April 25, 2024

Do You Have These 8 Marketing Elements? If So, You’ll Make More Sales

8 Marketing ElementsMy goal for you with this blog is for you to identify each of the 8 marketing elements that MUST be in your marketing arsenal. You can put these marketing elements anywhere and everywhere. Such as blogs, emails, videos, etc. Also, little by little, you should begin to add-in all 8 marketing elements. This will make sales.

You don’t need to be a copywriter. You don’t need to be an expert, or a guru, or anything. Be yourself. Just realize that all good marketing includes these 8 elements. It requires very little finesse. Anyone can do it, and if you’re reading this blog you certainly can. Let’s get started.

Have Something To Sell

Believe it or not, people agonize over this step. You have to choose something to sell. Nothing will sell if you don’t have anything to sell. Right?! So…

Choose anything. That’s right – anything. The reason? You must get stared immediately. If you wait, you lose time. It can awhile to create these all important 8 marketing elements. Don’t wait.

Here are a few caveats to consider when deciding on what to sell:

You must believe in it and/or like it. It must align with your values. Don’t make choices based on need for money. Desire for money, alone, is NOT enough for most people.

You will likely change what you sell over time. I’ve seen many successful business people – from entrepreneurs to network marketers to writers to brick and mortar business owners – change the course they are on and sell different things. Count on change. All the more reason to pick something fast and go hard.

Write High Impact Headlines With This Formula

Use the 4 “U’s” headline formula

1. Be USEFUL to the reader,

2. Provide him with a sense of URGENCY,

3. Convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow UNIQUE; and

4. Do all of the above in an ULTRA-SPECIFIC way.
Test these sample headlines with the 4 “U’s” above:

  • “14 Mistakes That Even Seasoned Property Investors Make”
  • “5 Alternatives To Consider Before You Get This Season’s Flu-Shot”
  • “Write Compelling Copy With These 8 Marketing Elements Or Sales Fall Flat”
  • “Health Insurance Laws Change on Jan. 31–Are You Ready?”

If you’re not spending MOST of your time tweaking and perfecting your headline, then you should. Most people click and don’t read. If you have a lousy headline, you won’t get the click. It’s THAT important.

Use Emotional Benefits & Follow Up With Logic

Speak to the gut before you get anywhere near the brain. The part that decides “I’ll have that” is emotional.

The rational brain usually has to follow along afterwards and “okay” the decision, but if it doesn’t work emotionally, logic will never get a chance to weigh in.

Here’s the take away… be sure you’re leading with emotional benefits rather than logical ones.

Here are some common “emotional” areas to speak to:


Freedom from fear is one of the most powerful benefits you can offer. And the most powerful fear is the fear of losing what you already have.


  • social isolation
  • embarrassment
  • worry and concern

Connection & Belonging:

Our impulse to connect and belong is just as strong as “fight or flight.” We are hard-wired for social connection, and our socially fragmented world feeds this hunger.

List Features And Benefits

You know what you should be doing but you haven’t yet?

You should be listing out an exhaustive list of features and benefits about what you sell. You should but you haven’t or you don’t. This is the work of a kitchen table marketer, folks. Sit down and do it. Once you do, tease out the juiciest ones and create marketing pieces around them.

The Difference Between Features And Benefits:

Let’s say you’re selling an MP3 Player.

Here’s a feature – It has 32 GB of storage.

Here’s a benefit – You could play 4 days of music without ever running into the same song twice.

Which one would you tout to your audience to make the sale? If I’m your target audience, then I’m all about the 4 days without ever running into the same song twice.

Make meaning with “which means…” statements:

The wiz-bang MP3 has 32 GB of storage, WHICH MEANS you could play 4 days of music without ever running into the same song twice.

Use Frequently Asked Questions And Should Ask Questions To Be Useful & Authoritative

Frequently asked questions are obvious. List them out and answer them. This makes you useful. Useful is good. People will come back over and over if they can trust you’ll always be useful.

Here’s an example of a FAQ we did for Daily Marketing Coach,

“Do Your Members Only Make Money Promoting Your Program, Or With Their Business?”

As it relates to should ask questions, answer the following,

  • What ISN’T your audience asking?
  • What AREN’T they looking for?
  • Juxtapose the above questions between you and your next best competition.


Gather These 4 Types Of Testimonials

Success Stories:

This could be anything from a short quote from a satisfied customer to an anecdote written by a customer describing how your product or service has helped them. Do you know a customer who has used one of your products in an interesting way? Ask them if they would mind contributing a testimonial. It doesn’t always have to be personal.

An example might include featuring a success story at your blog.

Video Testimonials:

Thirty seconds to two minutes long, that features a satisfied customer singing the praises of your business. Create a testimonial page and/or put these videos on your side bar


Third party sites i.e. Ask for a written review to be posted on Google Plus, or Facebook, or Yelp, etc.

Social Networks:

Unsolicited user generated content. i.e. Facebook post. Mine communities (especially your own group page) and capture screenshots.

Add-On Value and/or Bonus(es) To What You Sell

As it relates to what you’re selling, ask yourself these two questions and get clear on the answer soon after you decide on what you’re selling:

  • What unique value can you toss on the thing you already sell?
  • What bonus can you offer to incentivize a purchase decision?

For example, let’s say I’m selling Daily Marketing Coach as an affiliate.

My unique value is writing, content creation, copywriting and marketing funnel design. So I could add-on a Facebook group of community members dedicated improving content and copywriting. As a bonus, I could offer “writing critiques.”

Include Personal Stories & Remarkable Communication

Your personal stories can include any play on the following (and more):

  • self empowerment
  • rags to riches
  • overcoming the odds (…if I can do it so can you)

Your remarkable communication can include:

  • what to expect now that they’re on your email list
  • how often they’ll get emails
  • if you will sell them anything
  • how you will help them
  • what’s working for you


Here’s What To Do Now

Little by little, begin to include these 8 elements into your content marketing plan. One a week?

Want more detailed instruction on these 8 elements? Consider Daily Marketing Coach. This is the thing we specialize in. Right now, go ahead and visit the Daily Marketing Coach page for more information.

Learn More About Daily Marketing Coach

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email Eric@8020MarketingInc.com


  1. Love your training Eric! Most of the elements are included on my site but I still have to ad the FAQ. :-)

  2. It’s simple, detailed steps like this that I value most in Daily Marketing Coach, Eric. Thank you for this easy to understand training.

  3. Tchidi Tchorly says:

    I must admit, I am new to all this, but I can appreciate how immensely beneficial mastering this could be for me and many others in the MLM business in my country. Can I be your trainee?

    • renegadeblogadmin says:

      Tchidi, of course you can. Check out the link above that says “Learn More About Daily Marketing Coach”

  4. Still brilliant after all these years! Thanks for the thorough summary, Eric. You nailed it.

  5. Thanks Eric

    Another Great Post !
    It helps to have one ended guide lines

    Mikee Likes IT!

  6. I’m am into the business of distributing coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and supplement, and I know that or healthy and I also know 255 million people consumes coffee. but do they drink healthy coffee …. so can somebody please. show me the way? so I give you the website again. http://www.supremetaste.organogold.com

    • Thomas, you have to create your own brand NOT tie yourself to your Organo Gold company. Put that on the back end. Put you on the front end. Get clear on the value you offer. More on this in a next post.

  7. Thank You Eric – I Love this outline! It’s a simple to follow, step by step approach! When you answer these questions, you have the information you need to convey. I’ve gone ahead and reworked my sales letter and am looking forward to driving traffic to it to see how it converts. Thanks for giving it to us RAW Eric – it’s so impactful!

    To your best health,

  8. Wow..no fluff here. Just precise – here’s how you do it! Great value Eric!


  1. […] My goal for you with this blog is for you to identify each of the 8 marketing elements that MUST be in your marketing arsenal. You can put these marketing elements anywhere and everywhere. Such as blogs, emails, videos, etc. Also, little by little, you should begin to add-in all 8 marketing elements. This will make sales. […]

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