July 17, 2024

Ann Sieg’s Leaders’ Circle Challenge – Participant Feedback

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Impressive! Everyone did a good job. Thank you to Glenn Arcaro and Didi Alcheva for this collaboration.

We also want to thank the many people who jumped in full steam into our recent Leaders’ Circle Challenge with the “This is Me!” video. We’ve selected three out 22 of what we consider to be some of the best in the group.

The Reason for this Leaders’ Circle Challenge (we’ll have more in the near future)

Our goal for this Leaders’ Circle Challenge was to help stretch people and develop the second component of leadership that Daniel Coyle talked about in our January Leaders’ Circle webinar. And that is effective communication skills.

YouTube is ranked second to Google so establishing yourself through video is becoming the norm not the exception. We’re super pleased to see how many people stepped up to the plate for this Challenge.

We’ve put a list together of all the participants, along with their videos (below). You can click the link to watch their video on YouTube. But first we wanted to share three “This is Me” videos that stood out to us, and include a comment about each.

Three “This is Me” Videos that Stood Out

Crystal Curtis

Crystal really nailed it by roping in numerous concepts from “The Talent Code” and tying it into her work both as a fitness professional and an art history professor. She then took her professional background and demonstrated how that all fits into the “other hat” she wears as an internet marketer. This shows a lot of “thinking skills” to apply into the creation of her “This is Me!” video.” Nice job Crystal!

Trevor Mason

Trevor Mason’s (AKA Fearless Trevor) “This is Me!” video conveys a whimsical love of the ordinary moments of life that really make up who we are. Not the super glamor shots people think of for big aspirations but real love of family and doing what needs to be done to make for a full and meaningful life. Thank you Trevor for making it real!

Dr. Kevin Mcdougal

I loved Dr. Kevin McDougal’s narrative style as he digs deep into his history (even dusting off some old DVDs to make his point) to share his journey of where he’s come from to where he’s going… a vision to change modern medicine to better serve people. You can see the passion of his “This is Me!” video to make a difference in the world starting with his family. He’s even got a call to action to join him in his mission. Nice job Dr. Kevin!

Meet All of The Leaders’ Circle Challenge Participants

Here is a list of all the participants who submitted their videos to our Leaders’ Circle Facebook page. If we left anyone out, please let us know in the comments area with a link to your video, and we’ll add it here immediately.

Rana Burr
connect with Rana on Facebook

Rowena Bolo
connect with Rowena on Facebook

Jeanene Merris
connect with Jeanene on Facebook

Jay Donaldson
connect with Jay on Facebook

Joe Young
connect with Joe on Facebook

Kelly Baader
connect with Kelly on Facebook

Marie Leonard
connect with Marie on Facebook

Patrick Pressoir
connect with Patrick on Facebook

Samantha Gardner
connect with Samantha on Facebook

Jonathan Lunger
connect with Jonathan on Facebook

Chrissanne Long
connect with Chrissanne on Facebook

Sam and Cindy Malinowsky
connect with Sam and Cindy on Facebook

Jordan Mulson
connect with Jordan on Facebook

Martin Dale
connect with Martin on Facebook

Alex Smith
connect with Alex on Facebook

Heather Stephens
connect with Heather on Facebook

Jo Anne Fogarty
connect with Jo Anne on Facebook

Dr. Kisane Slaney
connect with Kisane on Facebook

Neseret Bemient
connect with Neseret on Facebook

Holli Rovenger
connect with Holli on Facebook

Curt Johnson
connect with Curt on Facebook

Eric Walker
connect with Eric on Facebook

Thank you everyone for participating. I enjoyed going through all of your videos and getting to know you.

How Will You Use Your “This is Me” Video?

There are a multitude of ways that you can use your videos in your marketing. Please post a comment with one suggestion for how you could use your video. Or post a comment about the one thing you learned after doing this video, and how that will help you the next time you create a video that is about you.


About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. All of these were great to watch. The challenge was fun too. I learned lots by watching them and all of the different ways people spread the word, “about ME’

    Thank you for the challenge! Thanks to both Glenn and Didi and the entire team for all the tips, and more that I’ve learned from many in the group.

    ~ Kelly :)

  2. I submitted a video too, my first like that and only second ever, but hey, I did it! Thank you for the chanllenge.

    ~ Kelly A. Staley

    • Hi Kelly,

      You are so very welcome. Leading with Daniel Coyle’s book “The Talent Code” and the collaborating with Glenn and Didi for the first Leaders’ Circle Challenge was really so much a meant-to-be situation.

      It has all played out wonderfully creating so many multiple win/win/win situations.

      We’re very happy to help people in their respective journeys to help people further hone and sharpen their skills.

      I have been incredibly blessed with amazing team members who have helped me fulfill this vision.

      There’s so much work and opportunity yet ahead.

      Thanks for submitting your video.

      Kelly, ya done good!!


  3. Hi Ann,

    Amazing challenge! I’m looking forward to watching all the videos you’ve listed here! :) I used my video in a blog post yesterday.

    Right now I can think of 8 other places to use the This is Me video:

    1. About me page on blog: I still plan on making a “this is me” video for my about me page as well, showing more about where I’ve started and where I am in my business, family, life, etc.
    2. Follow up to new friendships in social media:
    Send a link to your this is me video in a message to a new friend on facebook or twitter would be a great way to help build relationships.
    3. Youtube static video on your channel: so when someone visits your channel, they’ll get to see what you’re all about before they dig into all your great content.
    4. Send it to the new people who join you in a network marketing business, so they can get to know who their upline is, and start to develop strength with that relationship.
    5. Put it on your business cards.
    6. Add it to your signature on your email.
    7. Add it to all your social media profiles
    8. Add a link to it in your about the author pages of your ebooks, speical reports, and articles you publish

    I think the biggest lesson I learned through this is that I shouldn’t have I felt self centered working on a video about me because I very deeply enjoyed watching all the wonderful videos everyone else created. After seeing what so many people created, and how much better I feel I know them after watching it, I realize that it’s actually a gift to create one for my readers and friends in social media, not something self centered. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity, and for helping me to expand my vision for myself, my business, and the relationships that can come from a group like this. I’m deeply touched by the support and encouragement!


    • Heather,

      Thank you so much for your very very “meaty” reply providing a long list of suggestions for people to know how to utilize their “This is Me!” video.

      A lot of times it takes someone (with a little bit of effort) to point out what is obvious to one’s self but not to others.

      Heather, you have grown by leaps and bounds since you purchased MLM Blog Secrets way back in June.
      It seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?

      Your steady hand to the plow will reap dividends. It’s like sowing seeds steadily (on the order of raising a family :-) until before you know it you have a big ol’ oak tree standing in the front yard.

      That’s YOU Heather with your consistent application and steadfastness.

      We LOVE having you here.

      Thanks for all you do!


  4. Hi Ann, Thank you for featuring me, and thank you for organizing all the participants here so I can catch the videos I missed!

    I totally agree with Heather, that two crucial places to put an “About Me” video are featured in the sidebar of your blog and “Favorited” on your YouTube Channel, so it always shows up for visitors.

    As for what I learned in making this piece, I got a lot of responses from people “thanking me for inviting them to my trip to Vail” which reminds me how important it is to shoot videos in the environments you love. I wasn’t talking about Vail, but since I shot the video in my snowboarding gear, I achieved that extra level of personal connection with those who also like outdoor sports.

    Thanks again, Leader’s Circle!


    • Hi Crystal,

      That’s wonderful. Glad to hear of the positive responses back on your video.

      I totally agree with you on the setting of our local environs. It really lets people better connect with who we are and what are interest are. Like you with your insane Renegade Rows. Oh boy, that inspired me to quiz my local athletic doc (who works out at the same time as me) if he had any new fitness tips for me.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us Crystal and totally loved how you incorporated the teachings of The Talent Code into your respective professions. I could tell you had some serious thinking running around in your mind to do that.

      If you’re like me it’s thinking about stuff as you fall asleep and then once again when you wake up and then everything in between. In other words, you’re hooked and loving it!

      Deep Practice, Ignition and Master Coaching… That’s how leadership is made.

      There’s more to come. Hope you can make the Cameron Herold webinar next Tuesday.


  5. Here’s my “Meet Andrew” video:


  6. Ann,
    Thank you for the “This is Me Challenge”
    I really enjoyed doing it.

    I am using the video on my about page on my blog.

    I also really enjoyed being able to make the video “in my world,” I think that is so important, like has already been mentioned. “This is Me” indicates, not only what we do as entrepreneurs, but who we are, where we live, and what makes us ‘tick’

    This is such a great challenge, and I hope that every marketer will take this challenge personally. It is such a great way to let prospects in to our lives and find out a little bit more about the person that they admire, and are growing to trust.

    Your friend in business,
    Martin Dale

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