April 25, 2024

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #13)

This suggestion definitely led into a deep conversation between me and my husband. Hubby felt this was too much of a blanket statement. He felt happiness is built on possessions, power and prestige.

Could this be a male/female difference or is there more to this?

Watch my video and then weigh in on your view of this suggestion for success.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #9)


Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary.

Argh! Most people crash and burn on this – including myself. 

Honestly, I feel our culture has lost a lot of the mainstay virtues that made our country great.  As a result, we have to be all the more conscientious to resist the urges to overspend.  We have been habituated into some pretty negative money management practices.

Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #8)


“We are made to persist.  That’s how we find out who we are.” – Tobia Wolff

“Persistence, persistence, persistence.”

Often times, we don’t find the very best things in life until after unrelenting persistence.  This is when you find out what you’re fully made of rather than giving up at the half mile mark.

Watch my video about persistence and then comment below with your thoughts.

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