June 14, 2024

“We” is better than “I”

Coach Curt Johnson "We" is better than "I"

When you learn this one communication skill you can literally double your results overnight. This one strategy can go a long way to annihilating your insecurities and give you a fresh hope for being the leader you want to be.

Network Marketers Are Hypocrites

Coach Curt

Discover in this 2 min audio one of Coach Curt’s pet peeves with most of the so called leaders in the network marketing industry. Obvious hypocrisy rooted in control and fear runs amuck in our industry, and what YOU can do about it.

You Are Keeping Track Of The Wrong Thing

Coach Curt

Most fail in achieving their goals.

We’re well into February now, and the sad reality is most have already given up on their goals they set for 2014.

Today I’ll reveal the main reasons “Goal Setting” doesn’t work for most people.

All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, And All You Can Do Is Enough

Coach Curt Johnson

When setting goals it is important to measure the right activity and outcome. Many fall short of their goals and quickly throw in the towel on their original effort because they are tracking the wrong things.

The downside to setting goals

Coach Curt Johnson

There is a great danger in setting goals. In our exuberance coming into a new year full of hope, faith, and optimism we set high goals – which is good. What happens though when we don’t reach them? Coach Curt reveals a safety net that makes goal setting safer and more productive in the long run.

Merry Christmas – The Gift of Narrow Mindedness

In this 2 minute audio I share how narrow mindedness can actually help you in your marketing even at the risk of political incorrectness.

It’s Mall Season

curt johnson

This is the time of year the Shopping Malls are packed.

I’ve done prospecting in the malls many years ago, but since then have discovered how to turn 8 hours of embarrassing work into 8 minutes of enjoyable productivity.

Give a listen to this 2 minute audio to discover how.

Box In The Brain

Coach Curt Johnson

Do you ever feel you are judged quickly and harshly when you try to bring up your business opportunity to someone? What gives? You just want to share something that will help them – right? You will discover in this 2 minute audio why it feels like you are starting a game with a huge handicap.

Thankful For The MLM Life – A Better Way to Live

Coach Curt

Many chastise our industry because so many join and don’t make a profit. Many quit because they think it is easy and they don’t make money quickly. That is a narrow and warped view of the MLM world. Many people stick around a company a long time without making any money? Many MLMers stick and keep coming back to this industry even after promising themselves they never would.

Why? In this short audio, you will hear my take on that. . .

Have You Been Vaccinated?

Coach Curt Johnson

We hope you were warned about the #1 reason those who love and trust you want nothing to do with your MLM pitch.

Unfortunately most of the trainers in the network marketing industry do not warn new people to the “Vaccination Effect” that is very strong in our society.

Knowledge is power, and this 2 minute nugget will save you much frustration as you grow your business.

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