July 17, 2024

More Traffic Isn’t Your Problem. This Is…

If you think getting more traffic is your problem, it’s probably not.

*NOT* having what my friend Mark talks about in this video is…

“I Just Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About This

There are two things I hear people say that about more than anything else. In this order…

#1. Learning how to lead with value, generate prospects online and attract people to you.

#2. Creating your own product.

Here’s a story I haven’t shared too many times about how I stumbled upon the secret of “getting paid to build a list” that illustrates why having your own product is one of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll ever have.

When I first got started on a little network called Adwords 6 years ago I was offering a free physical CD on my website that talked about the different components needed to be successful in network marketing.

People had to submit their full contact info and mailing address.

I paid for the shipping.

After they received the CD I followed up with them by phone and email and sponsored them into my opportunity.

It worked very well.

I was getting a 7.5% conversion rate and was generating about 10-20 leads a day.

From this I was sponsoring sometimes 20+ new people a month into my organization.

I Thought I Had Reached The Pot Of Gold
At The End Of
The Rainbow!

But I quickly realized there was more to it than that. The problem was the front end commissions were very low and I was relying almost completely on the residuals to cover my expenses (cost of CDs + shipping + advertising) and then take what was left and re-invest it.

Google of course, billed me every few days, whereas I only received my commission checks once a month.

And despite the fact that my organization was quickly growing by the hundreds, my checks were still very meager compared to what I was spending in order to generate them.

It Was A PAINFULLY Tedious Process

I frequently had to pause my advertising altogether for days, sometimes weeks at a time, in order to allow my residual checks to catch up with my spending.

And of course I was very limited in how high I could bid on my keywords.

So I worked out a deal to sell someone else’s product so that I could monetize my advertising faster.

Instead of sponsoring people right after they requested a free CD, I now sold them an information product that taught them how to do marketing first (what’s now known as a funded proposal).

This way people actually paid ME to become a lead for my network marketing opportunity.

I made money right away, upfront, regardless of whether that person ended up joining me or not.

This more than covered my ad costs and everything else, the residual income, was just icing on the cake.

I was now able to get in the top 1-3 spots for any keyword I bid on because I could afford it.

I never had to pause my ads and I was able to completely blow the lid off my daily budgets.

Before when I had to carefully monitor how much I was spending so that I didn’t overextend myself, I set the daily budgets on my campaigns in Google to a couple hundred dollars a day.

Now that I didn’t have to sit around and wait for my residual checks to show up, I cranked the daily budgets up on all of my campaigns to $10,000/day.

I Never Had To Worry About How Expensive
Any Of My
Advertising Was Again Because
Quite Simply IT DIDN’T MATTER.

I was able to go from generating 10-20 leads a day… to 800+ a day.

Sponsoring people became so incredibly easy I couldn’t understand why it had ever even been a problem for people in our industry in the first place.

Not because of the higher volume of leads mind you… but more importantly… because talking to a BUYER – an individual who had PAID money to become my lead – was
an entirely different kind of person than a regular lead.

I was now personally sponsoring sometimes close to 50 people a month and the only reason it wasn’t 2-3x that was because I just couldn’t keep up with it all!

This laid the groundwork for The Renegade Network Marketer and opened up an endless amount of opportunities for me that I never would have had otherwise.

Selling an information product , and then eventually my own product, was without a doubt the single biggest “tipping point” moment that led to this and list of over 200,000 people.

The Google Adwords landscape isn’t the same today as it was back then, but all the traffic is still there just in different places, and the importance of having your own product has gotten MUCH BIGGER since then.

It’s really the ultimate way to package and brand yourself as a leader, which is how you become a magnet for prospects, customers, new distributors, team members and JV partners.

Which means it’s the ultimate downline building strategy.

Crossing Over The Line From Becoming Just An
Or Distributor To Having Your Own Product
Also Opens Up 10 Times More Advertising Options For You

Just as one example… if you don’t have your own product you’re completely missing out on an entire new world of possibilities, including one of the biggest, and without question the highest quality traffic sources out there: Join Venture traffic.

When you do joint ventures, you get to leverage ALL the traffic generation that others do for their business.

And besides your own repeat customers, there is no higher quality source of leads than people who came as a result of a strong recommendation from a JV partner.

The conversion rates are often 3-5 times higher than any other type of traffic you’ll find and it’s FREE!

The Only Thing Is, Even Though A Lot Of People Have
eard They Should Create Their Own Product, There’s
Usually A Few Things Holding Them Back…

Well, my friend Mark Hoverson just released a new free video… okay wait – no, let’s see, let me count here… one… two… three… four… eight… ten… twelve… fourteen…

I think…

Yeah, something ridiculous like that.

Fourteen new free videos that completely destroy any obstacles or reasons keeping you from creating your own highly valuable product that sells.

In any case, you’d pretty much have to be nuts not to soak up all this free training:


–> Click Here For Lots Of Free Goodies

There’s also a product creation PDF blueprint that
you should download.

In the first video (the main video at the top) he walks you through an exercise on how to fill out this blueprint.

You should do this exercise right now. It will show you exactly how much you’re worth and how much value to attach to your product.

I guarantee it will open your eyes.

In this video and the rest of them you’ll find out
how to create what he calls a fast & easy $197 “caffeine product” that people are starving for…

  • Even if you have a small list (actually this is ESPECIALLY for you if you have a small list)
  • Even if you haven’t really been successful yet or made any money
  • Even if you don’t have the slightest idea how to begin creating your own product

Listen. Mark is a team building maniac. I know this firsthand.

He’s not just good at selling products himself but he’s good (the best) at getting other people to do it too.

That’s why these videos are so valuable.

They’re not just about creating info products, but they’re specifically about how network marketers can grow their downline using info products and service related products.

(The number one strategy of six, seven and eight figure earners by far)

The stuff in these videos are his best secrets he’s never shared with the public before that he uses to get people on his team into cashflow quickly, which…

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps people self-fund their business instead of using grocery money
  • Gets people results quickly which leads to sustainable motivation and momentum
  • Helps people afford more advertising which bringsin more leads
  • Positions team members as leaders which makes sponsoring a piece of cake (not to sound like hype or anything, but seriously, it is when you’re talking to people who have purchased YOUR product)

So click on the link below and then opt in to watch Video 1 first called “Caffeine Ca$H” to find out why you’re worth a lot more to your prospects than you think (you just need to know how to package yourself).

Then take a couple hours, whether it’s all today or over the next day or two to explore the rest of the site and check out all the freebies he’s got for you.

Make sure you click all the links because he’s got stuff all over the place and this is practically an entire course worth of the best free content you’ll find on the web.

Ann Sieg



P.S. – I literally laughed out loud when I watched his first video because he talks about the different levels of engagement people may go through when they encounter your marketing, one of them being joining the witness protection program.

Which I just thought was funny because I literally know someone who went into the witness protection program and then bought my product.

Okay, sort of not funny I guess, just the irony of it. (It’s alright, everything worked out and it was a happy ending)

Anyway, you’ll get it when you watch the video

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