June 14, 2024

Win a FREE copy of John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0!

Hi everyone,

Something unexpected happened.

A couple days ago I sent you an email letting
you know what’s going on with one of my mentors,
John Reese.

His new Traffic Secrets 2.0 course that’s
been in the making for 4 YEARS is going to be
released to the public very soon (that’s not the
unexpected part).

He’s also GIVING AWAY two valuable training videos
that are crammed with killer traffic-producing
tips you can use right now to get more people to
your websites.

If you haven’t had a chance to already, you can
check them out for free right here.

In that email I sent you, I also mentioned
Robert Kiyosaki and that I considered him and
John Reese to be two of the three “main mentors”
most responsible for my success.

However, I failed to mention who the third one

Well, apparently many of you REALLY wanted to know
because afterwards my inbox was bombarded with
this exact question – which, to be completely honest,
caught me totally off guard!

So I had an idea.

Sure, I could just GIVE you the answer — surrender it
on a silver platter… but that would ruin all the fun!


Why not turn it into a contest?

So how about this:

The first person who correctly guesses who the “mystery
mentor” is, and posts it on my Renegade Network Marketer

I will personally buy you a copy of John’s brand-new
course, Traffic Secrets 2.0 once it’s released!

It’s real simple.

All you have to do is post your guess (who you think
the 3rd person is) below as a comment to this post.

Just a few things I’d like you to keep in mind…

1) Only one guess per person — PLEASE! (If you submit
more than name you’ll be automatically disqualified
from the contest)

2) After someone makes the right guess, I’ll announce
the winner on the blog. Then after Traffic Secrets 2.0
is released, I’ll have the UPS man deliver it straight
to your doorstep, courtesy of me :)

3) The blog I’m using for this contest is pretty old…
so don’t mind the cobwebs! The truth is, I thought I’d
never use it again after I launched The Renegade Network
Marketer over a year ago — turns out I was wrong!

Oh, and one more thing.

For those of you who don’t have the slightest idea on
where to even begin formulating your guess…

Here’s a BIG HINT!

The mystery mentor actually happens to be one of John
Reese’s biggest mentors as well! In fact, he’s been
studying him since he was FIFTEEN years old! (How’s
that for a head-start?)

Good luck to everyone — I’ll announce the winner soon!

To Your Success,

Ann Sieg

P.S. – One reason I like John so much is because he
always does MORE than is expected of him — it’s
one of his “Reese Rules” that he swears by.

His brand-new, totally FREE videos that he just released
are no exception! They have some really high-quality ideas
in them — stuff you should definitely see.

Just click here to watch both of them.

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. Perry marshall

  2. Ann, My guess is Dan Kennedy.

  3. Jay Abraham is John Reese’s main mentor.

  4. Shavaun says:

    Is it Eben Pagan

  5. Daryl Kinnaird says:

    Andrew Carnegie is my Guess

  6. Jay Abraham

  7. Hi Ann

    Might it be Key Evoy?

  8. Kyle Wilson says:

    Hello Ann,

    I’m going to say Dan Kennedy, the “Millionaire Maker”, for his unique and wildly successful copywriting and business building strategies.

  9. Eric Reinertsen says:

    I believe it is Brig Hart. Am I a winner? 😉

  10. I’m guessing Napoleon Hill.

  11. Zig Zigler is your other mentor

  12. Ken Evoy

  13. Leslie Carocci says:

    My guess is Zig Iglar

  14. Hello Ann, I am a beginner at this but did some research and came up with a mentor. I am going to submit a guess and say the 3rd best mentor you are talking about is ‘Eben Page’. Could that be close? :) :)


  15. I think it’s Corey Rudl.

  16. Hi Ann, Brad here.
    I hope you’re having a good day.

    My guess is Dan S. Kennedy….So did I win???????

    By the way I just bought your ebook…..so far I am dazzled. I was told by a mentor that if you cannot find a good leader in your upline, (do words like leader & my upline even go together?) or a good system online that I should make one myself……
    I was attempting to do that but your book has stalled me..

    What a short cut!!! I am still tweaking a personal “this how Brad does it” set up but your book will save me weeks of time and STRESS.

    I thank you sincerely and look forward to more.
    Brad Bylsma
    Vancouver Island.

  17. Is it John Meatte?

  18. My guess is:

    Jim Rohn

  19. Let’s try Claude Hopkins

  20. Oops, I just saw that Shavaun already guessed Eben Page. :)

  21. Hi Ann!

    I did watch both the videos and they were ‘awesome’! Thank you for passing them along! I believe the Mentor you are talking about is Napoleon Hill. I went back to notes I had from your “InterNETwork Marketing Mastery” Webinar Training that you did on Thursday, November 29 with Ken Envoy and I believe Lou Abbott hosted it.

    I love Napoleon Hill, too. If he isn’t the right guess, I’m sure he is on you Mentor List somewhere!

    Thanks for all the great info. How I win, I would love the opportunity to get a copy of the Traffic Secrets.

    Have a great weekend.

    To you Health and Wealth,
    Tina Williams

  22. Mike Strawn says:

    Eben Pagan

  23. Gary Halbert

  24. Jennifer Cano says:

    Gary Halbert was his mentor

  25. Meg Kelly says:

    I hope it’s Jim Rohn!

  26. Keith Gullickson says:

    I would have to say Dale Carnegie. The one who combined instinct and intelligence and put it into words.

  27. Irene Kirkman says:

    My guess is Robert G. Allen

  28. Hi Ann,

    I’m going to take a stab at one that hasn’t been mentioned yet:

    Michel Fortin

    Have a good one,

    Scott Rogers
    Network Marketing Consultant/Trainer/Coach


  29. How about John Carlton?

  30. Hi Ann,

    My answer would have to be Dr. Ken Evoy!!!
    Shot in the Dark!!!

  31. Jennifer Cano says:

    I missed it by one second!!! Dianne Humphries clicked faster!!!

  32. Bob Proctor

  33. Hi Ann: My guess is Parry Marshall

  34. Dan Kennedy

  35. Hi Ann,

    My guess is your mystery mentor is Ken Evoy at SBI.

  36. Hi Godfrey believes the third Mentor is Jim Rohn – the greatest Philosopher our time.

  37. Mu guess is Marlon Sanders.

  38. Richard Prince says:

    Ann I would guess it’s Michael Masterson.

  39. John Buenger says:

    Yanik Silver

  40. How about Tony Robbins who was mentored by Jim Rohn! What a dynasty!

  41. Michael Drummer says:

    Jim Rohn

  42. Gary Bencivenga?

  43. Tim Paul says:

    Mark Joyner…. That’s my guess and I’m sticking to it…….

  44. My guess is Alex Mandossian

  45. Is it Ed Dale?

  46. Sheldon says:

    I was going to say Jim Rohn but someone already used him so i will guess John Addison.
    By the way, I have the “7 lies” “renegade marketing” and “virology” and i must say if anyone delivers more than promiced, it’s you. thanks.

  47. My guess is Yanik Silver.

  48. Dale Carnegie

  49. Gaia Carney says:

    My guess is also Jim Rohn! He is my hero! He is such a sincere and caring person. I hope he is your third mentor and I hope I win the prize :)

  50. Warren Buffet

  51. If he is wise as you are wise, I’d guess King Solomon

  52. Robert Allen

  53. My guess is Napolean Hill. :)

  54. Dan Kennedy

  55. Caroline Reid says:

    Is it Ken Evoy?

  56. Ben D. Wester says:

    My guess is Mike Dillard

  57. Donovan McNamee says:

    Tom Hopkins

  58. Pam Hoemberg says:

    Donald Trump

  59. My mentor is Jim Rohn, hope he is your’s too!

  60. David Farrar says:

    Hi Ann it must be Jim Rohn

  61. My guess is Jim Rohn.

  62. Debbie Grunert says:

    My guess is Dani Johnson

  63. H, Antone says:

    Jay Abraham, the best marketer of all time, period!

  64. H, Antone says:

    Jay Abraham!

  65. Already mentioned but I also think it is Jay Abraham

  66. Christine Bakker says:

    I think that it is TY COUGHLIN.! ! !

  67. Vicki Leigh Blais says:

    Hi Ann is it Paul Myers?

    Vicki Leigh Blais

  68. I believe that it is Jay Abraham, I wish that I would have checked my email sooner! I guess the early bird gets the worm. Bummer..well, thanks for the fun Ann!

  69. I think your mentor must be Jim Rohn!!!

  70. Mark Patterson says:

    Warren Buffet would be my guess. He is an amazing character.

  71. claude hopkins

  72. Ray Phillips says:

    Wild Guess – Derek Gehl

  73. The God Father of Internet Marketing


  74. Audrey Sires says:

    Ken Envoy

  75. I don’t believe anyone has mentioned Tony Robbins yet

  76. Dan Kennedy – guess for who it could be, that 3rd mentor

    Yet Ixalso doubt it.

  77. Kim Davis says:

    my guess is Chris Anderson

  78. Dan Kennedy

  79. Well-
    Here is a shot, and a name I have not seen.

    Tony Robbins ?

  80. Maggie Crider says:

    My guess is Zig Ziglar (sp?).

  81. Michael C says:

    John C. Maxwell

  82. Og Mandino!

  83. My guess is Donald Trump

  84. Bill Gates

  85. Hi, Ann
    My guess is Frank Kern

  86. My guess is Stephen Covey…15 years ago he was in his prime…???

  87. Janelle Peratis says:

    I believe the mystery man to be Michel Fortin

  88. John Carlton

  89. My guess is Joe Schroeder.

  90. Jesus

  91. My guess would have to be Stephen Covey.

  92. Bobbie Gillette says:

    I believe the third person is Paul Zane Pilzer

  93. Gotta be Jay Abraham. Infact, I know for a FACT it’s Jay Abraham. 😉

  94. I know the correct answer has already been given (Eben Pagan), but since I haven’t seen anyone else say it, I thought I’d throw the name Jesus Christ into the mix. I figure maybe that’s a fourth mentor that YOU didn’t think of. (c:

  95. Earl Nightingale

  96. robert allen

  97. Bonnie Baker says:

    Dale Carnegie

  98. Christine Spina says:

    Jonathan Mizel

  99. Gerald Knutson says:

    My guess is Jack Canfield

  100. Earl Nightingale

  101. Earl Nightingale (my first try did not post)

  102. Laida Williams says:

    My guess is Dale Carnegie

  103. It was me Ann.

    Do I get the prize?

  104. Hi, Ann:

    I’m going to go with Val Smyth.

    See you at the top superstar,

    Forest Marie
    Skype: successwithforest

  105. Hey Ann
    I say it is none other than DONALD TRUMP

  106. Tony Robbins! C-A-N-I!!!

  107. Richard Griffiths says:

    It must be….drumroll please….”Dan Kennedy”

  108. Eugene Schwartz – one of the greatest copywriters ever!

  109. Dave Skavland says:

    How about Clayton Makepeace

  110. We’re running out of big names. I don’t see Earl Nightingale on here yet.

    -Jarom Adair

  111. Sorry, posted my answer in the wrong section.

    My guess is Joe Schroeder.

  112. My guess is Russell Brunson.

  113. Neil Piddock says:

    I think Mark Victor Hansen

  114. How about Clayton Makepeace

  115. Dennis Meyer says:

    Eban Pagan

  116. My first guess was Yanik Silver, but since 2 others have already said that, I am going to submit as my guess: Mike Filsaime.

  117. Posted in wrong section. My guess is Dan Kennedy.

  118. Val Cruz says:

    Hi Ann, My guess is Curt Johnson

  119. Debra Stringer says:

    Zig Ziglar

  120. Carolin Hauser says:

    Clayton Makepeace

  121. Ake Ekstrom says:

    The man behind the book: “The Magic of Thinking BIG” Ph.D. David J. Schwartz

  122. Svetoslav Sergeev says:

    My guess is Shawn Casey

  123. Scott W. says:

    My guess is Ken Evoy

  124. I believe it is Jay Abraham

  125. I am guessing Yanik Silver

  126. Hi Ann,

    Given the vintage, not to mention the general esteem in which this industry veteran is held, I think if could well be Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

  127. My guess is Eben Pagan

  128. I would say Jim Rohn.

  129. John Balbach says:

    My guess is Bob Proctor

  130. Jay Abraham

  131. Internet Marketing Guru Corey Rudl

  132. Gary Halbert

  133. I know I am a little late but it is Gary Halbert

  134. Perry Marshall

  135. My guess is:

    Mark Joyner

  136. MY guess is Lee Iacocca

  137. Hello Ann

    Is your 3rd mentor EARL NIGHTINGALE?


  138. Norman Vincent Peale

  139. Tim Sales

  140. I am going to say…Napoleon Hill.

  141. What about Johns dad as the third mentor?

  142. Pierre Demontigny says:

    Well, it seems that every name I could come up with has been mentioned. I would guess for Claude Hopkins.

  143. Doris Hassell says:

    Clayton Makepeace

  144. My Guess is Frank Kern

  145. It must be Napoleon Hill…He is mine too!

  146. Yvon-Pierre says:

    I would say Eben Pagan.

  147. Hi! How fun, I’m just a Newbie and have so much to learn, so I would welcome any help from any of you! Could it be:
    Bob Proctor He has been a mentor for so many people,and has such experience.

  148. Pam Mosqueda says:

    Eben Pagan

  149. Bob Proctor

  150. Jeff House says:

    Is it Jeff Paul??

  151. Isaac Thomas says:

    Dale Carnigie

  152. I think it is Dr. Joe Vitale.

  153. My guess is Tom Antion.

  154. My answer was already taken and I missed it. I’m changing mine to Joe Vitale.

    Jarom Adair

  155. Isaac Thomas says:

    Sorry Ann but I don’t have a clue

  156. Hello Ann,

    I’m guessing it is the late Gary Halbert.


  157. Mark Joyner

  158. My Guess is Dan Kennedy.

  159. Eben Page

  160. Denise Davis says:

    My guess is Dr. Wayne Dyer

  161. John Assaraf

  162. John Smith says:

    How about Michael Gerber

  163. Hi Ann,

    I believe the person is Jim Rohn. I win it, Right?

  164. Ken McCarthy

  165. I am gonna guess Shawn Casey.

  166. Sabrina Merz says:

    Is is AJ Khubani?

  167. Alex Mandossian

  168. Cindy Onsurez says:

    I would say Gary Halbert.

  169. Oscar Alejandro Cordoba says:

    I think your third mentor is Mike Dillard

  170. Delores Lewycky says:

    Is it Eben Pagan

  171. Jay Conrad Levinson

  172. Pete Hardel says:

    Joe Vitale!

  173. Don Clever says:

    Eben Pagan

  174. Napoleon Hill!

  175. I think it is Donal Trump!

  176. Hi Ann,

    My best guess would be Dan Kennedy

  177. Rich Schefren

  178. My Guess is James Arthur Ray

  179. Edward P. Myers says:

    My guess is Joe Vitale

  180. Joel Britton says:

    My guess is Jim Rohn

  181. I think it’s Zig Ziglar. Thanks for the opportunity. More power. #7

  182. Rene Briones says:

    Guess: Dan Kennedy.


  184. My guess (Jim Rohn) has been listed a number of times now. So, I thought I’d just throw out some others just in case. Is it MICKEY MOUSE? I think Mickey has a lot to teach all of us. Then again, it could be MEL GIBSON! Is that right? He is a genius when it comes to personal development (and drinking). Or maybe OZZY OSBOURNE? He is considered one of today leading philosophers! Just having some fun here. Did it make you laugh? That is the point.

  185. Opps I see it has been entered already. (The Donald)
    Oh well that is what I get for not reading before doing.
    Listening to the video as I type. Great stuff!


  186. Hi Ann,

    I guess Robert Allen

    Crossing my fingers :-) Thanks for this cool opportunity

    Shannon Cormier
    Winnipeg, MB

  187. Dan Kennedy

  188. David Olaf says:

    Joe Vitale

  189. Anthony Abajian says:

    How about Lawrence Roberts.

  190. My guess is Bob Proctor

  191. James Martin says:

    Hello everybody, I believe the answer is Matt Bacak aka “The Powerful Promoter”. I’m pretty sure he’s on your list of mentors. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  192. Diane Rundell says:

    Spencer Johnson

  193. Michael Laforet says:

    I think it is Donald Trump.

  194. Since my first pick is taken, I’m going to say Michael Campbell

  195. Mark Hill says:

    Brian Tracy

  196. Mark Joyner, of course!

  197. Hello Ann…

    A couple of people have beat us to our guess, which is Yanik Silver.

    Some of the other guesses are very good, but somehow this name pops out as the one. We should have entered before watching John’s video’s, we guess. Had to send for and wait for #2, of course.

    Congratulations to the winner, whoever that may be. You are about to receive lots of great ideas and information. Appreciate and enjoy what Ann and John have provided for you…

    Don and Barbara Westenbarger

  198. My guess is Napoleon Hill

  199. Steve Nolan says:

    How about Eckhart Tolle?

  200. Dwight Larkins says:

    My guess is Todd Falcone

  201. bing w lu says:

    I know I am late. But it is Gary Halbert.

  202. Jim Madison says:

    My Guess Is Earl Nightingale

  203. Donald Trump

  204. My guess would be either Dale Carnegy or Zig Ziglar. Due to your hint, I’d say Zig Ziglar. That’s my final answer!

    Thanks for the contest and the leadership you give us.

  205. Steven Covey

  206. Joan Cruz says:

    Richard Poe

  207. R.Kiyosaki and Donald Trump are co-author of a great book

  208. Seth Godin

  209. Although already guessed, I wanna 2nd, (3rd or 4th) Tony Robbins.

  210. Darrin Hawkins says:

    Bob Proctor

  211. Jim Rohn? He’s one of my favorites. If anyone hasn’t heard his Building your network marketing business cd. You should really listen to it.

  212. Alan Kreglow says:

    Chris McNeeney

  213. Paul Zane Pilzer

  214. Max Steingart

  215. Mark de Mercado says:

    The 3rd mentor is Eben Pagan

  216. Larry Miller says:

    I am Going To Guess Yaro Starak

  217. James Colt says:


    My guess is Ken Evoy.



  218. jean Bertin says:

    it surely BRIAN TRACY.

    thanks for my free copy.

  219. robert allen

  220. I’m guessing Tom Barrett

  221. Ken Evoy

  222. Bob Burg

  223. Tom Chandler says:

    Jay Abraham

  224. Cheryl Sinkiewicz says:

    I believe that it is Ken Evoy.

  225. Hello Ann,
    I think it is anthony robbins

    Thanks Ann

  226. Steven Watanabe says:

    Stephen Pierce?

  227. Dale Carnegie

  228. Surely, it is Dale Carnegie! My dad told me about him when I was 18 years old. Finally checked him out when my son turned 18!

  229. Victor Damásio says:

    Jesus Christ.

  230. My guess is Napoleon Hill!

  231. Ralph Wilson?

  232. My Guess is Seth Godin

  233. Jay Abraham – Love the contest idea! Have a great day ^_^

  234. My guess is Derek Gehl

  235. Hi Ann and Everybody,

    Look of the names of all the great mentors that exist in the marketing/self development industry.
    Thanks Ann for the opportunity to receive this info as growth potential.

    And,now,being the different kind of bird that I am, and thinking along the lines of “renegade” self-development, I am suggesting that Les Brown is your unidentified mentor.
    To your success

  236. Hi Ann,

    Clayton Makepeace

  237. Nancy Elyze Brier says:

    My guess is Norman Vincent Peale author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”

  238. Mark Joyner

  239. Randy Barritt says:

    Jay Abraham – mentor?

  240. Og Mandino

  241. My guess is Earl Nightingale. :)

  242. Sunish Abraham says:

    Is that Yanic Silver?
    Congrats to the winner/ winners…
    Your emails are composed in such a professional manner.
    Ann You are doing a great! job

  243. Steve Shaw says:

    John Carlton

  244. Julie Decker says:

    Eben Pagan

  245. Ann-

    The third person is Ben Hart

  246. Janey Shabtai says:

    My guess is T. Harv Ecker

  247. Hi,Ann,
    The name of your third mentor is Mr.Simon Grabowski,founder of GetReponse auto email services.

  248. God himself

  249. Bar Peters says:

    My guess is Dan Kennedy

  250. Tom Tenaglia says:

    Since I was originally going to say Yanik Silver and he’s already been written multiple times, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Tad James. :)

  251. Paul Villa-Real says:

    Hi Ann,
    Your third mentor is Yaro Starak.

  252. Terry Dean

  253. Josephine Brown says:

    Brian Tracy

  254. Well, my guess woudl be Willie Crawford.



  255. Nic Delamotte says:

    Mitch Myerson creator of the Guerrila Marketing Coaching Program

  256. George Tanyingu says:

    Hi Ann:
    My guess is Napoleon Hill, author of

  257. Gary Halbert


  258. Since someone has already said Shawn Casssidy I will say Mike Glassby

  259. Tim Daly says:

    Stephen Covey

  260. Juan Solorio says:

    My guess is Napoleon Hill

  261. William Tillman says:

    Hi Ann,
    My guest is ANTHONY ROBBINS

  262. How about Mike Filsaime.

  263. Vincent James

  264. Dear Ann,

    My first guess of a famous Master Minder has already been taken, so here is a wild guess: Wallace Wattles.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  265. Hi Ann

    It’s none other than the great Jay Abraham.


  266. Miriam Gruber says:

    How about Mark Wieser

  267. Hello Ann,

    Is it Donald J. Trump?

  268. jason kaufman says:

    Jim Rohn – work harder on yourself than you do on your job!

  269. Hi Ann.
    My guess is:Bob Proctor.

  270. Mike Boothe says:

    Hi Ann,

    My guess would be Dan Kennedy as he coined the phrase “renegade marketing”. I don’t know if this is the first Dan Kennedy guess you have received, but there you have it. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Mike Boothe

  271. I think the answer is Ken Evoy, the owner of SBI!!

  272. DON THOMAS says:

    HI ANN.


  273. Michael Gerber

  274. Jamie Brook says:

    Dennis Waitley?

  275. Bonnie Douvier says:

    Zig Ziglar

  276. Jay Abraham is the mentor

  277. Antoine says:

    Ted Nicholas

  278. I think that I learned about you from Mike Dillard so Mike is my guess.

  279. Tim Rask says:

    Mark Joyner

  280. Ann,

    I’m guessing Jay Conrad Levinson. The original Guerrilla Marketer!

  281. Lou Abbott of course!

  282. Mark Joyner

  283. Is it Folusho Orokunle?

  284. Mary Jane Humes says:

    Hello Ann!

    Is it Napoleon Hill? Thanks for a super contest!

  285. Moises Lopez says:

    Ken Evoy is my gess

  286. Warren Buffett
    The second richest man

  287. GayGann says:

    The answer is Jay Abraham…thanks.

  288. Matthew says:

    frank kern

  289. Stacie LaFargue says:

    Yanik Silver

  290. The 3rd person must be Dale Carnegie.

  291. Angela Klenk says:

    Charles Givens?

  292. Yared Abebe says:

    It has to be Dale Carnegie.

  293. Wow! I am way late in getting to the game!

    My guess would have to be Jay Abraham. I see a lot of other people think the same.

    Thanks Ann! Your an inspiration to us all! Speaking as a new “Renegade Convert” I can truly say the information you provide is top notch!

    Thank you!

  294. If not Dr.Dan Kiley, author of the Peter Pan Syndrome, for men who haven’t grown up,(usage
    scriptural’in Him there’s neither male nor female’
    plus,if God is talking, it’s to mankind.) then, this isnt’ part of my answer as ‘one guess
    only applies’ because two authors, Hill and Stone
    writers of ‘Success through a positive mental
    attitude’ could not be described as ‘a’ mentor and
    it’s obvious Ann, you have it,to your mom and dad
    your formative years’ teachers and peer groups, > well done, thanks for the Ann we now know

  295. Bill Fields says:

    Bob Proctor

  296. Elaine Austin says:

    I think it’s Zig Ziglar.

  297. joe percivalle says:

    hey ann, was it donald trump?

  298. Hi Ann, I’m guessing Mark Weiser.

  299. Marvin Graves says:

    My guess is “Tremendous Jones”. Great motivator!!

  300. Mike Klinger ?

  301. Juanita Carpenter says:

    Gee, I’m so late both my ideas were already posted. So I’ll say your son.

  302. Mike Filisame

  303. Liliana says:

    Hi Ann —

    I did some research and the only name I haven’t seen in the list so far is

    Tim Brocklehurst

  304. Joseph Rodriguez says:

    Jim Rohn #1 mentor

  305. Donald Trump

  306. I think John’s 3rd mentor is Ken McCarthy

  307. Bill Gates

  308. Donald Trump

  309. Randy G. says:

    Lots of great mentors already mentioned…how about Henry Ford

  310. Is it Gary Halbert?

  311. Larry McCord says:

    Nepolion Hill Think And Grow Rich.

  312. Has to be your mother, look how great you turned out.

  313. My guess is John Carlton

  314. Ann,

    Wow. I can’t believe how fast the good guesses have piled up. ALL of these names are great ones. Jim Rohn would have been my guess, but since he and so many others I would refer to are taken, I’m going to put in a pitch for one of my heroes….none other than Jack LaLanne.

  315. Gary McKeighen says:

    Charlie Page

  316. I think the third mentor is Dan Kennedy.

  317. My guess is Jim Rohn.

  318. Denise Gore says:

    My guess Vincent James

  319. Laurie Glinski says:

    Clayton Makepeace

  320. alice imhof says:

    Tony Robbins

  321. Ernie Hodge says:

    T. Harv Eker

  322. Naomi Ruth Vanden Oever says:

    Hi Ann,
    My guess is Claude Hopkins…Father of
    modern advertising..pg.63 in your book,
    The Renegade Network Marketer.

  323. Ray Gardner says:

    Hi Ann,

    My guess hasn’t been mentioned here so far. Is it Ty Tribble?

  324. Shona Blackthorn says:

    Donald Trump

  325. Jim Rohn

  326. BJ Donaldson says:

    Hi Ann,

    My guess is David Frey… of Marketing Best Practices..

  327. Joanne Henn says:

    It’s got to be Ben Franklin. He has a lot to teach us all.

  328. Ron Fujimoto says:

    Donald Trump

  329. Randy Gage

  330. Jodi Barnhart says:

    Anthony Robbins

  331. John C. Maxwell

  332. My guess is Jay Abraham!

  333. Hi Ann,

    Guess a lot of people were on the same wavelength and you probably are going to have to draw a name out of a hat.

    Hopefully my guess is right there to, but I would guess Dan Kennedy.

  334. Eben Pagan

  335. Wayne F. Hall says:

    I think your third mentor is: Mike filsaime

  336. Mac Lewis says:

    Joel Comm

  337. Rebecca Maringer says:

    My guess is Ken Evoy

  338. Rene Protacio says:

    Well, I’ve seen the obvious names of my first guesses already named above (Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, etc.), so I would say “Steve Jobs”

  339. Don’t know but my guess is

  340. My guess is napolean hill

  341. Heather Funsch says:

    Dan Kennedy is my guess I enjoy the tips that i have received from you.

    Heather Funsch

  342. Catherine Knolls says:

    Ken McDougal
    July 11 2008 at 10:41 am
    July 11 2008 at 2:07 pm beat me to it:

    Frank Kern

    Thank you, Ann, for such a creative contest/experiment.

    Wow – we are a community!

  343. Florence Christie says:

    Hi Ann
    I know hes been mentioned but I have to say Jim Rohn (Jim Rohn was Tony Robbins mentor also). I am only 4 days old in this business and only received the email today

  344. Oh, it has to be Dan Kennedy! Right?!?

  345. Originally my guess was either Dan Kennedy or Jay Abraham. Since a lot of people picked Dan and I only saw one for Jay, I’m going to say Jay Abraham also.

  346. Kevin Medlock says:

    I think he was Michel Fortin

  347. I think it is Zig Zeigler

  348. Stephen says:

    Zig Ziglar is my guess.

  349. Dan Kennedy is my guess … since you are using a funded proposal and direct marketing techniques espoused by Mr. Kennedy.

  350. The man was Gary Halbert. He passed away in 2007.

  351. Jack Snider says:

    Hi Ann
    First name to come to mind was Donald Trump.

  352. My guess is Al Gore,after all he Did “invent” the internet remember?

  353. Jim Crews says:

    My guess is Gary Halbert

  354. My guess would be Dan Kennedy

  355. Lonny Hogan says:

    My guess is W. Clement Stone

  356. Marlene Benedict says:

    Napoleon Hill

  357. Ok, my guess is Joe Schroeder!!!!

  358. Armand Morin

  359. Chris Sylvester says:


    I’m going to go with: Robert Cialdini


  360. Lyndon Bates says:

    My quess is Robert Kiyosaki

  361. Nolan Hara says:

    My answer would be Donald Trump.

  362. Great contest and the list is priceless. Can’t wait to see who is YOUR third mentor.

    Kate Williams

  363. Coral Aubert says:

    Hi Ann: The name of your third mentor is Claude Hopkins. You spoke so highly of him and his educational marketing techniques in the Renegade ebook.

  364. Ken Evoy of S.B.I.

  365. Margaret Hastings says:

    Hi Anne

    I see someone beat me to it, but my guess is Gary Bencivenga. Maybe there’s a prize for the runner up?

    Happy guessing everyone!


  366. David Tam says:

    My guess is: Michael T. Glaspie

  367. Jim Medina says:

    Andy Jenkins?

  368. I think it’s Clayton Makepeace.

  369. Oprah Winfrey

  370. Frank Rumbauskas?

  371. laurie adamson says:

    Great Contest: since no one mentioned a mentor named Chris M. (he wrote Day Job Killer and Google Nemisis, but i’ll have to get back to you on the spelling of his last name.
    laurie adamson

  372. Hello Ms. Amn I belive it is Eben Pagan

  373. okay that was to be Ann!! Happy Editing…been at it all week over on ezines…tee hee….

  374. robert allen

  375. My gues is Jim Rohn

  376. Sandy Braccey says:

    My guess is Jim Rohn.

  377. My guess is Zig Ziggler.

  378. My guess is Mike Filsame. I am hoping that because no one else has said it I might get lucky! :)

  379. Mike Silverlock says:

    I Beleive it would be none other than Mr Donald Trump

  380. My guess is Jack Canfield

    Curt Landberg

  381. Kevin Maute says:


    My guess is Wallace Wattles


  382. Joe Luna says:

    Hi Ann,

    Jus’ guessin’

    Jay Conrad Levinson


    Joe Luna

  383. Ann,

    As it turns out, I do believe you are coming down with Alzheimers JUST KIDDING

    My guess


  384. Cyrus Maxilom says:

    Donald Trump

  385. Hi

  386. Jennifer Donelle says:

    Eben Pagan

  387. Eben Pagan

  388. It’s definitely Jim Rohn! He is a mentor to us all

  389. It is the late, great Gary Halbert.

  390. Guy Kawasaki

  391. Hi Ann, Thanks for the Opportunity!
    I say Bill Gates.

  392. I think it is Gary Halbert. What a great writer.
    Jo Ivosevic

  393. Mel Morrow says:

    I don’t recall his first name but the last is Brown.

  394. Matildaroo says:

    I guess its Jim Rohn – the mentor of mentors

  395. Barb Hughesian says:

    Hi Ann,

    My guess is Ken McCarthy.

    Barb Hughesian

  396. I would have to guess it is GOD.
    He wrote the best life manual that everyone has first learned from. At least He is mine.

  397. Monia Butler says:

    John Carlton

  398. Joe Vitale

  399. Marjorie says:

    Ken Envoy

  400. Marlin Cooper says:

    Jim Rohn

  401. All right Mrs. Siege, enough guessing here, lets bring the mystery man’s name to the light, but first, let build some more drama…

    I just went through the entire 398 posts and man, what a valuable list of powerful and influential personalities to learn from. Here’s my best guess since I see nobody has already mentioned this one and since you said that John has been following this model since he was 15 years old, then it makes sense to bring this guy who is 63 years old today.

    He is a psychologist and in the field of influence and persuasion, he is the most cited social psychologist in the world today, his name? Drum rolls please…

    Dr. Robert B. Cialdini

    Born on April 27, 1945, this guy has really set some serious knowledge on marketing.

    His book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (published on 1984, that is 24 years ago when little John was still a teenager), is a must read for anyone who is serious enough about their business success.

    This book instantly became a classic for marketers to apply each of the psychological tactics to success and consistently ranks within the top one half of one percent of books sold on Amazon.com.

    Also, Influence has been listed on the New York Times Business Best Seller List and Fortune Magazine lists Influence in their “75 Smartest Business Books.”

    The content of this book has truly a power that should only be harnessed for good, so please folks and gals, use it to make this crazy world a better place.

    All the Best,
    Peter Palatnik

  402. Joe Luna says:

    #359 Guessed Robert Cialdini

  403. donald trump

  404. Jimmy Loong says:

    The third mentor is Jay Abraham

  405. Di Reynolds says:

    Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

  406. Tim Reriti says:

    David Garfinkel

  407. Brian Karwowski says:

    Eban Pagan

  408. k.brocklebank says:

    Perry Marshall

  409. My guess is: Jim Rohn

  410. Julie Patterson says:

    Walt Disney

  411. It’s Clayton Makepeace

  412. Hi Anne,

    Guessing it’s Jim Edwards.

  413. Dynamo Dave says:

    So many possibilities, but I guess:
    W. Clement Stone

  414. Ann,

    I’m going to guess Rich Schefren.

  415. Diriki Jordan says:

    Henry Ford

  416. Hi Ann

    Your Third Main Mentor Is Earl Nightingale.
    Like He Said – You Are What You Think About.

  417. Linda Grable says:

    Yanik Silver

  418. Tony Jackson says:

    Hi Ann, is it Anthony Robbins?

  419. Gordon Turner says:

    Rich Schefren

  420. Eben Pagan

  421. Tom Dixon says:

    Hello Ann,
    My guess is Dan Kennedy.


    Tom Dixon

  422. Hi Anne,

    I think it’s Ross Goldberg.. Hope I got it right..

  423. Geoff Harley says:

    My guess is Victor Kiam

  424. Russell D. says:

    My guess is Stephen Pierce.

  425. C Goodwin says:

    Hi Anne,

    Just a guess…Jim Bailey.

  426. Sarah Werbner-Kali says:

    Hi Ann,

    My guess is: Bob Proctor

    A hug,


  427. Sarah Werbner-Kali says:

    My guess is:Bob Proctor

  428. Paul Diender says:





  429. My guess is ANN SIEG herself!

  430. Hi Anne,
    My guess is Earl Nightingale

  431. I’d guess Daegan Smith!

  432. Of course I had to search Google for this answer! I found this great interview! In it John Reese tells where he gets his start! From the great Gary Halbert! Check out it out! Thanks Ann for all you do!


  433. A lot of major players listed.

  434. Fritss Fowler says:

    About the only two people not mentioned are Snow White and Bugs Bunny – I vote Bugs Bunny

  435. Hi Anne

  436. Stella Medina says:

    Is Jim RoHm

  437. good technique. thanks.

  438. hi Anne,

    thanks for your effort in editing the entries.

    Above whom there is none other, may be truish

    and we are free ‘choose now whom you will serve’

    either to believe that if God exists ( he gives

    us special permission to posit any outcome either

    by brimging them to Him, ‘by any means’ or via,

    the injunction / commandment to’spread the gospel

    like a sweet perfume,’) He IS NOT always part

    of the sales’ process presentation, by name,

    unless the prospect is first bringing Him in, or

    for any other legitimate and conceivable reason.

    My best wishes are that you and yours achieve
    your hearts’ desire.
    Please may I leave you with a short hybrid verse,taken and adapted from a tea-towel on the wall in the kitchen? Thanks;
    You are writing a Gospel, a chapter each day, by
    the things that you do and the things you may say
    Either spoken or written, as long as it’s true,
    Say, what is the Gospel according to you ?
    All the best from FalkirkJohn in bonny Scotland.

  439. the Rockefeller Family or Bill Gates

  440. Evelyne Campbell says:

    Is his mentor Eben Pagan?

    I hope so!

  441. Evelyne Campbell says:

    NOW, I just looked through the names, at least 3 from the 11th said, Eben Pagan, and at least 2 from today said Eben Pagan. So, if it is he, I’m out anyway! It was a terrific way to find out!
    Thanks for the mind exercise, Ann!

  442. Ann Sieg herself, the Renagade.

  443. I purchased the Renegade Network Marketing System and it has truly opened my eyes….thank you for shedding light on this area of marketing.

    Del Bolton

  444. Gary Halbert of Scientific Advertising

  445. Fredric says:

    Napoleon Hill – Think and Get Rich

  446. derrick says:

    what was is, what is was, what’s to be is up to me

  447. derrick says:

    Brian Tracy

  448. Samantha Snicklefrits says:

    Jesus Christ

  449. Rich Shefran

  450. Hey Ann!

    Answer is Gary Halbert .

    Please send me a free copy too i really need it.

    Thanks in advance all the way from Nepal.

  451. Anirban Saha says:

    Gary Halbert is your 3rd mentor. Please send me the book

  452. The 3rd mentor is Donald Trump.

  453. Hi Ann
    my answer is Dan Kennedy

  454. The 3rd person Malcolm Williams

  455. Thanks, for all your wonderful, much needed advice.

  456. Pierre Omidyar

  457. T. Harv Eker

  458. I guess it was
    Robert Kiyosaki

  459. Of course it is you Ann. I it is all over.

  460. Hello Ann,

    Great blog! John Rease sounds like a good leader to follow. I appreciated the article. I will give it a guess. Is it Jim Rohn? I know that it is probably wrong, but it was worth taking a crack at it. Thank you for the insightful article.

    Jonathon Pugsley

  461. I didn’t see Shawn Casey.

  462. Dr. John Taylor


  463. Sir Winston Churchill, he was a great man, and protector of nations.

    All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

  464. My Personal Mentor and best friend, a twelve year veteran internet marketer and valued teacher…

    My wife Gina Sprenkle-Gunning

  465. Maxime Mianzokouna says:

    Thanks Ann, you are the best of all.


  1. […] My answer would be Donald Trump. Source: By: Nolan Hara […]

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