May 25, 2024

The Two New Rules of Marketing in the Attention Economy

There is an epidemic in this country.

It’s information abuse, and you’re likely one of the afflicted. Suffer from information overload? Are you addicted to information?

If you’re checking your email 100 times per day like a rat with a cocaine dispenser swimming in minutiae then you’ve got issues my friend.

If you constantly have your hand on your Smart Phone while you’re at dinner with friends, or in bed or in the car, or within arm’s reach during sex then it might be too late for you. You’re just another stat.

If you have more than one computer screen (and you call that “productivity”) and/or at least four or more browsers open at any one time – sorry, you’re guilty of being an info glut too.

These are common scenes, right?

We’re all at a point of information overwhelm. There is more information than we can possibly organize in our brains yet we can’t get enough of it.

As marketers, we are facing an all-out war on attention.

We have to keep this in mind and use it to our advantage and/or make some serious adjustments. Or most of our marketing efforts are going to go unnoticed in the flooding sea of information, lost in the Google oblivion.

This post is meant to address this problem and provide two simple rules we must adhere to if we want to succeed in the attention economy.

These two tips will cut through the clutter, punch a hole into distraction and get in front of your intended audience so that you stand out from the crowd.

First Tip -in a Word- Brevity

Brevity is shortness of time. People “don’t have the time.”

Brevity is giving your target audience and/or community just enough “good stuff” to keep them going – something they will trust as useful, and come back for nearly every day, or every time you create something new for them, which needs to follow some consistency.

Think shorter sentences. Shorter videos. Shorter emails. Shorter meetings. Start with an agenda. Everything can fit into a smaller package.

Brevity Mind Map

Second Tip – Consistency

Consistency is commitment.

So even if your marketing is mediocre at best (it will get better), if you’re committed to consistently marketing you’re still showing up to your prospect’s screen. Commitment makes that happen. It’s a daily practice.

Consistent marketing will give you a strong advantage over the here today, gone tomorrow marketers. As distracted as we all are, consistent actions get results and get recognition. It’s a key element in a strong foundation which will encourage momentum to build. It also fosters a good reputation and contributes to people passing your name on as a referral or otherwise.

In our attention economy both brevity and consistency are your best offenses at improving your visibility in an ever-crowded world.

P.S. – Disclaimer 😉

Here at The Renegade Blog, we’ve really gone out of our way to unpack every aspect about a few specific topics we’ve covered in our blog posts. Just have a look at these posts if you want to see an example:

These are long, meaty, content rich posts. Not short at all. We purposely have seeded it with flagship content because this blog is still quite new. And to establish The Renegade Blog, we’ve taken a mindset that we should be able to sell each post (if we were to market it that way) for $97. But not every post needs to be a home run. Often times a ground ball with eyes that sneaks through the infield for a single is far more appropriate. Keep an eye out for our short posts too.

P.S.S – Numbers Don’t Lie — Two Fun Facts that Prove Brevity and Consistency Rule

I’ve just checked our traffic stats, and just as I suspected, the shortest post thus far at The Renegade Blog has the most traffic. It’s a super simple, straight forward list of the 7 Steps to Create and Promote Your Facebook Business Page. Is it no coincidence that it’s been shared on Facebook 83 times?

Also, since May 9th we’ve consistently posted at least two blog posts per week. Our traffic is up 143% and we’ve gone from sporadically selling one or two MLM Blog Secrets per week directly from the blog, to selling one or two per day.


About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email


  1. I was just thinking about this just this morning and began an article titled “How the Grinch learned to filter the noise” I love relating to children’s stories to our everyday lives. Thanks for the great thought provoking info. always helpful as usual.

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