August 13, 2020

Interview With Marsha Godwin – Certified DMC Trainer Spotlight

Marsha Godine and Ann Sieg at the first Renegade Action Workshop event

Please check out a super meaty interview I had with one of the founding members of the Daily Marketing Coach and who is a Daily Marketing Coach certified trainer.

Marsha helped create the foundation of what would become a very thorough comprehensive training, coaching and mentoring platform that teaches people how to market their business online.

Marsha understood the importance of having been invited personally by me to be part of a very special project I was creating. We’ve since gone on to help thousands of entrepreneurs market their products and services online.

Listen to my interview with Marsha Godwin

3 Ways To Get The Most Of Your MLM Coaching

Ann Sieg

I’ve coached hundreds upon hundreds. I’ve seen the best and worst use of coaching. I’ve had the best coaches. Here’s how to get the most out of your coaching experience.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #12)


“Commit yourself to quality.”

Do you push out substandard work – when it’s not important to you?

Or do always * without exception * have superior quality be your personal hallmark? 

To me, the excellence of your workmanship is a reflection of your personal brand whether in the market place or in your general life.  

Watch my video and let me know what you think of this suggestion for success.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #11)


Hubby and I had a different perspective on this suggestion for success.  It surprised me a bit.  I’m hard core in one direction that is not a part of his nature.  This brought this particular success suggestion seriously into question. I even used a high school physics lesson to help explain my position.  Listen to my video and weigh in on it for me.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #10)


“Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.”

Sadly, overall I think this suggestion has taken a bit of a back seat at a cultural level.  I’ve found that the Internet has made it easier for people to sling barbs because they’re not right in front of that person.  It’s a growing problem amongst the youth as they suffer public humiliation via social media posts from their fellow classmates.  Without the basics of civility our societies suffer.  I believe the communities you associate with are integral to shaping out character attributes.  Choose whom you associate with carefully.

Watch my video to learn more and then post your comments below.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #9)


Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary.

Argh! Most people crash and burn on this – including myself. 

Honestly, I feel our culture has lost a lot of the mainstay virtues that made our country great.  As a result, we have to be all the more conscientious to resist the urges to overspend.  We have been habituated into some pretty negative money management practices.

Watch Ann Sieg’s Videos On YouTube

ann sieg youtube

The purpose of this short blog is to draw your attention to Ann Sieg’s videos on Youtube. In particular, Ann has compiled several “Playlists,” which a nifty little function of YouTube where you can make it easy for viewers to lean back and watch multiple videos with minimal effort. Playlists can increase watch-time. Right now, Ann is focused on a playlist called “21 Success Suggestions.” We also have playlists on The Renegade Network Marketer, her attraction marketing “primer” book, as well as Frequently Asked Questions and Should Ask Questions about our Daily Marketing Coach program. See more about what Ann Sieg is doing with her YouTube channel.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #7)


“Have a grateful heart.”

I think most of us would agree that a grateful heart is a tremendous suggestion for success. Yet it seems gratefulness as a character attribute has taken a back seat at a cultural level.

What’s going on? Why have we lost an attribute that is integral to successful communities of people?

Today I’m addressing this. Dive into today’s video where I focus on “have a grateful heart.” I’ll share my perspective and then if you could kindly provide yours in the comments section it would be greatly appreciated.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #6)


“Be generous.”

This begs the question, “What is generosity and more so what are the different ways to express generosity?”

Listen to my video to hear my perspective on Suggestion #6. Then go ahead and comment on your thoughts on Suggestion #6. I believe this series of exercises helps us gain better clarity on what success is. This helps us be more grounded in our values and future direction.

For Leaders & Trainers – How To Tap The Learning Process For Maximum Results


If you are a trainer or team leader this video blog will help you train and equip your team, and achieve better results.

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