at the tender age of 4 years of age. My father put me in Shorin-Ryu Karate because i loved my childhood idol ” Bruce Lee” who was a master martial artis in kung-fu (gung-fu in china) and he originated his own style from his first which later became Jeet kune do! Through the years from age 4 i maintained very well in the art of karate and i received my first degree black belt at 13 years of age and my second degree at 15 ! I can go on and on about me and my life. I’m here because i wanna meet greatness in myself even more and continue on my path of enlightenment in helping myself and bringing others that fulfillment as well. I love talking on subjects of the mind and the universal laws that govern all things that the infinite creator as brought about in existence! If you ask me , just about have some knowledge on this and that…lol.. yet i know nothing because there’s always more to know and learn. I thank the MOST HIGH for Ann Sieg, she is an awesome person and just intuitively absorbing her radiant energy and passion for what she knows and does best; which is bring out the best in herself and all others, i’m mighty happy and look forward to continuing with DMC and making BIG THINGS happen! Thank-you for allowing me to share a bit about myself and it’s awesome and wonderful to be here and also read these other lovely peoples’ synopsis of themselves !! :) Blessings to all….Peace and Namaste !!

  81. I’m a former tech startup junkie who helped launch games and products for three start-ups over the past 6 years. One was acquired by Facebook in 2011. This year however, I started my own business selling essential oils and teaching others how they can learn about and use oils, and if they want to, start a business. My social media, gaming and community management background has helped me immensely, along with a very supportive husband. My site is and I’m on Facebook and Pinterest as well. I’d love to connect with anyone else in DMC/Inner Circle. This group has been amazing so far. Thanks!

  82. I have been a member with DMC for almost a year now. I thought when I joined, I wasjust going to learn to do my own “Word Press Updates” and learn the basics about “SEO’s” to promote, a Product Website called I had inherited from my Upline. It did not take long for me to Learn How Attraction Marketing was suppose to work and with some help from Coach Curt and Hale Pringle I had as the song goes “a brand new plan”. It started with Miform.Info to run along side a new product line Immunotec was launching.

    This was the site I was working from when I entered my First Blogging Challenge where I won free one hour consult with Natasha Hazlet of Branded Fame. She was not please that the site I was running was a blatant copyright infringement of my MLM Companies Branding and would lead to a world of hurt. I had no idea it could be such a large problem till I learn from Natasha’s Story, It was then that Michael Gene Pearce turned to Blogging On Line to find an Audience as

    I had a story inside me I needed to share, I Love teaching the young at HEART
    Started coaching amateur figure skating at 12 years of age.
    I am a Red Seal Chef Lead talented professionals for 21 years
    Teaching because I am driven to share what I know works
    Escaped from Cooking was tired of training more slaves to career, with no future!
    Happily Self-Employed for 12 years working for myself but not by myself.
    I was Mutual Fund / Life Insurance Licensed teaching families
    ” How Money Works! “
    I quickly learned how, ” Tax Friendly ” Business Income can BE!
    Who knew that getting healthily could be a Tax Deductible Expense
    Sharing these Benefits with employees that want to use Network Marketing as a tool to escape early from their “ JOB’s ” (Just Over Broke).

    I have had weight problems my whole life till five years ago, started Eating a Food that

    Reduced the Dangerously High Blood Pressure from Hypertensive to a Low Normal,

    I found that it made me Feel Better, Be Stronger, Recover Faster and as a Result I have lost 100#

    Absolutely Thriving, Not just Surviving after a

    “Widow Maker”, Heart Attack 01/11/2011.

    Now that I have recovered, I plan to share how Being Pro-Active and Boost your Immune System, Helps Gets you Living again!

    The Whole Story is Told in this E-Book: “Your Heart ATTACK Survival Guide!

    shares every thing I did to be in the Top 1% in Recovery from a Widow Maker Heart Attack!

    Step by step just like I did slow and steady wins the Race

    Now I Blog to share my Passions

    Coaching People to be their Best,

    Teaching the Benefits of Eating the Healthiest Raw Natural Food Option on the Planet,

    Being a Whole Food Advocate with a Survivor Mentality.

    A Little about Me. I have been Happily Married for the last 27 Years to the Same Woman, Ang.

    Proud Father of Two Amazing Daughters Oryanna and Bianca

    Two Perfectly Adorable Grandchildren. Xander and Brooklyn

    When I want to Master something new I find an Expert Ann Sieg found me and Invited me join Daily Marketing Coach Plus in January 10 th of 2012 on the One Year on the Anniversary of the Heart Attack!

    I attended my First DMC training and Jumped in with Both Feet joining Inner circle that first week
    Now, because of what I have Learned with DMC+
    I am writing a book about my journey from being an Employee Chef to a Self Employed Health Coach and a Stay at Home Grand Dad.

    In the book I am writing I will be sharing a few of my personal experience with Post Traumatic Growth,
    these experiences with a ” Cosmic Two by Four ” have lead me to this Point and will become chapters in my new book,

    “How Six Near Death Experiences Forced me to Grow as a Person, Creating Amazing Success, Thur Helping People Restore Their Immune Health Safely”

    Without the coaching and mentor-ship I have received I would still be spamming on Facebook

    Instead of Owning and Operating a Website I created to Build my own List of Loyal Followers

    I have Join this 30 day simply Blogging Challenge to Spread the Word! It went well

    Michael’s Health Answers will work for everyone that Consumes the Right Foods

    Your body needs to be Healthy!

    I did 30 Post in the next 30 days These are the Real People that have reached down and helped,
    “Pull me up through the Learning Curve!”

    Ann Sieg the Godmother, or as a I have called her, “My Attraction Marketing Fairy God Mother” because in only 10 months She as taken a lazy student and challenged him to do a Better Job with his Gift.

    As any Mature Pupil should do I rose to the Call to Action!
    Ann’s only negative remark when it was my turn to be put on the hot seat and reviewed, she said
    “Posting Once A WEEK would never get me anywhere.”
    So I asked in one of my online forums how to get more Posts out and improve my Alexa Rank
    – I was just over 4,000,000 globally and 61,000 in Canada after Blogging for Seven Months from this Platform.

    One of the Canadian Members I see as a Community Leader and Gifted Teacher is Lorraine McNulty, Lifetime Inner Circle member With Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach Plus Training Platform said,

    Join Beth Challenge.

    All Progress is Good!

    Let’s talk about Progress when I started

    November 1 st. I Ranked 4,148,532 Globally

    November 15 th on my 48 th Birthday I was 2,738,883

    Today November 30 th 2013 Ranked 873,608

    STARTED AT 384,963 RANK IN CA CA Flag 10,085
    There are over 20,000,000 Sites on the Internet already listed

    DMC+ is a Great Community it has Been so Helpful and Supportive to this First Year Apprentice Blogger Michael Gene Pearce, Chief Blogger at Michael’s Health Answers dot ca

    That will be more Posts this Month than so far this Year.

    Be your own Advocate and Research all the Choices!

    Check, then Double check everything I have said for yourself ?

    Then when you are ready to Take control of your Health start taking the only Product Medically Proven by Human Clinical Trails and Protects your Long Term Health by
    ” Optimize your Bodies Immune System “
    To defend you from effects of Old Age, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack or Strokes…

  83. Hello! I’m a bit late to this ‘gig’ – have been under the weather for quite a while but finally finding my way back and sorting through tons of emails…
    My name is Felicia Wootsick and I’ve decided to stop procrastinating with worry of finding a proper niche and finally make the plunge with my website-in-limbo. I will mostly promote the company I’ve represented for 10 years now, Arbonne International. It’s been very good to me so after trying various venues, I’ve decided to stick with what has proven worthy. Makes sense, right? Arbonne is a health and wellness company which specializes in skin care, particularly anti-aging.
    I’m also very much into personal growth/development and spirituality and will be spending time in those areas as well while building my site.
    Thank you DMC community. It’s time to get to work and I look forward to getting to know everyone better.
    My website:

  84. Hi my name is Carol Wood, 2014 will be the 40th year that I have been married to my wonderful husband. Together we have raised three children and have seven grandchildren. I have been involved in a MLM for many years. It did not take long for me to realize that building a business with the methods taught do not work well when your nearest neighbor lives five miles away. I did learn that products were great and I‘ve continued to be associated to learn and use. We continue to live in Wyoming are neighbors are closer now but still is a rural area.
    My husband started his own auction business a few years ago. Being his computer operator began my search of how to use the internet for more than email. I’ve learned a lot some of it costing more than what it was worth. Finding the Daily Marketing Coach with their systematic step by step training, and being held accountable for completing the tasks was when I start putting all the pieces together. Now I believe I can reach my goals for our business and begin to share what I learn with others, helping them find success with online business. I know that helping others find success will drive my success to new heights.
    After going through Marsha Godwin’s Blogging Simplified Live course I realized that I needed to start a new website that was not just for my MLM. I now have started to learn how to implement all of the training. I welcome everyone to visit and comments are appreciated.
    Thank you Ann and Eric for this opportunity to learn about others in this community you have created. I truly have enjoyed reading all the comments.

  85. Hi Eric, Ann, and readers,

    I’m glad I decided to catch up on some emails and stumbled upon this invitation. Thank-you for the opportunity to share my story. I hope it can inspire and teach others a couple of hard lessons I personally had to live through…

    I have been online marketing and involved in network marketing for more years than I care to admit, and unfortunately most of them were struggles.

    It wasn’t until I decided to focus my efforts that I started to see some positive changes in 2009 or so, after joining Renegade Pro.

    Since that time I have become passionate about online sales automation and effectiveness, lead generation, and copy that converts.

    I used my own business opportunities as incubators for my ideas and methods and quickly saw some results that made me a very happy camper (to the point that I left my J.O.B in 2012).

    Over those years I had gotten many fingers in many “pies” but I had not really put in the right amount of effort to really get any of it going because this one particular website was doing so well.

    As far as I could tell, this was my golden ticket to automated internet riches!

    But unfortunately, I forgot a critical success factor – never put all your eggs in one basket!

    A series of events that same year resulted in my main traffic and profit generating site dropping from the number one spot into oblivion, and my lead flow and sales virtually dry up like a plump Grenache grape in the blistering California sun.

    So, over the course of the next 12 months, I had to re-learn everything about Search Engine Optimization and also get creative in my lead generation in the absence of seed money to pay for traffic. My cash reserves from my good years had all but dwindled to nothing as I invested in my skills and marketing knowledge to prepare for my recovery.

    Last summer, I was finally ready to launch my own boutique marketing agency that caters specifically to niche markets. My mission is to teach small business owners that they don’t have to spend loads of money to have effective marketing.

    If you know of anyone local businesses that could stand to use more clients but just need some advice on where to get started, please have them read a few of our articles at

    In keeping with my diversity lesson, I realized that I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice so I also set out to create my own products. So far I have published a seminar on Productivity, a course on Website Security, and now I am working on my first Amazon book.

    My biggest challenge is keeping myself from straying off course because I see so many opportunities and have so many ideas that I want to implement. What I have found to be the best way to deal with that is to create a detailed action plan for a project and stick with it until it is done, then move on to the next one.

    Now, I am coming back to all those old pies, one-by-one, and seeing if they are worth biting into or not. It will be a long process, but most definitely worth it.

    People say PERSISTENCE and CONSISTENCY pay off…I say add some DIVERSITY to that too!

    Best of luck to everyone, and please let me know if you need any help with your marketing…our rates are refreshingly reasonable!

  86. Hola I’m Amparo Valencia.I like to say that I admired Ann Sieg, Eric Walker and the rest of inspiring, talented
    people on The Daily Marketing word. For me is a chalenge to try to write a blog since I came to this country not knowing all the barriers I had to encounter, learned the language and to think like americans do. I’m so gratefull with the USA for giving us the opportunity to feel at home. I had work in many different fields but specially in the retail high end industry. I got the pink slip from my last Job after 11 years of work.
    In my spare time I was networking with Max International a company that has developed a breakthrugh technology with products that are extension of life not prevention. I wasen’t being successful at all, not matter how hard I tryed. It was until I read an articule from Ann that described the same feeling I was experimenting!Thank you Ann Sieg.
    I found DMC! Now I’m taking my time, setting my blog and giving thanks to God for showing me the way to learn.
    At the same time I’ll encourage others to do what I’m doing at DMC and to be able to show the gift of life I have.
    Many Blessings to all.

  87. Hello!

    I am a Traditional Naturopath and specialize in helping people with chronic digestive issues and other chronic disorders. Most people do not realize how important digestive health is to overall health and vitality. All chronic disease is caused by inflammation, but what is the root cause of the inflammation? In many cases it is an imbalance in the gut caused by a number of things, such as food sensitivities, lack of digestive juices, parasites, bacteria infection, Candida and stress.

    I help clients get to the root cause of their health issues and put a personalized nutritional and detox program together for them for fast natural relief and long-term healing. If you know of anyone suffering with health issues, there is hope and a way to get at the root cause for long-term and lasting healing.

    In conjunction with my Digestive practice I also market a wonderful natural herbal body wrap that tightens, tones, firms and smooths out cellulite where ever you place it on your body. Have you heard of “That Crazy Wrap Thing”? I have seen some amazing results with this, especially for the tummy.

    My website for this product is

    Hope everyone is Rocking this Year in their business!

  88. Hi, I’m Terry Tiessen, a Customer Service Consultant and Personal and Corporate Branding Specialist

    I am an avid scholar and innovator in Web presence, working as an Internet Brand Developer and Implementation Manager for both personal and corporate Online identities, I designed and present a 4 hour training module ” Internet Branding 101 For The Entrepreneur and Small Business With Little or No Internet Presence” I also am an Award winning Customer Service Representative, and have designed and present an one hour Customer service training module “Psychology of the Perfect Call” as well as an one hour “Team Building” seminar for Call center management. Specialties:Customer Service Specialist, Back-link Strategies,Brand Development,Internet Marketing Strategy,Social Media marketing,Internet Branding,Lead Generation,Leads,Search Engine Optimisation,SEO,SEO Consultant,Internet Marketing,Traffic Generation

  89. May 09, 2014 at 6:09

    Hi there,

    I’m free of 9 to 5 JOB, (Just Over Broke) situation now that I’ve redirected my
    Creator’s given talents and original thoughts to developing an internet-based company, in which Ann Sieg’s type marketing strategies and others whom I’ve encountered has helped me cross that bridge.
    Today, many people are working really hard and often under a great deal of pressure, due to busy and hectic life style, to develop, enhance or solidify long-term Compatible Assured Relationships -C.A.R’s. and often need an assist to relieve the pressure.

    Since developing and getting online, thousands of single and connected Men and Women look to ACARelationship.Com., with other successful people, to invest time and energy necessary to gain personal relationship insight and become Relationship Certified ready to demonstrate relationship style transformation, upon completion of ACAR’s Six Week.Internet Relationship Course of Study Program Service. (NOT A DATING SERVICE)

    Looking forward to making a connection with you via www, , or personally at and provide an opportunity for you to learn the mechanics involved in meeting and connecting with Mr./Ms. ‘right’ person as well as giving a copy of our FREE Relationship Abstract Report. (NOT A DATING SERVICE) and Amazon ebook, The Greatest Guide to Relationship Happiness Ever Developed!

    Dr T
    Dark tan, 6ft., 200lbs. of
    Love, Peace and Soul

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