April 21, 2024

Free Training Webinar: How To Use Twitter Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Twitter PPC

The purpose of this blog post is to tell you about a free live training webinar event we’re hosting next Thursday, November 14th at 8pm Central Time. It will be about how to use Twitter’s Pay Per Click Advertising platform – specifically to explode your following, and get more traffic to your landing pages, which means more leads for you, and we all know the life blood of business is building an email list full of people who know, like and trust you. This free webinar is a proven way to do just that. Keep reading the entire post to learn more and get registered for this webinar immediately.

Register here now.

You’re saying to yourself, “I don’t use Twitter, and didn’t even know they had a pay-per-click platform.”

That’s okay…

Whereas just getting started with Twitter – organically (meaning not using PPC) – it can take a long time to get traction — immediately.

It’s one of the reasons we’re so excited about this upcoming free webinar. Keep reading to learn more.

You see… with Twitter PPC, no matter how small your business is, and no matter how many followers you have, you can effectively start to leverage Twitter’s Pay-Per-Click service to amplify your Twitter presence, gain new followers, create more awareness about your business and drive more traffic to your landing pages.

Here’s The Deal About Twitter Pay-Per-Click

Twitter’s PPC program has actually been around for a few years now, but a lot of people still don’t even know it exists. Plus, they’ve added a lot of new features since they originally launched it.

Seeing as how Twitter is only the 2nd largest social media site in the world, it’s probably well worth your time to learn about this secret source of leads.

That’s why this Thursday, November 14th at 8pm Central Time we’re hosting a free webinar on how to get leads and a Twitter following using Twitter PPC.

Sound good? If so, register for Twitter Pay-Per-Click webinar here now.

Your Trainer Will Be Vince Reed

Vince_Reed_After losing almost everything during the mortgage meltdown in 2007, Vince Reed stumbled onto the Internet with no technical skills whatsoever.

Due to the fact that he could “barely send an attachment on an email when he got started,” his will to prove that building an online business can be learned by anyone has never been greater.

He now earns multiple six figures per month and has been full time in the home business industry since 2008.

After building two large network marketing organizations of over 13,000 and 25,000 distributors, he is best known for creating products and services that enhance what it is that business professionals are already doing.

As founder of Global Apps Network and NetDivvy, Vince has made it his mission to help as many people as possible get out of the rat race.

Here’s What You’ll Learn From Vince Reed This Thursday


  • The first and most important step to Twitter PPC: Getting your ad approved!

  • The crucial difference between “shopping” keywords and “buying” keywords on Twitter

  • The 3 main categories of “buying” keywords on Twitter

  • The two primary types of content or offers you want to promote in your Tweets for maximum traffic and leads

  • The NUMBER ONE rule for advertising on Twitter PPC you absolutely MUST meet in order for your Tweets to generate an ROI

  • How to target people who have specific interests on Twitter and who live in specific locations

  • How to have your Tweets shown to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people (even if you only have a few hundred followers)

  • How to get massive exposure and have your Tweets shown to all the followers of major leaders, brands, products and companies in your industry

Register now

Here’s Vince Reed speaking at a recent marketing event.

Here’s What To Do Now

As you can tell by our bullet points, Vince Reed knows his Twitter stuff, and this webinar will exceed your expectations. This is no fluff, pure-value-based content that will help you generate a Twitter following and traffic to your landing pages.

Register here now, and claim your spot

Photo credits: James Altucher.com, Vince Reed
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  1. That’s good!!!!

  2. I am looking forward to this webinar to learn about this secret source of leads!

  3. This will be exiting! I can see Twitter as a good source of traffic for both me and my avatar.

  4. Will there be a recording of this webinar? I won’t be able to attend the actual event due to timing, but would love to still get in on this!

  5. Looking forward to the Twitter webinar. I’m sure it will be packed with great info!

  6. Amazing, Amazing Content.

  7. Hi Eric.

    Thanks again for sharing this great info with us. I attended both the webinars with Vince and learned some things I has not seen or heard before. Also some of the sites her referred to were new to me also.

    The webinar has gone a long way towards helping me see the value in Twitter as sometimes I have struggled to see how you can get value out there within the confines of 140 characters. I am however a big fan of sms messaging and can see how the acceptance of Twitter could well be being helped by our high use of sms.

    In the webinar, Ann referred to a dedicated Facebook DMC Group to talk about Twitter being started. I have looked around for such a group but cannot find it. Has it been started? If so, could you please let me know the name of the group.

    Many regards from down under.
    Ross Freiberg

  8. Yes indeed, I certainly agree, Twitter PPC is indeed a thing of the future and could very well be a great opportunity for marketers to obtain additional leads.

    Should be Epic! Cant wait to watch the replay of this webinar.

    Thanks much Ann,



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