June 20, 2024

Create These Assets, And You Will Reach A New Level Of Business That Is Not Enjoyed By Most Network Marketers

Your business needs to be centered around you so that you have complete control over it, and in order for you to make as much money as possible, you need to develop your own business assets.

How do I convince new prospects to follow through with me and branch off from my old upline?

I was asked this GREAT question, which I answer with a video.

Hey Ann, I have recently purchased your RNM system and am very happy so far. I have been with a big name MLM and want to try to do things differently, but seeing that I would have no downline, how do I convince new prospects to follow through with me and branch off from my old upline? Do you have any suggestions?

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Here’s a cool story about how an old school network marketer began tapping into The Renegade System to educate himself and his downline, but instead of hard selling Ann’s product at his people, he educated them first by leverage The Renegade Blog.

Ann Sieg Answers, “What Would I Do If I Were Brand New To Online Marketing”

I was recently asked, “What would I do if I were coming online for the very first time ever?” and also… “What would I do if my upline were teaching a particular method that was working for he or she but it wasn’t the method that I was comfortable with i.e. the worn and tired method of pitching your deal to anyone and everyone?” I shot this quick video with my answers.

How To Become A Customer-Focused Network Marketer

This mindshift occurs when you stop thinking as much about your company, and think more about your prospect. This is what’s called becoming “customer-centric.” Think like your prospect. Because they’re not thinking about all of these features of your company. Watch this short video to learn what this looks like and how to get started.

63 People Who Are NOT Your MLM Prospect


People love their MLM. So why try to convince them that yours is better? Here’s why you want to become a solutions provider instead. 63 reasons why, in fact.

Grab Our 9-Part Internet Network Marketing Transformation Course (No Cost)

If you seek to have people coming to you, asking you questions and wanting to learn more about what you’re offering, then our “MLM Transformation” course is for you.

If you want to STOP pitching your business, and genuinely start helping people find the answers they’re looking for without trying to sell them or convince them, the “MLM Transformation” series is your ideal starting point.

Here Are 8 Areas That Every Successful Internet Network Marketer Has Covered to Transform Their Business


This blog post pulls in everything that has been taught during the network marketing transformation series (8 lessons total).

The 3 Step Process That Will Bring More Business Builders Into Your Network Marketing Business Starting Today

biz builders

How to bring more network marketing business builders into your business using the 3 step process of generating leads, qualifying those leads and closing the leads.

Your Network Marketing Transformation (Part 2)


Continued from Your Network Marketing Transformation (Part 1) Here is the second puzzle piece as it relates to totally transforming your network marketing business.

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