April 21, 2024

Meet Coach Curt Johnson, Director Of Coaching For Daily Marketing Coach

From left to right: Curt Johnson, Ann Sieg, Isaiah Sieg circa 2005

From left to right: Curt Johnson, Ann Sieg, Isaiah Sieg circa 2005


Who is Coach Curt Johnson and why should you care?

Long story short… I was struggling in a big way to find more qualified prospects into my business.

I did an online search online way back in May of 2004. That’s how I met Curt Johnson. When I searched, I found him.

I requested more information. He sent me a free training tape.

We had our initial consultation. From there I moved forward with him to join a training company that offered leads. More importantly, I saw joining as an opportunity to develop my consultative selling skill set. I wound up doing really well with that company hauling in 80% of the company’s sales volume.

Bottom Line:

I owe much of my success to Coach Curt Johnson because of the coaching, mentorship and leadership development he provided me. That was nearly a full decade ago.

Now Coach Curt is the head coach of the Daily Marketing Coach.

Coach Curt and I have worked together very closely over the last three years perfecting our sales funnel.

We’ve been able to get as high as a 50% conversion rate from a low ticket product to a $2K plus product.

More importantly is the small group and one-on-one coaching that Coach Curt has been able to provide for our Daily Marketing Coach members.

Here’s Coach Curt Johnson’s best attributes

Curt has a unique ability to find our member’s strengths, and help them come up with a marketing game plan that will play to those strengths.

He’s got a natural giftedness for drawing out the unique abilities and talents each member brings to the table to help them gain confidence in their business.

His support in my formative years was integral to helping me gain an international following.

And finally, here’s what I think matters most…

Coach Curt has built network marketing organizations into the thousands and has mentored other leaders into growing huge organizations.

Here’s what Coach Curt has for you


Here's Coach Curt at our most recent Renegade Action Workshop.

Here’s Coach Curt at our most recent Renegade Action Workshop.

Every week, Coach Curt will be posting here at The Renegade Blog on a regular basis. He’ll specifically be speaking to network marketers about working your business, leadership, team building, mindset and a heap of other stuff that will help you successfully build your business. Make this a part of your weekly regimen. This will help you greatly as it has helped me too.

Here’s what others say about Coach Curt

Regardless of the level you’re at with marketing, building a business or being involved with the Digital Space, Coach Curt brings years of expertise within this arena and is an excellent resource for brainstorming, getting perspective on viable options to take your business/marketing. He has really helped me look at the most viable ways to monetize my business approach, saving me a huge amount of time & lost energy & frustration.
– Penelope Cox
I am so glad I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Curt. He mentioned something in passing that is going to become my tag line. His insight and suggestions are priceless.
– Meli Horowitz
Curt was personable and very helpful. He listened carefully enough to understand what I was asking. His answers were insightful and tailored to my experience level – he told me what I needed to know. We covered a lot of ground in a quick twenty minutes.
– Dan Sorenson
I have had the good fortune to have several one on one coaching sessions with Coach Curt. It is just amazing how he with a few questions can grasp a situation and come up with some great ideas, just in line with what is going on in my mind any ways. But that is not only for me. I’ve heard him do it with others too, time and again. I’m convinced anyone with a business question will benefit from a “casual chat” with Curt Johnson!
– Stella Scott
I have now met with Coach Curt on two occasions. He is polite, punctual, and very knowledgeable. I am currently working on some advanced marketing strategies that he was able to tap right into and give crucial advice on how I could improve my marketing efforts. Coach Curt helped me simplify my marketing message to make it more responsive and bring in higher conversion ratings. I highly recommend him!
– Brendan Badouin
Having had a session with Coach Curt previously I was already familiar with how he can bring amazing clarity and a fresh perspective to seemingly complex marketing questions. However, he excelled himself the other day during a coaching call I had with him. It was hard to believe anyone could give so much value and offer so many precise, insightful suggestions in such a short time frame. I’ll definitely be calling on Curt again!
– Abigail O’Donovan
Coach Curt is an awesome listener. He listens to what I’m working on and gets down to discussing solutions and ideas. He gets right to the point, which means I always get maximum value out of my time with him. He steered me in a completely unexpected direction from something I said about my visitors. This has allowed me to tap into a huge segment of my traffic that I wasn’t reaching before and in turn build my list much more quickly. Each session gives me more clarity and direction.
– Stephanie Mitchell
I was a bit nervous at first but talking to Coach Curt is like talking to your uncle.Very caring, great listener and so many good ideas. I believe after I implement his ideas my blog will have more optins. And after I do this work he would like me to follow up with him. THAT IS SERVICE!! Thank You Coach Curt.
– Tiffany Davison
I have spoken with many people to help me build my online business but none have been so insightful and kind. Curt gave me ideas that I could implement immediately without talking over my head. If you need an expert that can meet you on your level, then Curt is the coach for you.
– Joyce Edwards
I couldn’t see the trees for the forest! I was so looking forward to my coaching session with Curt, but nothing could have prepared me for the concise, articulate focus he brought to the session. I have been struggling with the “me” I was going to present in my business model and he hit the nail on the head repeatedly as if he had known me for years. I am even more excited now about getting the knowledge I need to move forward and be successful with my business!! Thank you, Curt!
– Agnes Knowles
Awesome Coaching Experience with Curt Coach Curt helped me uncover a major blind spot in my marketing plan and helped me zero in on a major niche that I was overlooking. I came away with a clear idea of what I was going to do, what niche I would focus on and some action steps to get me moving in the right direction. I got more value from our hour together than the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on my own trying to figure this out myself. Thank you Coach Curt for being a miracle worker!
– Ruth N.

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  1. Excellent post on Coach Curt! He has been a really great contributor to my online success!

    ~ Marsha

  2. Looking forward to reading your posts Curt! The best things I’ve learned from Coach Curt, is how to speak with prospects on the phone – how to ask questions and make them feel comfortable talking to someone they don’t know very well.


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