April 25, 2024

How to Create Your Own Live, Exclusive Network Marketing Leads

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Want to learn the one key that will allow you to generate your own leads so that you have people to talk to everyday about your network marketing business?

This is where the rubber meets the road for most network marketers.

Learn this priceless skill below… and you’ll be well on your way to generating your own leads.

The skill I’m referring to is the ability to create your own lead capture pages.

Lead capture pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns, pay per click campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to convert site visitors into leads.

Lead capture pages turn traffic into money. In this post you’re going to receive a tutorial about why you should be creating your own capture pages, and a thorough breakdown of the anatomy of a capture page.

Making your own lead capture pages is important for a few reasons…

First reason:

Every other network marketer is promoting their generic company replicated website, or their lead system default affiliate website. When you create your own capture page you automatically set yourself apart. You differentiate yourself.

If you’re still promoting your replicated company website then you’re doing things backwards.

Mainly because your company site (and in all likelihood, your lead system default affiliate website) doesn’t promote you. It promotes your company. Therefore, you don’t own it and it’s not an asset to your business. The whole idea is to promote yourself, sell yourself and build the asset that is your list.

The generic company replicated pages have their place in your marketing funnel (not sure what a marketing funnel? We’ll be covering that later), but they’re not effective as a standalone to build your business.

Besides … how many times have you seen the same old replicated website? Are you sick of them yet? So is everyone else. These pages also lack a personal face.

Second reason:

The ability to generate your own leads will save you –or even make you– a ton of money. Once you start generating your own leads you can stop wasting your valuable money and time on the following…

  • Buying opportunity leads
  • Posting in forums or pasting links at social networks like Facebook
  • Cold calling genealogy lists
  • Handing out business cards
  • Hosting meetings

These are the typical low-budget business building activities that most network marketers seem to gravitate towards in our industry.

Or at the very least, when you’re able to generate your own leads, it makes activities like hosting your own local meetings far more valuable.

You can even create another income stream when those leads say No to your primary business. You can’t do that when you purchase biz opp leads.

So if you want to have true long term success and have the ability to truly generate endless leads and customers then you MUST start making your own capture pages.

Your lead capture pages are designed to do one thing – get your prospect to “opt-in” to your form. The great thing about having effective lead capture pages in place is they will work for you day and night.

You could be on vacation for three weeks and still be generating leads.

When it comes to lead capture pages, simplicity always out pulls graphic craziness. So our main idea with the capture page is to keep it simple and brief. You want your strongest ideas on the capture page to make the prospect NEED to find out more.

You want to leave your capture page informative, but somewhat incomplete. You want your prospect to have to opt-in to find out more.

People care about the benefit so your capture page should be extremely benefit driven.

As Perry Marshall has written, “If you want to sell drills, you sell information on making the hole.”

You should stress the benefits of what you have to offer. It should be clear that on the other side of the submit form, the solution to their problem will be revealed in the free content that you’re going to offer.

You should also stress the pain of not choosing to opt-in, if possible.

We are looking to solve problems of other network marketers.

Now that we’ve grasped the reason we are making a capture page, I’m going to break down each part of a successful lead capture page so you can begin to sketch your own.

Components of a Capture Page

We’ll be going through the components of a capture page in detail. First, let’s understand the 5 main components of your capture page, and the function of each.

  1. Pre-headline – filters or qualifies your site visitors.
  2. Headline – this is the ‘ad for your ad
  3. Sub-headline – tells the reader to take an action
  4. Bullet Points – list about 4-7 main benefits of what you are offering
  5. Opt-In Box – consists of a ‘call to action’, form fields and submit button

Anatomy of a capture page courtesy of AMF, a product by Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong. More information can be found at Attraction Marketing Formula.com

Not all the capture pages you see will have all five parts. Some will, and others will have variations, but I guarantee all capture pages will have at least three of the these five.

Mainly, you want to have a headline, bullet points (or body content like a video or both), and an opt-in form that gets people to take action.

If you want to use all five parts of the capture page then I’m going to break them down a little more.

The first part is the pre-headline.

The main goal of the pre-headline is that of qualification. The pre-head is meant to sort the visitor by letting them know if this offer is for them or not.

The headline should be your biggest benefit.

You want to be specific, and if in doubt, start with “How to.” Starting with “How to” has proven to be effective time and again.

Here’s an example:

“How to Generate 241 Leads In Only 18 Days…Even If You Have No Website, No Web Skills and No Money!”

The headline is the most important part of your capture page. It is suppose to grab the reader by the eyeballs, and address the main benefit (or pain), which is related to what you’re offering for their name and email address.

In a nutshell, the headline determines if your visitor will continue reading the rest of the page or click away.

The next part is the sub-headline.

The sub-headline should complete the thought from the headline. Its main goal is to assure the reader of what the headline said. The reader should say, “Yep, that’s why I’m here.”

The sub-headline tells the visitor to take an action and builds up the benefit of what you have to offer. This is the build-up to the rest of the page and the information available once they opt-in.

Moving onto the bullet points or body.

Your bullets should be limited to 4-7 benefit-driven statements, which clearly state what the visitor should expect to receive once they opt-in to your form. Again, don’t just state the features of what you have. Ask yourself, “So what? What is in it for them?”

Here’s one basic yet effective formula for writing bullet points:

Compelling beginning + feature (optional) + benefit of feature

Now for the web form (or opt-in box)

Within the opt-in box is where they are instructed to take action and submit their information. You’ll want to make your web form a call to action and give them a reason to truly feel the need to opt-in.

There are 3-5 components inside this little box.

  1. Opt-in headline,
  2. Sub-head with instructions,
  3. Opt-in fields,
  4. Submit button

The opt-in box itself has a headline, which tells them what action to take. This is where your prospect ultimately decides whether your capture page is a success or not. I suggest writing the form in the voice of the prospect stating he wants to opt-in.

Here’s an example:

“Yes Eric, Sign Me Up For Your 14 Day Internet Network Marketing Business Transformation E-Course and Give Me My Two Bonuses Right Now!”

The opt-in sub-head provides instructions. It states exactly what to do and restates the offer.

The opt-in fields are where they input their information, (i.e. name, email, phone, etc.)

You want to have a minimum of ‘First Name’ and ‘Email Address’ although some will say all that is necessary is the email. It’s been proven by many a marketer, that if you add more fields, it will reduce your opt-in rate, but boost the quality of the lead.

There you have it . . . you’ve now learned the five parts of an effective lead capture page. You know the components of a capture page; however, you still don’t know how the layout/design should look. This is an art in itself.

You’ll want to use your imagination with this and be creative. There isn’t just one way to of doing lead capture pages. However, I stress to keep it simple and don’t over complicate it. Too much clutter will make your prospect confused and they will run away.

For now, let me stress one thing: keep your opt-in form above the fold.

What do I mean by “above the fold?” you ask. Your prospect shouldn’t have to scroll down the page to see the opt-in box.

Study These Highly Successful Network Marketing Lead Generating Capture Pages

If you spend a few moments of personal study, I think that you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned here and get even more from it. When it comes to network marketing leads generation, Ann Sieg and her team have produced some of the most successful capture pages in the industry.

Here are two for you to study:

Now that you understand the anatomy of a lead capture page, we’re going to have discuss two or three other things in future Renegade Blog posts.

One is being able to technically create your own capture page. And the second thing is getting traffic -and lots of it- to that capture page. Perhaps a third is tracking the effectiveness of that capture. That’s definitely important. We’ll be covering these things and a lot more here at The Renegade Blog in the near future.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

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      Now that’s funny Swapnil… you wrote, “could have been a little bit more comprehensive.” Really funny. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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