July 17, 2024

7 Steps to Create and Promote Your Facebook Business Page

A lot of people ask what they should be doing to build out their Facebook business page. This post delivers the seven steps that Ann and the 80/20 Marketing team have taken to build out her Facebook Business page.

Here are the 7 Steps to Create and Promote Your Facebook Business Page

1. Create your page for your Product, Service, Program or Business.

Or just focus on You and your passions. Either way, it’s a good idea to at least create your own Facebook page.

2. Create a custom Welcome page.

Use video on this Welcome page. We’ll add video at some point, but because Ann Sieg was already an established brand we didn’t see it being as urgent.

If you’re not an established brand, we definitely encourage the video.

In the video, answer the following questions:

Who you are, What you do, What’s in it for them, show your personality (keep it casual and friendly) and ask for the LIKE in the video.

Here is an example of our Welcome page: http://on.fb.me/landingpageforads

And here is a good example of a video Welcome page at Social Media Examiner.

3. Add your Facebook Page to your profile page.

If you want to optimize your Facebook profile for your business, this simple (yet effective) tip can help you do just that!
Take a look at this short video to make sure your Facebook Business page gets the most visibility on your Facebook Profile.  Here’s a great tutorial from a friend and colleague of mine, Amy Porterfield: http://bit.ly/amyporterfield

4. Create a branded, full size wall image.

Just like Ann’s here: http://on.fb.me/annspagegraphic

Create your wall image so that it’s the maximum size Facebook allows (180 x 540 pixels). The reason – it’s your billboard. Lots of eyeballs fall on this image. Maximize it. Let people know what you do.

5. Add the LIKE button and LIKE box to your website.

Get that here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/

6. Post regularly. Like 3-5 times per day.

First goal should be to encourage engagement NOT pitching your business. Be sure to create a Facebook update strategy that works for you.

7. Experiment with Facebook ads for 30 days.

You can get started with a budget even as low as $5 to $10 a day. But don’t do it unless you already have the previous six steps in place. Never pay for ads if you don’t have an end goal.

How Can We Help You Maximize Your Facebook Business Page?

Do you use Facebook for business?

Ask your questions about your Facebook business page in the comments below. Let us know if this is a topic that you’re interested in. We’re learning a lot and having success with Ann’s Facebook business page, and if there is a demand we will continue to share our knowledge about Facebook for business. Let us know in the comments.

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. There’s one tip here, Eric, that I had missed and that’s to add my Facebook page to my profile. Appreciate your knowledge. Thanks

  2. I have my own blog and it is connected to face book will i stil need a face book page or how does this work.

    • Zachary, it’s not necessarily a question of “do I still need a Facebook Page?” The larger question you want to ask yourself is “How would having a Facebook Page help your business grow?”

  3. Hello! can you tell me please how to put welcome video in your welcome landing page for facebook as in the social media example above? THanks! Dave

  4. Hi Eric: Is there a difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook business page?

  5. Hi Eric, thanks so much for this. I already have a profile page under my name which is for general use. I have also created another page also under my name . How can I create a branded, full size wall image? Any free resources out there I can use?

  6. Hi Eric, Terrific post! Regards, Kevin

  7. Interesting article. I think you are off base on a few things, however. Video is not always good for the home page. The most successful brands on facebook are not using video on their splash / welcome page.

    3-5 posts per day might work for some businesses but not for others. Some fans might see that as too much. ‘Fans’ will stop coming to the page if they feel like they are being bombarded by the company. The goal should always be to engage the fans in a conversation, not to meet a posting quota

    • Hey Jesse, you have a valid point… what works for one person or business doesn’t always apply for another. But in general, if a person were to apply these 7 steps, they’d be in really good shape to make necessary adjustments on the fly.

  8. Derek Perkins says:

    Thats helpful information i have been wanting to make a facebook fanpage for some time now…ok i will talk to you later

  9. Thanks Eric. This is great information. And, your friend Amy really hits it out of the park with her video tutorial.

  10. Great information Eric! Thanks for sharing. I have two different businesses that I would like to create pages for but only one will show if listed under Employer as suggested above or can both be? Thanks!

    • Satinder, really good question… I don’t know, but I will look into that. Off the top of my head, I’m pretty sure the answer is only can display one.

  11. Great information. i am a young business entrepreneur following the principles of Ann. i have just read ur piece abt Facebook business page and i hv been energized. but where do i start from. pls send me ur email address so i send u all the details abt the resources i hv to start with. Thanks.

  12. Would these be two completely seperate pages? Or do they intermingle?

    I wouldn’t want business contacts to be able to go into my personal facebook site as I keep this solely for family and close friends and would want to keep business completely out of the frame.

  13. Ardelle Anderson says:

    Does the 80/20 system have anyone to set up these various tools for someone who is challenged with all this? ??

  14. Hi Eric Walker and http://www.therenegadeblog.com, Thank You for sharing! You are welcome on the Chief Marketing Officer – India http://www.facebook.com/cmoindia page. You might also get value from http://www.facebook-fb.com to Submit and List Facebook Page URL, Products, Services, City, State, Country of Business and to Explore and Find Facebook Page URL of Business. Kindly share it with your friends! Best! Shakti Saran


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