April 17, 2021

Seven Powerful & Effective Methods To Help People Get What They Want Most

Think about it. If you’re in the space of working with people in an all volunteer organization (like I do), you’ve got to have some very highly developed leadership skills.

This is a stark contrast then, for example, being an employer where you can hold certain things over people’s heads to get them to do what needs to be done. Like firing them.

Instead in the “lead people space” you’re there to provide all the support and resources to help people get what they want most.

This is what I do. So in this video I share 7 powerful and effective methods to help people get what they want.

#1) Create a rallying point to help alter a person’s perspective
#2) Create an end destination and a clear strategy to get them there
#3) Figure out what’s held them back in the past
#4) Give them the tools to get the job done
#5) Set up reward and recognition
#6) Set up a buddy system
#7) Create urgency

After watching my video I’d like you to comment with any tips and strategies that you use to help people get what they want most.

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Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Ann & D M C ,
    I really appriciate getting every ounce of great information I can get. Its very frustrating to be blocked from your webinars ( I have a Regular phone) So to be able to get in to the web site is like gold .Thanks for always showing the things the others dont show.

    • You’re very welcome, Joe. Glad you’re liking the information. Stay plugged into our private group page. That’s where the community helps each other along.

  2. Great leadership Ann. These steps will definitely help. Thanks

  3. Ann, what can I say, you know I love you!
    You just keep on giving to our fantastic industry
    that type of content that we need to help us become
    better marketers!

    I can’t wait for your next blog post notification sent to my email inbox!

    Your fan,

    Frank Osorio

  4. Ann, you keep giving us information that makes sense and is exactly what you do. We just need to keep honing our skills to emulate what you have done and continue to do. This is what marketing is – bringing the product from the manufacturer to the consumer through a series of channels that leads the prospect to buy what he/she wants and needs most. Thank you for this!

  5. solomon says:

    Ann, it’s been a while now. Am straight to the point based on concept. What have learned from your tips and strategies in helping the people and leading “everything rises or falls on leadership” them to the promise land or land of milk and honey as they visualize, is nothing but a truth of knowledge.

    In addition to your tips. Am saying, I also motivate, encourage and give them hope that the world is a beautiful place but only for you to understand and be aware. I accomplish this with words of insight, innate wisdom, stories and effective communication. Like I tell them that they are naturally inventors and creators and are created in the likeness and image of their creator. So, they are designed to create and produce; just like their creator.

    I say he created and rested in a particular day because it wasn’t an easy task to build. So they should know that nothing good comes easy. It has to do with working hard and working smart.

    My additional tip and strategy is that I motivate them with stories and encourage them to develop skills sets not in only one area but generally.

    Ann, I think have said enough. Bye for now.

  6. Loved it Ann!

    I looked at my “commitments” made in April. Two out of five are done. I’m on schedule with the other three, but one. The most important goal can’t be postponed. 17th of may 2014 is the date! So in reality all three are on their way.

    I think my own actions as an example and my willingness to check in with people is what has the greatest impact on those around me. They know I don’t just leave them there, as long as they are doing their part. And doing their part is crucial since I’m not a nanny!

    • Stella, you are a wonderful example of clear goals and setting up a strategy to achieve them. You’ve been outstanding in your efforts and a great role model to others that they too can meet their goals. I’m so pleased to have you as a Daily Marketing Coach Certified trainer. By the way, I just came back from a networking event and I used some of the tips and strategies from the training you provided the DMC community. Great work, Stella!

  7. Hi, Ann,

    I love your blog! It’s populated with a lot of good stuff. Thank you for all that you do and for helping a lot of people in the business. More power to you!

  8. Awesome Blog post and video on the Seven powerful and Effective methods Ann Great Job I loved it!!!!

  9. Alhassan Firrdous says:

    please I just bought the renegade network marketer last night and i steel cant see it in my in box!
    Be sides, i do not know how to go about it in terms of lead generation.


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