April 21, 2024

Is The Internet Getting Too Crowded?

I must be getting old.

I can recall the days when a Federal deficit of $85 billion in 1980 was unprecedented and all the hand wringing that came with it.

That seems so quaint these days.

I arrived up here in Minnesota to visit family for the summer in time to witness the State Government shut down as a result of a $5 billion deficit

A shutdown that’s going on more than a week and
has resulted in 22,000 state employees being laid off

Which got me thinking, things are going to be interesting come August 2 when the Federal government has to do something about its $14.3 trillion deficit or risk defaulting for the first time in history…

Putting more than 2.7 million federal jobs and tens of millions more social recipients in question.

And then there’s the 850,000 jobs that are on the line this year as a result of budget cuts and $140 billion in other state deficits across the country.

You’ve seen the headlines (or maybe you haven’t – I don’t blame you, I don’t usually pay much heed to mainstream either but this is determining major trends in OUR industry):

Rhode Island – 2,000 public school teachers
“Bloombergville” New York – 5,778 city employees
Wisconsin – 12,000 jobs/70,000 protestors

My forecast is: There’s going to be a lot more of this ahead.

And all of this is compounded by the fact that beginning
this past January 1st, 2011, every day for the next 19 years,
10,000 baby boomers reach the retirement age of 65

There’s only one small problem. We don’t have the money to support them all the way through retirement. Neither do most of them and neither does the government.

In fact, Washington is dipping into their own federal retirement funds just to pay the existing bills (never mind the $100 trillion in future obligations).

Leaving them with only one option: Print more money.

Some people think all this economy stuff is gloom and doom but I don’t see it that way at all.

They’re just facts. Whether you view it as positive or negative is entirely up to you.

I view it simply as change and the only question is:

Who’s going to adapt and who’s not?

Like they say, “a recession is a terrible thing to waste” and I hope you see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to expand your business in ways you would never be able to normally.

My point in bringing it up is that in this decade, probably in the next 1-3 years, we’ll see the industrial age, employee social paradigm of relying on one main source for your income and retirement completely shattered – as predicted by those in our industry.

  • Which is also why Time Magazine predicts that by the year 2016, more than 40% of the US workforce will work from home.
  • And why Fox News just reported that the number one career for the next decade is small business consulting (which is essentially what you do if you practice attraction marketing).
  • And why Peter Drucker, often referred to as “the man who invented management” said in an interview with Forbes that “triggered by the internet, continuing adult education will become our greatest growth industry.”

For the past few decades, and even more so since the advent of the internet, being your own boss was an exciting new idea, made even easier by technology, for many of us trailblazers.

For 8 years now ever since I started a purely internet based business, my mother in law, bless her heart, has been asking me, “when are you going to get a real job?”

In the 21st Century though, entrepreneurial skills
will no longer be a “luxury” but will soon become a
necessity for the majority of the population

We’re entering the “age of self reliance” as Mike Dillard put it at our recent Great Wealth Transfer Conference in April.

Where finally, you’ll no longer be “the weird one” in the family for working from home.

All of this was bringing both Mike and I and other leaders to the same conclusion:

Something needed to be done and new approaches and strategies were needed for this changing marketplace and our rapidly evolving industry to position ourselves in front of this massive new wave of people coming our way.

I don’t think our industry has even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.

Just like with any new technology, those of us who’ve gotten online in the past 2-8 years were the early adopters, the fast movers, representing only 20-30% of the end number.

But the rest of the folks, the far larger percentage of
prospects that are still waiting out there for us, are going
to require a much higher level of interaction to connect with them

In an increasing age of skepticism and hyper-competition, with so many choices and leaders to follow, people are going to demand more credibility, and will want to do business with people they can see and talk to.

This involves getting on the phone and meeting people face-to-face.

Which means…









Going Offline


I’m not talking about going back to prospecting your mailman or people at your church group.

I’m talking about using the same direct response attraction marketing techniques you’ve come to know and love to target pre-qualified people in specific geographical areas… and then meeting them in a face-to-face environment, either to help close the sale or as follow up to solidify and strengthen your online relationship.

I’m talking about attracting people to you just like always.

But I’m talking about cutting through all the noise of the hyper-competitive and fast-paced online world by laser targeting places and local niches where the OTHER 95% of prospects dwell…

A traffic source with almost zero competition for folks
like us, where not 1 in 10,000 people use or even understand the
basic attraction marketing skills you’ve come to take for granted

I believe this is the direction the entire economy along with our industry is going.

While everyone’s talking about “Globalization” and doing business internationally, what’s actually going on at the same time is a shift back towards local communities and economies that are CONNECTED by global technologies.

And the businesses that will thrive the most will be the ones who use a powerful combination of online and offline.

Back in 2002 when I was with a health and nutrition
company I stumbled upon an early form of offline
attraction marketing without even realizing it

One day at a company event a leader flew in from out of town and shared a little-known retailing system she was using with us.

She called it a “health awareness seminar” and it was totally different than the usual “show and tell” product parties most people were doing.

It was simply a content-rich presentation that lead with value and gave people a ton of free useful information about their health and their diet.

To me, this was the first realistic approach I had seen for doing this network marketing thing.

So I started doing them and it worked like gangbusters!

We used to pack these things out and honestly I had absolutely no idea what I had stumbled on.

I wasn’t even doing any kind of marketing for these presentations (nothing like what I’ve learned how to
do now) and this is how I became the top retailer in my State.

I had people calling me out of the blue every week and lining up for my advice as if I was their doctor!

Now just imagine taking something like this and combining
it with a full fledged internet marketing funnel…

If you know all about things like: leading with value, the monetization power of funded proposals, getting paid to prospect, attracting leads through direct response marketing, follow up, tracking and optimizing your results…

And you combine it with Mark’s info marketing blueprints…

And then you apply it in a world with a vastly larger audience…

Where there is practically no competition because everyone wants what you have (internet marketing skills) which is like rocket science to most of them…

Where there are thousands upon thousands of new, un-tapped local niches, where someone with very basic marketing skills can completely dominate and position themselves as a leader…

Where conversion rates can be so high it puts anything in the online world to shame because nothing compares to real live face-to-face interaction which incorporates the maximum amount of senses and learning modalities (hint: this is why Mark scribbles on all of his videos and why it works like crazy, because it engages the brain more)…

And where there are dozens and dozens of new advertising options like newspapers, postcards, classifieds, local publications, magazines and radio…

In addition to all the familiar faces like Facebook, Google, blogging, video marketing, etc, which you can use to geo-target local areas.

I knew it was time to integrate these models and it
turns out I haven’t been the only one thinking that…

I’ve teamed up with my friends Ferny Ceballos & Raymond Fong of SEO Networker and every month we’re going to be rolling up our sleeves and travelling around the US (possibly outside the US as well) building funnels in local hot spots.

And as the perfect complimentary bonus if you purchase Mark’s Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprints, we’re going to teach you the formula we’re using to combine online and offline in a way that’s never been done before.

I’ll be sending you more details on this bonus tomorrow so keep an eye on your inbox.

For now, make sure to study Mark’s final video which lays out everything you get in his blueprints here and we’ll talk soon!

To Your Success,

Ann Sieg

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. I have to agree with you that people are really skeptical about what is going on on the webb. I know that Ann talkes about cold calling and not really doing it. I feel that we will have to start doing more of this as time goes on. The reason i feel this way is that there is so much being promoted on the web and what I see is that most time what the webb is telling us about what they are promoting is only 10% of what you really need to know about what the system or product is about.
    You know in writing this I have came up with a great idea. It really fits into what this blog is talking about.

    Hey anyone out there contact me by e-mail at jgrj207@hotmail.com PS no spamers just real marketers that want to get in on this IDEA. Thanks John

  2. You are always on point Ann! Thank You For This Message!!

  3. Totally agree with you! New age is coming: recession, more and more people trying to make money online, to learn the basics of the internet business. I already has written about in my blog posts! Thank you!

  4. Already been testing offline/online local marketing for a few months now.

    Only got a 700% ROI last month, LOL 😉


  5. You expressed my sentiments exactly Ann. Online has become a jungle of hype and quick make it schemes that finally users are now smart enough to realize when they see it. So where does that leave those that haven’t made a name for themselves yet and how can they be at the forefront so they can be in a position to profit?
    Well they get involved on a personal level, just like you said and small businesses need that help. They don’t have the time to learn the ropes but they can hire those that do know.

  6. Patrick Williamson says:

    Hey Ann,

    The idea of incorporating online with offline has definitely entered my thoughts in the past few months. I’ve already taken notes on these thoughts and they are congruent with what you’re saying here.

    What’s motivated me to think about offline in this way is definitely from the standpoint of wanting to build local prospect, customer, and business relationships into my business, leading to a greater social presence in the community. Just like what you said – to use this powerful tool called “The Internet” to strengthen and solidify your local community’s economy and business life and how that would naturally bolster your social and personal life.

    The social and personal rewards in doing this, I feel, are my prime motivators in thinking this way. Nothing, in my mind, will beat the face to face interaction with people in the local community and watching them embrace the Internet in this way and seeing their lives change.

    Some visions of mine –

    Local seminars on how to use the Internet to grow a global (and local business)…

    Status updates on Facebook saying to your local list(s) “Hey guys, let’s meet at IHOP and mastermind a bit!”…

    Dinners with your prospects…

    Homes becoming the new office headquarters…

    An entirely new institution (the Internet) bringing people together in local areas like NEVER seen before, all based on common interests and goals…

    The Internet will be the only vaccination against an offline world that is crumbling. The only safe haven.

    Exciting times are ahead!


  7. Eric Yamaguchi says:

    Ann, you’ve hit the nail on the head. There is something to be said about being able to meet a person face to face, eye to eye, and conveying each other’s thoughts.

    Feeling a handshake or hug (as us Hawaiians like to do) brings to the table what can not be felt over the telephone or internet.

    I at one time increased the sales in a traditional manufacturer’s representative territory by over 500 % in a very short period of time. When I asked for the reason my clients said I was there and the other representatives did business only when they travelled to Hawaii for a vacation.

    Now I know there are a lot of internet marketers that do very, very, well without ever knowing who purchased their products, and I think that is great. But I truly believe that the relationships that I still have with people that were with companies I’ve been associated with in the past have been the ones I met in person.

    Bring it on Ann, I am there.

  8. I tried to see Mark Hoverson’s info but it is not being released now, so I hope they open it up soon and so looking forward to learning more from you Ann, thanks for leading us and teaching us to be leaders too!!

  9. I’m anxious to learn more about what you are doing Ann. Please keep us on the forefront and I look forward to more information!

  10. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for inspiring once again! I have heard of Peter Druker. What he said: “triggered by the internet, continuing adult education will become our greatest growth industry.” seems of the same line of reason of another notable; Buckminster Fuller. Bucky said back in the late 70’s that what we need is a technological revolution. Transforming sky scrappers being occupied by corporations, into individuals, groups and family dwelling spaces. No longer requiring that daily to and fro commute. This is more than a remotely huge opportunity.

  11. Hi Ann, Thanks for keeping me in the loop; and glad to see you´re integrating, before the web as a well known industry Icon put it… “damn near destroyed it”. Been looking a platform with ethical providers, that honors and serves our industry; whereby through blogging and the platform itself, an associate could differentiate and promote themselves while continuing to provide Value, thereby ensuring retention…
    Let´s chat… I´m looking forward to seeing what you have to offer

  12. Ann – Keep me informed about the integration of the on and offline project. For 30 years I earned a comfortable living in electronics technology. And I was amazed at how many organizations simply launch into technology without considering the socioeconomic demographics associated with their target audience.

    As you know the staggering demographic that will drive our economy are the baby boomers; 60% of our population will be “older adults” who are visual learners and connect through face to face rapport building.

    When we met at Cash Control, I was impressed by your thoughtfulness and dedication to serving others.

    Take care,

    Stan Ingalsbe

    • Hi Stan,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I will happily keep you informed.

      Indeed the “graying of America”. It’s in our midst. I couldn’t agree more that the boomers are visual learners and crave the face to face interaction.

      Thanks also for your kind words about my interaction at Cash Control. This is a heart based business for me and I have great care for the people I work with.

      I hope we can meet again!


  13. Barbara Ippolito says:


    am interested in learning more about this new project. Look forward to receiving more details from you.


  14. Hey Ann !!! I narrowly missed Cash Control, So I keep watching the into video hosted by Andrew Cass, and what U said (along W whats on your Renegade Video) simply echoes my exprerience. You are right that the internet is getting flooded W Hype, fluff & Bait traps & I see a pattern here. Bait & Switch. Lure people in. I respect ppl like U and others like the MLM Brothers who tell it like it is. A lotta gurus imply U can get something in exchange for nothing & thats not how life is in reality. This is a high skilled task & until yur GOOD at marketing, sales, AND PEOPLE, the WWf wrestling match will be looooong & boring.
    Thanx a lot for your input coz I can feel your honestly thru your words.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Samuel.

      The truth needs to be stated and those that do that will gather the followers who want to know the real deal and are willing to work with that.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  15. Here is the reality. There is only a small role for the internet for network marketers. They delude themselves if they think the internet is a type of magic wand that will magically help them avoid the day to day realities of prospecting, recruiting, and developing leaders.

    In recent years many people have flocked to the internet in the forlorn hope that they can escape these realities. Results speak for themselves – the amount of business produced by internet network marketers is pathetic, when compared to results produced by traditional network marketers.

    People need to decide what they stand for. If you see yourself as a network marketer, then give the internet the flick and get back to (offline) basics. On the other hand, if you – like me – see yourself more as an affiliate marketer, then fully embrace the internet in all its sullied glory,

    It’s important to know what you stand for.

  16. Hello Ann,
    I have been thinking about this and looking for SOLUTION that is true. I am a new MLM business, but i do not want to attract customers by attacking family and friends. I am interested in your project, and I can’t wait to learn about what it has to offer. Thank you for selecting me. I want my business to attract the right clients that want what i have to offer. I want a business that embraces all the internet has to offer, but in a way that I can receive back and see the REAL benefits from. I want to be a strong leader with positive results and track history that can beat my competition hands down.Thanks Ann.

  17. Hi Ann,

    what Octavia writes on the July 5, is almost exactly what I was going to write to you. Looking forwards talking to you!

    All excited, cheers,


  18. Ann,

    Thank you for the information. I am very new to the business concept of network marketing, etc and have been looking for a solid platform and system that will help me get started.

    I am looking forward to learning more about this opportunity.


  19. Hi Ann we are interested in your opportunity, please send videos that contain additional information
    we have reviewed: July 2011 blog post and Mark Hoverson blueprint overview.
    (I enjoyed his Solomon SEO story and other Golden Nuggets)

    Where are you with your local, “hot spot funnels”?
    Thank you, it was worth the time invested, in viewing the information
    May God bless You and your Family
    Nathan & Sandy

    • Hi Nathan, Thanks for your interest. Please send in a request to support@therenegadesystem.com and my support team will be able to send you the information. As far as local marketing we’re doing some testing. Check back with me in a few months to get an update. If you’re on my list you’ll get updated that way. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Dear Mam Ann,
    jan 11, 2012.
    I have been studying all of the articles written by your good self. I want to study them more and more. All introduces about the “new marketing system” through Renegade Internet Marketing Network. It is really a great idea, I like it very much. In fact, it makes us free from that Old System of Marketing, in which we felt our selves, the Champions, even we waited our customers more than 50% of time, to brief the customer face to face. The Renegade System, makes us free from all of such time wasting formalities but also it is making the end-consumers to be addicted to purchase the things they need through this way. And when the manufacturers will directly involve, offering more cheap prices, what will happen then. I think it will the peak of every business. i.e the Internet Marketers and the manufacturers will dominate the market.
    I will also request the Great Mam to include me in her team for the new project.
    Thanks, I remain,
    yours sincerely,

  21. Hi Anna,

    I want to start a new mlm marketing plan in india so pls can you suggest me some information about the mlm marketing business,

    and pls provide me some information about the mlm marketing if you have,

    waiting for your reply,

    thanking you

    K G Ravi

  22. Hi Anne first let me say that the reason I joined this group is I watched your video & was totally impressed to hear your story & the opportunity to be involved with you and the community that follows you.
    The offers that come across the web in the videos have turned me off to listening to any of them
    I am interested in learning all you and the rest of Regrade Marketers have to teach so I can pass it along to others like myself that are hungry for success on the web,
    I look forward to getting all the training & info as soon as I can.
    Thanks so much for the low priced offer to join.
    Best of J\ Health;
    Barnett Bando

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