April 21, 2024

Should You Promote Your Network Marketing Business On Facebook?

Or your new product, training course, or service. . .

Is it bad etiquette?

The answer is Yes. And No.


Promote your network marketing business on your Facebook (page and/or profile), but only after you’ve established relationships. It’s better to have engaged with your friends and/or fans before doing so.

Also, try to stick with a ratio of about 10:1. 10 non-network marketing business related posts for every one that is.

There’s nothing to “like” about blatantly posting your biz opp links to your wall (and certainly not on other peoples’ wall).

Here’s a question to ask yourself if you’re debating whether to post something about your network marketing business…

  • Have your friends and/or fans commented on your posts in the past?

  • Have they clicked the LIKE button under previous updates?

  • Are they responsive when you ask questions about this or that?
    If the answer is a strong Yes to these questions, it’s okay to introduce your friends and/or fans to what you have to offer.

    If not, focus on engagement — first. And don’t make these Facebook mistakes.

    This builds up trust. You always want trust before you “post your pitch.”

    No (Avoid Doing This!)

    Avoid posting so much “stuff” about your network marketing business, whether it’s a pitch or not, that that’s all you become known for.

    This is a sure-fire way to lose all differentiation.

    You essentially commoditize yourself. I have seen wonderful people andĀ competent marketers make this mistake (although, for some it’s a strategic move and not at all a mistake).

    At least I judge it to be a mistake when you become “hidden” from one’s Facebook feed because that’s all they know they’ll see from you.

    Not only that, but you risk putting all your eggs into one basket, and this has proven time and again not to be a good strategy in the network marketing industry. No matter how great and successful you think you’re company is at this moment in time.

    Use The Facebook Friends List Feature

    Facebook has a list feature, and with the recent changes, it’s only gotten better and more advanced.

    This only applies to your profile, not a Facebook business page. You can use the list feature to segment your friends. Create lists for your friends and family.

    Here’s a pic of my Facebook friends list:

    With this feature, you can determine who you want to see your Facebook updates. It’s your responsibility to determine what groups see what messages.

    Keep it targeted.

    Should You Promote Your Network Marketing BusinessĀ On Facebook?

    Final answer: Yes, but be thoughtful and strategic.

    Ensure that you’ve created engagement, built relationships, received LIKES first.

    Keep it in moderation. A ratio (if you really need to count) is 10:1.

    It’s easy to get over-excited and over do it, but remember that building any network marketing business is a marathon, not a sprint. Be a strategic marketer that builds a business not just a downline.
    If you’re looking for a tutorial that explains how to segment your Facebook friends to monetize and prospect using your Facebook profile, we’ve created this just for you — How to Segment and Monetize Your Facebook Friends Lists

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    About Eric Walker

    Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


    1. Eric,

      You nailed it with your list categories…. umm… “Douches” included too.

      I don’t have a negative peeps list but there is something to be said for that.

      CHECK: “Into the hopper you go!”

      That said. I’m big on redemption. I have people who post on my FB wall who used to say really unkind things about me. But, return insult for insult? Ain’t happening. I find that when I hold my hand they come back. Just happened this evening, in fact.

      Rock on Eric! Thanks for the insight!


      • Ann,

        I didn’t really want to display the “douches” friend list, and actually, it was a Facebook App. I didn’t ever create that. The Facebook app created a friends list called “douches” based upon some weird algorithm that I couldn’t repeat. So after this list was created, I was struck by it’s accuracy and kept it. About 25 people in that list. Go figure.

    2. Nice article, that what I mostly do :)

    3. Great advice Eric. I’m pretty new to the whole Facebook thing and have been struggling with how to balance my personal and professional persona. Thanks for the tips.


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