April 25, 2024

6 Ways To Create Flagship Content At Your Blog

This post is especially for you if you aren’t using your blog as a tool to create stand-out, valuable content that gets you noticed, builds positive word of mouth, grows your audience, and builds your list.

If you want to know how you can make your blog a vital resource that people actually want to read and feel compelled to subscribe to, be sure to read this post.

Today I want to give you six specific ways to create Flagship content, and how creating flagship content can attract more attention to your blog.

Let’s get started…

Q: What will distinguish your blog from the others? A: Flagship content

What Is Flagship Content?

Flagship content is any form of content created on your blog that has the potential to do some very important things. These important things include:

  • Bring new readers and new links incoming to your blog (which is a good thing for Search Engine Optimization).
  • Again — more readers. Flagship content MUST be evergreen so that over time you can continually refer to it even if it’s in the deep archives of your blog.
  • Eventually it can bring traffic from search engines (this is IF you do proper keyword research, and your Flagship content is really that good).
  • You can create a special section or category at your blog so that your Flagship content can easily be accessed and your value clearly demonstrated. Sometimes it can be labeled Start Here to ensure that your readers are consuming your best stuff from the time they land on your blog.

This is important to mention again, but Flagship content is NOT dependent on time. This means in twelve months, your Flagship content is still be relevant.

The result of all of the above is you will be providing your best value on the topic in your niche. This creates authority.

Authority creates exposure. Exposure will create more traffic. More people will visit your blog to read your Flagship content, and if you have an offer that is congruent with your Flagship content, it’s likely your list will grow and grow and grow.

If you don’t understand the importance of creating Flagship content at your blog be sure to ask your question in the comments area of this post. (I suggest this be the first content you create at your blog).

How Do You Create Flagship Content?

There isn’t just one way for creating Flagship content. But there are certain characteristics and types you can work on right away. This will help you even if you’re NOT intending to create Flagship content.

Here are the typical Flagship content types that you can post to your blog:

“How-To” Blog Post

Think about your industry and write an article that teaches how to do something. Be certain to only write how-to articles on topics you genuinely understand how to do and have experience with.


  • How to market a network marketing business on a budget of $125 a month.
  • How to choose an appropriate midwife for the birth of your child.
  • How to publish a book without going through the mainstream publishers.
  • How to prepare traditional American holiday dishes.

It should be obvious which how to topics will be popular and relevant to your audience. Make it a point to create your how to posts in story form.

Definition Blog Post

Does your industry have key concepts which might seem like a foreign language to those who are new to your industry? If so, then a definition post is perfect.

If there is a concept that’s complicated, produce a definition post that defines the concept, clearly explaining what it means and how it can be implemented along with a glossary of key terms.

What may seem simple and obvious to you usually isn’t to the newbies. So define things in simple terms and create a resource.

I mentioned a glossary of key terms. If there are a handful of key concepts in your industry, list the key terms, and the concepts that go with them. Then provide a one-paragraph definition for each. Doing so makes a great reference post, and will often be referred to by others.

Theory or Argument Blog Post

Isn’t this what Ann Sieg did with The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing?

The important thing here is to present some unique thought. Give your opinion on a major issue in your industry that you suspect your readers will take an interest in.

Don’t rehash what others have already said, or if you do, really make an effort to put your own spin on things, or speak of your unique experience and/or tie it all into your own story.

It’s important to say these once again … make sure your theory or argument is independent of time.

Make an effort with this post to spark a conversation, maybe even a little controversy.

Free Report, Whitepaper, E-Course, Boot Camp

Okay, so this one is probably the most important.  AND…  it’s not something I recommend you publicly post on your blog.

Yet, you need to know about this aspect of Flagship content. If you don’t, all of your Flagship content creation will be in vain.

Here’s why:

You’re going to use the Free Report, Whitepaper, E-Course, or Boot Camp for list building. This is key. You must build your list. Leverage your Flagship content to do that. Make this aspect of your Flagship content a focus. Try to give away your best stuff in exchange for a name and email.

Consider how you will present this Free Report, Whitepaper, E-Course, or Boot Camp

You have a few options:

  • Create a PDF which your readers can download.
  • Type the content into several blog posts and interlink them together. If you’re using WordPress for your blogging platform, I know that you can make it so the posts are private, and only those with a direct link can find it on your blog.
  • If you can’t decide what the best method for your free resource could be, my suggestion is to offer it in as many modalities as possible. These include PDFs, video, audio, written form on your blog, physical mail pamphlet.

Can you think of more other multi-media?

The important thing with this content is to create a complete all-in-one solution to a common problem.

List Article Blog Content

This is by far one of the most popular Flagship content types.

You’ve seen these at other blogs – everywhere.

The usual titles are “Top 7 Ways To…” or something like “10 Tips To Improve…”

These will always work well and here’s why –

  1. Lists are easily digested. Especially those who skim and scan, and most web readers are skimmers and scanners.
  2. Articles that are between 300-700 word range with clear bullet-point lists and a compelling headline are good traffic pullers.
  3. Lists provide actionable lessons and people love to share lists with other people. Also list blog posts are often linked to by others.
  4. Be wary of doing lists of topics well covered by other people or on really simple concepts. As usual, the more “you” included through stories and a unique style, the more attractive your list blog content will be.

Technical Blueprint Blog Content

A technical blueprint is focused on the technical aspects of a problem. It might involve the use of graphs, spreadsheets, images and/or video to demonstrate how to do something.

Key thing to remember here is that it’s step-by-step and visually enhanced to communicate exactly how to complete a task.

You can apply the principle to almost any industry that has common tasks which may be complex to understand.

Final Thoughts About Creating Flagship Content for Your Blog

That covers some of the most basic and powerful types of Flagship blog content for you to apply to your blog. If you write an article each week using one of the concepts above, you will have a solid foundation for a successful blog.

All you will need to add to the mix is effective marketing which is another topic altogether. Just remember you must have content if you’re going to market in the first place.

Last thing that is important to remember, which I’ve already stressed a few times throughout this post … be sure your Flagship content is timeless, original to you, solves a problem solving and is applicable to your audience.

Just the act of doing this alone will set you apart. Do it well and you will have created a valuable blog that grows your audience and grows your list.

If This Was Helpful to You, Here’s What To Do Next…

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About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Nice job of creating “flagship” content on the topic of “flagship” content!
    Also, very effective use of sub-headers that invite continued readership!

  2. Thank you Michael. That’s exactly what I was aiming for. We’re looking to grow this blog BIG, so keep an eye out for more and more content. It’s coming and it’s time. Say… want to connect. We could use some of YOUR content? I was on your list. I know your value. Let’s talk if you’re open to it. You have my number friend. Thanks for stopping in.


  3. Eric,
    This is good.

    I don’t lean towards any one or the other type of flagship content.
    I enjoy creating them all.
    I probably least enjoy creating the controversial type, but I agree
    that this kind definitely generates a lot of virility, which turns into traffic.

    I am going through the hard copy of “Content Rules” right now.
    I am really enjoying it. It is a great book on “content”.

    Great Post Eric,
    Keep them coming,


    • Hi Martin,
      I’ve seen “Content Rules” on the bookshelf at B&N and have followed the authors from a distance. If it’s something you recommend then I should pick up a copy. That’s what we do -all day long- is create content.

      Have I heard of Simon Sinek? I have DEFINITELY heard of Simon Sinek – been following him for quite awhile now, and just ordered his book called “Start with Why.”

      I want anyone reading this comment to watch this video that you mentioned – http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action.html

      Absolutely the best video I’ve ever seen! Great message and true true. Also might want to read Ann’s latest post here http://www.therenegadeblog.com/your-why

      Another thing is that we’ll have Simon Sinek as our Leaders’ Circle guest for the month of June (I think it’s June).

      Thanks Martin

  4. Hi Eric,
    Fantastic ways to create blog content. I think some of us tend to hit and miss with these but if we follow what you outlined I can see where the “buzz” at our blogs will skyrocket!

    thanks for taking the time to list these for us!

    Joe Young

    • Hi Joe,
      I think it’s all about consistency. If you can churn out 2 posts a week (and they don’t all have to fall under the Flagship category) I see that people get results with their blog.

  5. This is a very informative blog thanks. As an article writer who is always looking for ways to promote my own business, you have given me some serious food for though, thank you. :-)

  6. This is great.
    I think I might create a new page on my site that simply lists all the article I’ve written under certain criteria, such as “How To’s”.
    Thank you.

  7. Under the heading of “Leaky Row Boat Content” I might suggest-
    –Why xyz inc is the most awesome mlm company on the planet. (yawn)
    –The only multi vitamin product that is bioavailable! (hahaha)
    A few such posts, well… fine if they are surrounded by flagships. If they are in the majority, don’t expect me to hang around. Or come back.

    • Hi Richard,

      Leaky Row Boat content – I like that.

      I agree with you that the flagship content should be the majority. Or else who is anyone fooling?!

      Thanks for stopping in. We’ll be sure to bring you back 😉

  8. Eric,
    Awesome post!
    Love the style that you clearly define each category, easy for us to follow.
    Personally I combine text and video in my blog post, so readers have some choice.
    There are times, I only used text, and my audience would ask me where is the video..:)
    Thank you for the Great content!


  9. Great article and great video.

    It has motivated me to write an article I have been procrasting on. I love the way you have broken down the types of flagship content – something I will keep in my file as a guideline for when I write.
    I’m going to raise my sail now :0)

  10. Eric,

    Great article! It could not have came at a better time. Back in June I attended The Leadership Event and suffered an illness on the very first day that not only kept me from that event, the Great Wealth Transfer Event, but also left me unable to write with my hand. It was devastating but actually minor compared to the illness that led me to working online. I let it control my thoughts and emotions, leaving all of the things that I had been working so hard on at a dead standstill.

    I don’t know why it has had such a major emotional effect on me but it is now more important than ever for me to move forward. Instead at the end of each passing day I am saying…WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? And today I got this email and thoughts began to come sprouting out about my next blog post containing flagship content! I really felt compelled to let you know just how much this post has helped me Eric. So it is time for me to get back to mind mapping ideas for flagship content.

    Thank You So Much!


    • Hi Sherry,

      I am glad it helped. Talk about synchronicity!

      One suggestion – it’s this idea I call relaxed intensity without emotional attachment.

      The idea is as follows (as I say it to myself):

      When I talk of intensity I’m talking about having a passion for something.
      Intensity and passion are the same. When I combine that passion
      with a willingness to give
      then I can harness the power to create success
      -for others
      -for myself.

      When I can detach from the outcome
      then I am free to create without worry or fear
      allowing me the freedom to move along the continuum of success
      with joy and ease
      at a pace that is perfect for me.


      It’s like an affirmation. If I’m ever saying things to myself like “What is my problem?!” I read it and internalize it.

      Love your meaningful and transparent comments at this blog Sherry. Believe it or not, I’ve thought of you a few times (especially while at GWTC).

      Best to you,


      P.S. Once you feel comfortable doing so, send us your flagship content link — both here and at Ann’s page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/annsiegpage

  11. Nancy & Shawn Power says:

    Hey Eric,

    Great advice… we took lots of notes and plan to implement all these tips into our Blog.


    Nancy & Shawn

  12. Great content, man! I’m just starting out online and with my blog. I really got alot of valuable information from this post. Thanks so much!

  13. Well done here Eric. I just finished Ty Tribbles MLM blog secrets course and so this is timely for me to have reinforcement of ideas and some new ones. I like how you spaced your article out. And I like your call to action of posting on facebook. I will do that. And I think Ann Sieg is a marvelous teacher. You’ve chosen a great business partner.

    Be well & have fun. Joanie McMahon


    • Thank you Joanie. So glad this post compliments what you’ve learned with MLM Blog Secrets. Also appreciate you sharing this on Facebook. Working with Ann and Team is a great experience. We’re having a great time and have many more posts like this to share. Come back often.

  14. i like sharing on about this blog.

  15. Nice work, Eric. Very useful tips for those beginning to blog for the first time. I like what you said about rehashing what’s already out there… Nobody is going to like it if you don’t at least put your own unique spin on it. I also think videos are huge. Thanks for the value. I subscribed. – Alex

  16. Eric, first of all let me thank you for a superb article. Like Joanie McMahon, I’m just finishing Ty Tribble’s MLM Secrets and am so impressed with his training materials that I can hardly wait to dive into his MLM Blog Code to further my education.

    Your outstanding information on “Flagship Content” closely parallel that of Ty Tribble with additional helpful points. I too am a student of Ann Sieg’s and foster an immense admiration for her and look forward to following her… and you… into the future.

    I’m not new to network marketing but I am new to blogging and all the intricacies of using blogs, articles etc. to generate a large volume of followers. I believe I have information that will be helpful to others which I’m anxious to share. I feel extremely fortunate to have”found” Ann, you, Ty and Mike Dillard… which all began with my clicking on Ann’s “The 7 Greatest Lies of Network Marketing” which immediately captured my attention while on Dale Horton’s facebook page. (And which is not on my Blog post)

    After decades of attempting to do it the “traditional” way… which I now find out from Ann… is the wrong way, I see a much brighter future in network marketing. I’m so relieved to know that I’m affiliated with professionals that are eager to share their knowledge in order to help others achieve success.

    Thanks again Eric and I agree with Joanie… you’ve chosen a great business partner.

    • Great comment Steve. And thank you. My biggest piece of advice (free and worth every penny 😉 is to find a pace that allows you to be relaxed AND intense without a huge emotional attachment to the outcome. This industry, as you well know, is all about sticking around, finding out what works and what doesn’t and above all else, changing and adapting to the times. Ann likes to call that “adaptive leadership,” which she is a great example. Good times! Cheers.

  17. Thank you Eric. I hasten to call everyone’s attention to a typo in my remarks above. In those comments, I was referring to Ann’s banner, “The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing” which I had found on Dale Horton’s page. I followed it with this comment: “(And which is not on my Blog post)”… that comment in parenthesis is erroneous and should have read… “And which is NOW on my Blog post”. So if that comment didn’t make sens to anyone… and it didn’t to me… you now have the correct version. Thanks again Eric, for all you do. Steve

  18. Thanks for this Eric. I shared in on my facebook fan page. Great tips. blessings, amy

  19. Margo Mustert says:

    Very very usefull! Thank you!


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