May 25, 2024

How To Speak To The People You Really Want To Reach

Here is a common yet effective method for speaking to the people you really want to reach

Here is a common yet effective method for speaking to the people you really want to reach

Are you communicating clearly to a specific audience?

If you’re going to communicate clearly with the audience for whatever it is you offer, you’ll need to understand the difference between features and benefits. Then you’ll need to be able to make your product mean something for your audience. Once you understand these concepts, you’ll be able to really speak to the people you want to reach.

I’m going to use our Daily Marketing Coach program as an example for this post. We have affiliates that will benefit from this information. But what I’m about to show you as it applies to your own make money interests as that relates to marketing, it’s universal. Not only that, but I think this is as good a place to start being effective with your marketing as any.

Unless you want the (not so common) common sense short cut here.


When Selling (anything) This Is A Great Place To Start

When “selling” DMC to your list of contacts, colleagues, prospects and leads… It doesn’t matter if you’re writing blogs, emails, status updates, videos or landing pages, start by listing out ALL of the feature and benefit combination you can use. When selling anything, this is a great place to start being effective with your copy. The main reason is because there are so many uses for what comes of this exercise.


How To Write A Feature And Benefit For Your Marketing

Here’s just one Feature/Benefit combo that serves as an example of the kind of work you will do at your kitchen table perhaps actual pen and paper. In fact, I recommend getting off the computer for this. Get sloppy.



Private DMC FB Page. Or you could say “the people.” Or you could say “the community.” But since being specific is better, you could say, “You Will Have Access To The Private Daily Marketing Coach Facebook Group Page As Part Of Your Membership.”



(…which means) you will interact with your colleagues, leaders & trainers about marketing topics… (which means) you can bounce ideas off a group of very knowledgeable people who have been marketing on the web longer than you have… (which means) you will receive not just timely, but critical feedback on your marketing and business building process… (which means) you will make connections and collaborations in the areas where you may normally stumble… (which means) you will accelerate the period of time you go from “no clue and no chance” to profitable cash flow mode.


See What I Did There (above)?

I listed a feature, and I gave meaning for the intended target audience. That’s all marketing is, and it’s a great place to start.


Then Show Proof! Back up what you’ve said in your features and benefits statements.

Here are four types of proof elements:


1. Success Stories

This could be anything from a short quote from a satisfied customer to an anecdote written by a customer describing how your product or service has helped them. Do you know a customer who has used one of your products in an interesting way? Ask them if they would mind contributing a testimonial. It doesn’t always have to be personal. Feature a success story at your blog.


2. Video Testimonials

Thirty seconds to two minutes long, that features a satisfied customer singing the praises of your business. Create a testimonial page and/or put these videos on your side bar.


3. Reviews

Third party sites i.e. Ask for a written review to be posted on Google Plus, or Facebook, or Yelp, etc.


4. Social Networks

Unsolicited user generated content. i.e. Facebook post. Mine communities (especially your own group page) and capture screenshots.


Here’s an example with our private Daily Marketing Coach Group Page

I'm using example #4 proof element type

I’m using example #4 proof element type

You Do It Now

List the features of the thing that you are selling, then simply follow your thoughts after it with what that feature means – and what’s in it – for your intended audience. This is a great place to start being effective at making meaning with your marketing.


The Daily Marketing Coach is an exclusive training, coaching and mentorship platform that helps people better marketing their businesses online. We teach all this stuff and a whole lot more. Take a moment to watch this video to learn more about Daily Marketing Coach.

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About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email


  1. Love the step by step way you teach through writing Eric. Thanks for setting the example for all of us to follow and share.

  2. Eric makes copywriting much easier! One other feature I love about DMC is all the blog post ideas Eric provides, which means we all have plenty of ideas for what to write about on our blogs, which means members will always have content for their blogs, which means they’ll get more sales because they’ll be solving more problems for their target market.

  3. It really helps me work through a process and form great habits when I can follow a nice clean outline of a concept. Writing and speaking to an audience is no exception. Thanks for the great outline and easy to follow advice!

  4. I am currently creating the sales powerpoint for a product I created. Eric and the training I receive from Daily Marketing Coach and it’s trainers are invaluable to me in putting into practice the principles taught.

    Once again, this review of the elements of a converting sales piece is timely.

    I encourage anyone looking for effective marketing strategies and importantly, support on the journey, to check out Daily Marketing Coach.

  5. Prefect timing Eric! And so well said..clear and to the point with examples to back it up. .Once again, thank you!

  6. Wow.. Eric.. you just shifted a few things in my marketing. I appreciate the step by step information. I literally have 2 pages of notes from this post. I’m excited to leave the computer and “get sloppy”. Thank you so much for sharing/ teaching.. keep smiling

  7. Hi Eric, “A master is always a master”.

    Only showing my gratitude. I have to say thanks once again for your marketing lessons and tips.

  8. Yep…in this day and age of the internet the proof thing is getting more important. Doing this gives your prospect that extra bit of belief that you’re the real deal. Thanks Eric!

  9. Simple and precise information. Great article…!

  10. Lloyd Miller says:

    I somehow got onto to your video “Special POffer” of “The Renegade System” for $1;00.

    When i clicked on the ‘buy’ button the whole page disappeared. I don’t know how to get back to that page or even to the page with the video.

    Can you help me get back there. { This is the third msg I’ve typed in an attempt to get back there to that screen. Please help if you can. I’d appreciate, of course, getting the system.

    { I am registered to be on tghe Webinar tonite {Thu., 9:00 p.m. EDT}

    Lloyd Miller

  11. Thanks for sharing this great article.


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