November 30, 2023

Box In The Brain

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson

Coach Curt Johnson here…
Do you ever feel you are judged quickly and harshly when you try to bring up your business opportunity to someone? What gives? You just want to share something that will help them – right? You will discover in this 2 minute audio why it feels like you are starting a game with a huge handicap.

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About Curt Johnson

Curt is Renegade System Director of Coaching. He's helping people -every day- apply all the newest and fast changing internet tools to build their businesses.


  1. Sooooo, Coach Curt, what I hear you saying is….

    It’s better to give (first) than to receive!

    Pushing ourselves on somebody else, whether we be suitor, salesperson, political candidate, or evangelist, is never going to produce the results we seek. Many of us RUN when we feel we’re being pursued, especially when we feel we’re being pursued by somebody who is DESPERATE. Yikes.

    On the other hand, if somebody approaches us who is genuinely interested in our well-being — who is mannerly — who asks pertinent questions — THEN they have our (my) attention.

    Give first. Ask for business later.


  2. Awesome nugget of wisdom as always Curt! What’s in it for them…that should be any network marketers primary focus!

  3. Great listening skills are so important to a successful education/sales call. You are so right Curt. Ask a question and listening intently works so well towards building trust and eventually interest in what you have to offer.

  4. Curt Johnson says:

    Thanks Steve! Listening skills can be learned and developed.

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