June 14, 2021

3 Ways To Get The Most Of Your MLM Coaching

Here's Coach Curt, our Director of Coaching at Daily Marketing Coach

Here’s Coach Curt, our Director of Coaching here at Daily Marketing Coach

First off, I need to explain the value of coaching and what it has meant to my business career.

Eight years ago in my desire to save my fledgling network marketing business I joined a training membership.

The focus of it was primarily learning how to work business opportunity leads and prospect them into my business. The training was very solid.

I plopped down my $200 and signed up for coaching.

It was a focus on consultative selling. Something that made a lot of sense to me and a method I was comfortable with.  There was even an advanced certification program to go through. So being the all-out kind of person I am I signed up for that in short order.

Long story short, in many of the training audios they would end by stating, “If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for then you might want to consider coaching.”

Two months into the program I was not happy with my results. I plopped down my $200 and signed up for coaching.

My coach was able to see very quickly where I had gaps in my application. I made the changes. Bamo! I signed up six people in the next two weeks. I was sold on the value of coaching.

You need to know I was already pre-sold on the value of coaching because I had been a sports coach for 15 years.

3 Ways To Get The Most Of Your MLM Coaching

If you’re considering coaching let’s cover three ways to get the most bang for your buck.
1) Communicate clearly. 
Let your coach know exactly where you’re at, and where you want to go, and where you think your gaps are.  If you can put it into a nice short summary. Send it to your coach in advance of your session. As a coach, I really appreciate this because context is everything. To give sound advice, I need to have an understanding of where the client is coming from.

Re-establish the goals and expectations when you come into your coaching session.

At the end of your session, recap what has been covered and what are the actions steps prior to the next session. This ropes in accountability.

* Note: I said for your next session. I personally don’t have a lot of confidence in one-off coaching sessions. A minimum of one session is usually needed to get the initial rapport going in addition to establishing context.
2) Stay on task.
Stick to the topic at hand. If there are secondary issues affecting your performance, by all means, bring those up, but don’t go into wasteful chatter. Be goal and action oriented.
3) Remember this post is about MLM coaching.
So this last recommendation has to do with leverage. This is actually the primary purpose of this post and what has motivated me to write it.

I have a coaching client who is making brilliant use of the coaching sessions he has with me. He has natural leadership qualities and what I’ve seen is quite impressive.

How To Leverage Your Coaching To Be A Better Team Leader


  • Record your calls with the permission of your coach.

  • Then share with your team. Provide your own synopsis of the coaching session and pass that along to your team.

  • Provide specific assignments to your team and then pull together a group coaching call to re-emphasize and teach the points covered in the coaching call.

  • You could go a step further and ask of your members/downline write up their own thoughts about the training. Everything should point to action. Have them detail out what action steps they will be taking.

  • Ask your members to create a piece of content from what they learned. It could be a YouTube video, a blog post, a Facebook status update if appropriate.

Can you see the beauty of this?

This particular coaching client is demonstrating the greatest leadership of all. He’s learning and soaking up everything he can right along side his own downline.  Plus, he’s getting maximum leverage out of his coaching calls. He benefits. His entire team benefits, and everyone grows together.

What Next? (for you)

If you see yourself as this kind of leader and want to get the biggest bank for your coaching dollars email my Director of Coaching – curt@8020marketinginc.com.

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Think your a great speaker and a great leader.

  2. Lori Ranney says:

    No team, no website, just me. Have read Renegade Mkt.er…. Liked it, made sense. When I get to the computer part, it feels like trying to join a merry-go-round in full tilt!! Coaching …..where?, whom?

    Thank you for some basic pointers.

    Lori Ranney

  3. hi, may i know that is can i use the system to target the chinese population? thanks

  4. This is definitely something worth looking into!

  5. Laura Tomaszewski says:

    Don’t have a website yet. Have a few concerns. I went through a program and felt like I wasted a HUGE amount of money and time. Lots of pressure to start things that seemed not what I personally was ready for. And still paying off that debt. I am currently involved in YL and love the product and am ready to take the next step in generating a business that I believe in and feel good about. How does a client of your program get matched up with a coach? Thank you for your advice.

    • Hi Laura, Sorry to hear of your past experience. I’ve got a few big Young Living builders here inside my Daily Marketing Coach community. They are doing extremely well. I feel like I am the marketing trainer for Young Living. I’d love to train at their next event. :)

      That said, the best way to get moving forward with us is to join the Daily Marketing Coach. Here’s the link.

      If you want to learn more go here.

      From there you can set up an appointment with our Head Coach Curt Johnson. If you have any questions feel free to send them to curt@8020marketinginc.com

      We’d love to coach you to success in your Young Living business.

      One last thing. Here’s a blog post of one of our Young Living members we’ve coached to success.
      I think you’ll be very impressed.

  6. Liliana Matei says:

    Hi Ann, I bought the 7 biggest lies in network marketing and now am interested in buying the Renegade system care, if there version translated into Romanian? I know there are many people who would need. Can you help?

    • Hi Liliana, no, we don’t have a Romanian version of The Renegade Network Marketer. The challenge is The Renegade System comes complimentary training platform that people receive as one of their bonuses. We would have to translate that as well into Romanian along with a support desk that provides Romanian answers to emails. We don’t have the resources to do this for multiple languages.

      Thanks for asking!

  7. hmm! i never thought i will be this free, why am i saying this well this is because what ever ann wrote in her three mind blowing books is the FACT and nothing else! Now I feel am actually doing a home based business, i have created more friends than enemies within the last 2and half month, I no longer waist my money chasing down or harassing down prospect.to sum everything up I have not implemented even 2% of what i have length and am seeing result, i cant e margin what will happen to me after one year with this system. The entire industry will come and thank you one day

  8. Hi Ann, I really appreciate your program and the way its helping me. I was on a DMC Coaching call this morning 1/15/14 with Laura and Peggy. An outstandinbg experience. They helped me to see more clearly the oppoortunity for my business and what I might do to realize it. Thanks for putting this team and program together.

    Best Wishes, Always G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

    • Thanks for your comments, Garvin. Yes, Laura and Peggy are outstanding members of the Daily Marketing Coach community. Glad you were able to get help from these two leaders.

  9. I was searching about mlm coaching for some research work as I also run mlm coaching blog, and I landed on your blog. I must say the content is pretty rich written above. I have always loved reading your articles.

    BTW its always important to have an guide, a motivator, coach in mlm. Who can guide us to the success. The best thing here I like is people are always willing to help & share 100% knowledge, unlike other professions!

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