June 14, 2024

Paul Haarman and Anthony Gaalaas are Presenting at The Great Wealth Transfer Conference

Paul, Anthony and I sat down to discuss what they will be presenting at The Great Wealth Transfer Conference in Austin, Texas on April 9-10.

Anthony and Paul will be presenting at the private Legacy Building Workshop on Monday, April 11. Registration to the Monday workshop is available after you purchase your main event ticket.

Paul teaches family legacy building. He has consulted with the uber rich for several decades and now brings those powerful tactics to the middle class so they too can learn how to grow their wealth and to pass it on wisely to the next generation.

Anthony teaches the rules to the credit game. He has revealed unique un-heard of strategies on not only how to repair and restore a good credit rating by why it’s so critical to do so “if” you want to participate in the 21st economy. Leverage will be a key component to that. Anthony will show us how.

Listen to our 14 minute audio to learn more.

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Legacy Building Workshop

Middle America is destined to be the new poor unless they get their act together. Harsh words but true.

The best way to do this is to first “go really big picture” as to fully understand how wealth is created and how to preserve it and then scale down to each individual with tailored financial strategies.

In our private Legacy Building Workshop Paul and Anthony will be resurrecting the American Dream that has all but died for the majority of Americans, and will lay out specific strategies for each individual who attends this workshop.

You can consider this to be like one-on-one coaching in a group session as we hear out each individual’s situation and then provide direct laser targeted recommendations.

Paul will be presenting on the Family Empowered Retreat on Saturday morning and will be featuring a very special guest. I think most of us would agree it takes a lot of wisdom to know how to train up our children to value family wealth so that a legacy can be passed down through several generations. Paul will share how he’s doing that with his family.


You’re Invited To Join 9 Of The Top Leaders In The Home Based Business Industry For 2 Full Days Of Intense Learning And Networking At “The Great Wealth Transfer Conference” in Austin, Texas… Where You’ll Learn Strategies That Will Help Protect You And Your Family For A Lifetime.
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Who is Paul Haarman

Paul is one of the most uniquely successful entrepreneurs you’ll meet and an incredibly gifted leader. He’s one of the featured experts inside Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group and will be going in depth on some of the most amazing and empowering concepts I’ve ever heard and that I believe you’ll ever hear.

At this event you’ll learn about how to put into place “Infinite Banking”… “The Family Empowered Bank” and “The Family Empowered Retreat.”

I promise you will not be able to learn this material anywhere else.

Who is Anthony Gaalaas

Anthony Gaalaas has been a Financial Planner, Mortgage Consultant and Real Estate Investor. His specialty and mission since 2004 is to educate every consumer, business owner and investor across the USA and help equip them to improve or change their path to succeed at whatever credit related challenges come their way.
Having a decent credit rating can make or break your financial maneuverings in the current shift economy. Anthony breaks the code on the rules of the credit rating game and provides strategies to help you up your credit rating score.  Find out more about your credit score here.

The rules of money, predicting trends, creating wealth and building a business have changed. Learn how to win the game by attending The Great Wealth Transfer Conference.


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Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. So Looking forward to this event!!!! I just went to my first live event in Los Angeles and realize how important it is to attend and meet people in person. So much value and so enriching.

    Looking forward to learning and getting to know everyone.

    • Hi Holli,

      I can hardly wait to meet you! I hope you’re going to be at the Friday mixer. I just saw your pictures on Facebook with Glenn and Didi. And here now you get to be with them once again just a few short weeks later AND meet Paul, Mike Dillard, me and the 80/20 team. Lots of hugs for sure!

      Looking forward to the mastermind dinner as well on Sunday evening. That will be a very private event where you can “ask away”.

      Safe Travels!


  2. Hi Ann,

    Yes, I will be attending. I was wavering a bit there. :)
    I haven’t received my laptop yet that I ordered; guess I’ll borrow my sisters for the trip.

    • Hi Jackie,

      Glad to know you’ll be attending. I have found when fearful or hesitant is when I most need to fight that and move ahead. We need to build lots of courage in life. Beyond that the connections at the live event will be priceless. The cost to a person’s business without those connections is difficult to determine. I know it’s the face-to-face meet ups that have done the most for my business.

      As for the laptop I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. Just taking notes in a good old fashioned paper notebook will be just fine. The most important part is what you do with the information once you get back home.

      See you in Austin!


  3. Hey Anne,

    I absolutely love how you say that middle America must get their act together. I couldn’t agree more. How far are they going to allow themselves to be pushed out of their own wealth before they decide to fight back?

    I believe the EVG is vital, and I’m doing my darnedest to bring it to as many people as possible!

    Thanks for a great article.

    Dave Cleinman

    • Hi Dave,

      Awesome to hear your excitement. And that’s right. Middle America has to toughen up and got strong once again. In some ways the implosion of all these faulty models and systems may be one of the best things that happens. It’s how we respond to it that will make all the difference. That’s why The Great Wealth Transfer Conference will focus heavily on leadership. We need a strong community of business leaders to turn things around.

      We can do it. See you in Austin!


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