April 15, 2024

How To Generate Leads With YouTube PPC – Free Training

Our Promise To You For This Free YouTube Pay Per Click (PPC) Training…

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Rich Hazlett is a successful direct response marketer. He is Facebook and YouTube PPC expert.

Industry PPC expert Rich Hazlett is going to be showing you how to get thousands of super high quality visitors and leads through pay-per-click ads on the SECOND largest search engine in the world…


We’re providing this training for free. Rich and Ann Sieg will be uncovering one of the best kept traffic secrets in our industry.

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Think About This…

We’ve been in this industry long enough to make this honest-to-goodness statement:

Without traffic even the best products, marketing funnels and lead generation is all for nothing. It won’t work. It won’t make money. It just won’t last.

You’re not going to make money if you don’t have people (i.e. traffic) to sell to.

Period. It just is purified truth.

The Problem Is…

Most everyone stinks at getting traffic.

There’s only a few people in our industry who consistently get traffic to their offers.

Rich is one of them.

Look, with traffic even if you have a super-simplistic funnel, you can make a FORTUNE?

That’s WITH traffic.

But most don’t earn a fortune because they never learn this ultra-valuable skill set (How to get traffic).

Why YouTube PPC?

Every day over 4 BILLION (that’s 4,000,000,000) videos are viewed on YouTube.

That’s the equivalent of more than HALF the world’s entire population watching a video on YouTube…

every… single… day.

The eye balls are there.

YouTube PPC really is a hidden goldmine and one of the fastest ways to build your business, if you know the promotional secrets.

You may have never thought of YouTube as a “search engine” before, but a huge percentage of people now actually use YouTube in the same way they use Google, to do research and make buying decisions.

Ann And Rich Will Be Sharing The Secrets With You On Thursday…

Rich is going to show you how he’s gotten more than 75,000 views to just ONE of his videos and how nearly 50 PERCENT of every visitor who goes to his site becomes a lead.

Or how one of his students began generating leads for $.85 within days of implementing his strategies.

At YouTube, you can get tons of cheap traffic at a fraction of the cost of what people pay on Google or Faceboook…

You can also go viral. FAST.

Most importantly, the leads are high quality. According to Rich, better than any other method he’s used.

Here’s The Recipe:

Cheap clicks + high quality prospects = generating leads at a profit (in other words, FREE

Rich will show you how to do this on this YouTube PPC training. He’ll cover all of these things and prob’ly more.

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning:

— “75,000 viral views and counting”

That’s what Rich has accomplished with just ONE of his videos, and he’s done it all himself. No outsourcers. No crazy software. He’ll show you how he did it and you can too.

One setting you MUST know about in your YouTube account before running PPC ads, or it’ll cost you. Tune in just to avoid this “learning tax.”

— Believe it or not, YouTube is STILL considered an untapped traffic reserve especially IF YOU’RE TO PPC and have not already been slapped down by Google (which if I’m guessing correctly, you likely haven’t).

Rich will show you why now is a good time to “get in.”

— “4500 free leads”

That’s what Rich has accomplished. He’ll take you inside what’s required and double check that you have all the “ingredients” in place.

— The benefits of using YouTube PPC ads and how to create an instant relationship, bond, and trust with your prospects before they even land on your website.

— “19 Leads A Day – Live Case Study”

Rich will show you how one of his students went from struggling to 19 leads a day simply by implementing everything that he’s going to teach you.

— How Rich gets every 1 out of 2 visitors from YouTube to become a lead. You’ll want to copy this.

— There will likely be more take-aways than what we’ve mentioned above, but these are the main ones we’re most excited about. (for both of us)

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  1. I’m expecting to learn even more from this webinar, Rich. You’re the King of YT PPC! :-)

    Thank you!


  2. joanne pointe says:

    join webinar on thursday

  3. I’m looking forward to learning how to do Youtube PPC on the webinar. I know that Rich is building his business fast, using pay per click strategies!

  4. Sigrid McNab says:

    Can’t wait for this webinar! Looking forward to learning YouTube PPC from a master!

  5. I am excited to learn what you have to offer Rich! Your information is always so useful. Thanks!

  6. Simbarashe says:

    Where is the FORM to complete to receive the free training.

    • Form not available any longer, but you can have access to all of this if you join our DMC+ membership:

      Here’s What You’d Be Getting:

      Exclusive access to the private Daily Marketing Coach training site which includes: videos, group calls, webinars, team meetings, live events, workshops, coaching and over $50,000 worth of additional bonuses and tools (Value: $2,818)

      Participate in team brainstorming sessions and mastermind calls (Value: Priceless)

      New and exciting income-producing team challenges every month! This is one of the big secrets of our success. (Value: $197 per challenge)

      Ongoing support and personal guidance through our private community Facebook team page. (Value: Priceless)

      Access to our proprietary “perpetual mini-launch model” marketing funnel, plus as many as 4-5 weekly *live* webinars for you to plug your leads into (it doesn’t matter what opportunity you are promoting) (Value: $15,000)

      A one year complimentary subscription to Ann’s exclusive Leader’s Circle membership (Value: $1,164)

      Get started here: https://annsieg.com/jointeam

  7. I’d love to find out more.

  8. OK I’m done hearing “Free Leads” —- Its either one or the other. They either take a life time to start cranking in a little twinkle of leads or they flat out dont work. I learnt that the hard way with Magnetic Sponsoring – 3 Months Of my Life Typing & Posting Hoping For Free Leads – NOTHING. So when Rich Hazlett talks about 4500 “Free leads” I’m blocking my ears. But Why is he mentioning Free Leads when this blog is about YouTube PAY-PER-CLICK? I’m getting confused here. Can someone elighten me?

    • renegadeblogadmin says:

      It’s like a magic slot machine. You put in a dollar to pay for the click, and if your marketing funnel converts, it’s spits out a $1 back atcha. Hence, the lead is free. Then you continue marketing to them and make more money later (hopefully sooner than later too, right). Make sense?

  9. This is been really very Good post. I am following your webinars & fan of your books “7 Great Lies of Network Marketing” n others.

    – Avinash

  10. Cant wait to see the Video


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