June 20, 2024

I’m Investing in YOUR Growth

Dont want to read the post below?

Then Listen!

The last few weeks we’ve heard a lot about investing.

First it was with the Elevation Group, and how you can invest your money so it works for you.

Then, with the first Leader’s Circle challenge, we talked about investing in skills that can benefit you. Namely the skill of video and how you can use it to help grow your business.

But the truth is this: It’s not investing in yourself that truly makes you more money.

Real success comes from investing in others.

Really, it’s true.

Take Network Marketing for example. Let’s say you go out and recruit 100 people for your business. You make the effort to convince them that it’s the right business opportunity for them, and manage to close the sale.

Let’s then say, that you never speak with them again.

What happens?

Does your downline grow?

Well, it probably does… but maybe only 1 or 2 of them really do anything… And those people probably would have succeeded whether or not you showed them the plan.

The other 98 people probably failed almost immediately and now personally hold you responsible for their failure. If they were your friends… they probably aren’t anymore. And if you are someone who does this, you probably find justification by saying “Eh… that’s business”

We all know this. We all know that you need to help them at least somewhat. We all know we need to provide value to our downlines and our customers. And yet… it needs to be said:

We need to INVEST in THEIR success.

And we need to go ALL OUT and BELIEVE in our customers.

Let’s go back to our example. Modern business culture would tell you to ignore the 98 who are failing, and focus on the 2 that are doing well. They will say: ”Find ways to reward them”, “help them”, and “encourage them to keep doing whatever it is they are doing”. That should be easy right… Afterall, you don’t have to make them happy or successful because they already are…

But the truth is, if you actually want to see the largest possible growth, it involves putting more INVESTMENT into the 98 people who we ignored the first time around.

If we serve them as best we can, and they feel we served them as best we can. They will try harder. More will succeed. And you will see bigger gains. But it all starts with you believing in them first, and investing in them and their success.

And what could possibly be a better example of this than Ann Sieg.

Take for example the upcoming Great Wealth Transfer Conference:

First, Ann gets this crazy idea that the best way to deliver this content (see: invest in you) is thru a live, in person conference… Not a recorded video… Not a live webinar… A live conference.

She then finds a way to make sure that the value is so over the top it’s sick by bringing in other Guru’s such as Mike Dillard and Paul Haarman (just to start).

Then, she finds a way to make it FREE to her best customers (The people who bought EVG).

And when it seems like she’s only favoring the best people… she then decides to open it to everyone at an insanely low price. And just to make sure no one left with a sour taste in their month, she adds in a refund policy that allows you to attend the event for an entire day, and still get a refund.

Was it easy to put together? No.

Was it going to cost her time, not to mention an arm and a leg? Absolutely.

But she is investing her time and money into YOU.

And I have no doubt that it will pay in dividends.

So you see, when I run my business… I’m not looking for where I can cut cost or time. I’m not looking for what makes my life easier.

Because I know the secret:

If I want more money, more time, and more prosperity…

It starts by regularly investing in YOU.

About Justin Gehring

Justin Gehring is the President of JR Computer Associates, Inc. and a Web Developer at 80/20 Marketing, Inc. He specializes in web application development with a single goal: making the complex seem simple.


  1. Hello Ann,

    I’m just admiring your template your using for your Blog, it’s simple and very easy to read.

    May I ask, which company did you use?

    Also, which plug in did you use for your audio.

    Thank you,
    Mark Garcia

    • Hi Mark,

      The blog is a modified version of the Genese Theme “Freelance” (http://www.studiopress.com/themes). And yes, it is laid out fairly nicely with good font choices, etc. I highly recommend Genesis or Thesis as a base theme for any blog!

      The plugin we are using for the MP3 is an HTML5 compatible plugin (Which is great for the future), and is called WPaudio. It can be found here: http://wpaudio.com/

      Hope that answers your question!

  2. Thank you for the blog post!

    It is so important that we remember how we can benefit others on our path to success. We invest in them and bring them up with us. That creates a string team that has power and strength in numbers and purpose. We all have talents that we can share and investing in others first helps to cultivate that and make the future better and brighter. :)

    Have a bright day!

  3. Great Article Justin.

    This is an article that everyone in Network Marketing MUST read from time to time.

  4. So happy to be connected here – learning and sharing and growing!


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