June 14, 2024

The Complete Attraction Marketing Guide For Network Marketers

What is Attraction Marketing (Specifically for Network Marketers)?

The concept of Attraction Marketing has been used in the Direct Selling industry for many years now.

The process of attraction marketing being used by Network Marketers is a distinct way of leveraging the concepts of marketing, advertising and branding.

You should know that most Network Marketing companies themselves aren’t using Attraction Marketing. It’s the independent distributors who engage in Attraction Marketing. And for good reason. They do so in order to build their personal brand, not the brand of the company.

There are specific steps being followed my most Attraction Marketers, which will be covered in this post.

Most of which has been put in the spotlight by the enormous success of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring and Ann Sieg’s The Renegade Network Marketer.

In a nutshell, it involves using pay per click advertising or content marketing to generate traffic to a capture page or a blog of some type.

The goal is to get people to opt in to an email list by offering information that will help them build their network marketing business. This process enables one to build trust and value with their email list. They can then distribute product offers to their list, which is an additional income stream above and beyond their network marketing business.

Yet the ultimate goal is still the same — to present the business opportunity after one has established him or herself as a person of value. Doing so increases the likelihood of people joining their network marketing team.

What Attraction Marketing Is NOT

When I talk to most network marketers about how they typically generate leads to fill the top of their sales funnel for their network marketing business, most of them are engaged in these low-budget business building activities:

  • Making a names list of your warm market
  • Buying opportunity leads
  • Cold calling genealogy lists
  • Handing out business cards/hanging signs at coffee shop bulletin boards
  • Hosting meetings
  • Posting in forums or “friending” and copy/pasting links at social networks like Facebook or Twitter
  • Advertising in newspaper

These methods can work (with the exception of purposely friending at Facebook and Twitter and then spamming your links), BUT… it’s push marketing.

Another name for push marketing is “outbound marketing,” which is where a marketer pushes his message out far and wide hoping it resonates with someone somewhere out there.

Maybe at one point in time, you could count on “outbound marketing” to bring you back predictable numbers, but I think outbound marketing techniques are getting less and less effective in our current Internet age.

First Reason

I’ve read that the average person is flooded with thousands of marketing interruptions every day. They’re even being ignored, and/or completely blocked altogether with such technologies as caller id, spam filtering, Tivo, the “Do Not Call” list, and Sirius XM Satellite radio.

Second Reason

This IS the Internet age. The process involved with learning about something new or shopping for something new revolves around the Internet. With search engines, blogs, and social media sites all the information we need is at our finger tips. We have the resources to make informed buying decisions.

No Need to Push Using Attraction Marketing

Rather than do push marketing to the masses of people and seeing what sticks … rather than giving EVERY ONE the opportunity to tell you NO… rather than being an unwanted pest whom people are trying to block out … I advocate doing “attraction marketing” where you help yourself “get found” by people already learning about and shopping in your industry.

In order to do attraction marketing, you’ll need to have a few things setup first. And that is what this post is about… the stuff you need to have set up to successfully implement attraction marketing so that you not only help yourself be found, but also move them through your sales funnel and close them on your product or service.

But first, you should know that attraction marketing is beneficial for these specific reasons:

  1. Helps you get found online by more qualified visitors.
  2. Will help you easily convert more visitors into leads, and leads into customers.
  3. Immediately positions you as the expert because it’s THEM coming to YOU.

Four Essential Components of Effective Attraction Marketing

Point of Contact Marketing 

This is the initial point where your prospects find you on the Internet. This can be an advertisement, a written article, video, website profile, or any combination. Your marketing needs to be spread out across the Internet, yet focused back to one central hub. We recommend a blog. Most of these methods are free and effective if used correctly.

Blogging is a great way to quickly create fresh content that draws search engine visitors to your website. An optimized WordPress blog makes it easy to publish content that gets your business found.

Here are a collection of blog articles to help you know how to use your blog most effectively:

Social Media Networking Sites Are Points of Contact Too

Don’t ignore it.

Social media is here to stay and your customers are looking for answers to their problems on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook every day. But don’t over-estimate the power of social media.

Facebook is a great place to start because EVERYONE is already there.

A good place to start is simply your Facebook profile, and then move onto a Facebook page. Here are two blog post articles that will show you what to do:

Also don’t miss our Guide to Getting More Value From Your Social Media Marketing post.

Lead Capture Pages

Once someone finds you on the Internet, you need a way to capture their information. You must offer something in exchange for their information. You can learn to create your own capture page or you can use one that may be provided for you. Also consider an affiliate marketing program like The Renegade System.

Here are a collection of blog articles to help you know how to use lead capture pages most effectively:

Auto Email Marketing System

These are a combination of automatic and broadcast emails that go out to the people that have provided their email information to you. You need an email marketing service to store all those emails. Don’t be mistaken — this is not the same thing as buying leads and loading them into your auto-responder and sending them emails.

Using the attraction marketing model, the auto email campaign is another way of building a relationship because you are offering more valuable information on a topic in which your prospects have already expressed an interest.

This type of follow-up helps position yourself as an expert because you are offering information. This continues to bring more people to you and provides organization for your business.

An Email Marketing service helps you stay front and center with leads using software tools that can send a single email to just a few leads or a personalized email offer to a large segment of your contacts.

Here are a collection of blog articles to help you know how to use your email marketing service most effectively:


Don’t over look this.

Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web.

Need more info on Google Analytics, see  this page to explore some of the features available for Google Analytics users.

How the Process of Your Attraction Marketing System Works

Once these four components are set up, your marketing system is nearly automated.

People will find your point of contact marketing while you’re sleeping, or playing with your children — it’s always doing the work for you by leveraging the Internet and the work you put into setting it up front.

Finding value in the content you offer, your visitors will choose to sign up for your newsletter or opt-in for a free report you offer, leaving their name and email address in return.

Once they opt in, your auto email system is delivering them even more valuable information and pre-selling them on you and what you offer.

The attraction marketing model is an empowering way to build a targeted list of prospects, build relationships and get into cash flow (by offering low commitment products, information or training up and introducing bigger ticket items like your network marketing business later in the process) so you can continue building your primary network marketing business without running out of money to pay your auto-ship.

You can also experiment with driving traffic to your landing pages using Pay Per Click. This is a quick way to determine the effectiveness of your lead capture pages, as well as the first step toward incremental improvements.

Your Next Step

If you’ve read this post thoroughly and followed the links, you simply need to take action. There is enough content here to keep you busy and focused on your attraction marketing set up. For an even more detailed break down of the attraction marketing process, download Ann Sieg’s free ebook called The Attraction Marketers Manifesto. Don’t casually dismiss these ideas. They’ve proven to work. Over 35,000 people  have downloaded this free guide, and continue to do so every single day.

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


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