April 15, 2024

Here’s What To Write After You’ve Generated A New Email Subscriber


You’ve Just Generated An Email Lead, Now What?

Here’s A 13 Step Email Follow Up Formula That Will Convert More Sales …

(even if you have a tiny email list)

In essence, what I’m giving you here is an email follow up sequence that you can implement and begin using right away. But before you even begin to write your email auto-follow up sequence, you need to gather the following elements of marketing. If you do, it’ll make the work of email follow up creation all the easier.


Here are 7 elements that are essential for your conversions

  1. Have something to sell.
  2. Great headlines.
  3. Features and benefits that speak to the gut (emotional side).
  4. Frequently asked questions and should ask questions.
  5. Testimonials.
  6. Add-ons, bonuses and extra stuff you can pile on to your offer.
  7. Personal stories and remarkable communication.

First things first, deliver on what you promised. Your new lead just put in their email address expecting something. You’ll immediately gain trust if you actually deliver on that promise.

So we start with the obvious, deliver on your word.


Email follow-up 1

Thank them for requesting the information you offered, and give them the URL.


Email follow-up 2

Make them a promise. This promise should be what you know without a shadow of a doubt that your product can deliver on. Include 3 to 5 feature and benefit bullet points. Now juxtapose that promise with the problem most people have in fulfilling that promise. Let them know that you have the solution, and in tomorrow’s email you’ll send it to them.


Email follow-up 3

Choose the juiciest, and most emotional of the feature and benefit bullet points, and riff on it. At the conclusion of the piece, provide the solution. Then invite them to read more at your sales page.


Email follow-up 4

Send answers to three common questions people have about your product or service. Then, go ahead and remind your subscriber of the promise you made. Again, include at least 3 features and benefits, and provide a URL to your sales page.


Email follow-up 5

Send three testimonials.


Email follow-up 6

Send answers to three more frequently asked questions (or Should Ask questions) people have about your product. Again, restate your promise, and give the URL to your sales page.


Email follow-up 7

Create a “4 P’s” piece. The 4 “P’s” are Promise, Picture, Proof and Push.


Email follow-up 8

Give a success story of someone who used your product.


Email follow-up 9

Send three more customer testimonials.


Email follow-up 10

Offer a special bonus if your subscriber purchases your product/service in a set time (deadline).


Email follow-up 11

Remind your subscriber of the bonus and the promise of your product (including features and benefits). Basically, this is a re-send of email 10, but with any updates and “Hey just a courtesy reminder…” communication.


Email follow-up 12

Another success story, and reminder in P.S.


Email follow-up 13

Announce that the bonus offer is gone. Ask them what they want and request that they reply with their response.


Got questions?

Ask in the comments.


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About Eric Walker

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  1. i love to be update and at the same time i need your support 24/7

  2. Awesome blog post. This is email follow up gold.

    Thanks for sharing… Time to implement test and tweak!

  3. Great. Succinct. Powerful. Action-oriented. No fluff. Thanks, Eric. Your fan, Amy

  4. Any recommendations as to the best timing of these e-mails? It’s a fine line between them not forgetting about you and being annoying.

  5. Love this template – it has helped me increase my conversion rate enormously.

  6. Love how you always lay things out so plainly – no junk, just meat!

  7. Eric, thank you for this clear and concise layout…as usual!

    I have a question. Does this also relate to a service as well? As a love coach, would it make sense for me to start talking to them about coaching with me and how that will solve their problem, right in the 2nd and 3rd emails?



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