April 15, 2024

Why The Internet Might Be Your Worst Enemy

The fact is, if you’re not taking advantage of the Internet right now — or more importantly, if you’re not educating your audience — you’re losing customers, prospects and existing downline members to those who are (whether you and/or your upline realizes it or not).
from The Attraction Marketers’ Manifesto


Here’s A Common Scenario That Is Playing Itself Out Every Day

Say you’re making your routine 50 dials a day to your opportunity leads that you purchased. Or better yet, you’re making your “three new contacts” a day while going about work and errands. And you just so happen to hit on someone who’s at the right point in their life where they’re legitimately looking for an opportunity and you caught them at just the right moment in their day where they’re willing to take the time to listen to you. And say you actually manage to pique their curiosity enough to the point where they’re interesting in finding out more.

Pitch Fest!

What happens is you set up an appointment with them to show the plan (aka – pitch fest)…

you might schedule a three way call with them and your sponsor (aka – pitch fest) …

you invite them to attend a conference call about your opportunity (aka – pitch fest) …

you send them a DVD or an email with a link to a video that’s all about your opportunity (aka – pitch fest) …

or you direct them to your beautiful company website which is all about … you guessed it… you’re one of a kind opportunity.

Teaching Sells

In the meantime, they’re doing their own research online about your opportunity (network marketing even though you told them this wasn’t MLM, of course)… working from… you name it… and in the process they come across someone who is offering a free report about why most people don’t make money with their home based business or maybe a free video series about how to generate customers for free using the Internet instead of just talking to friends and coworkers (which doesn’t appeal to them that much anyway).

So they give their name and email address in exchange for the information and most likely, forget all about their appointment with you.

They start receiving more of this person’s emails offering useful information. They see them as a helpful guide, a friend, someone who’s looking out for their best interests. Trust is built. Until eventually they ask that person how they can do what they’re doing.

Thank you very much for the lead.

Which Side Of The Equation Are You On?

It’s not really fair, but the people who are still doing the grunt work of one-to-one prospecting are fueling the downlines and customers lists of those who are positioning themselves as a valuable resource using the Internet.

At the very least, you need to be online if for no other reason than to protect your offline prospecting efforts.

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In the Manifesto below, you’ll learn how to be on the “right side” of the equation, and make the Internet your best friend.

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Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. John Apodaca says:

    Is it possible to use a lead generation system for car sales? I am a car sales person and want to work by appointments only through a system that works with buyers. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi John,

      Absolutely it is possible. This topic is far too big to address via a blog comment. I suggest you set up an appointment with my Renegade System Coaching director who can get you going in the right direction. His email address is curt@8020marketinginc.com.

      There’s so many powerful resources now that is totally possible to dominate your niche in your local area. Not only that you can get so good you could create a nice tight system and then teach others how to do it too. Make it a money machine. :)

      Be sure to read through my free report “The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto” to begin the process.

  2. Excellent, Ann. I’ve been talking about this very thing for years, and it’s clear that the Internet isn’t going anywhere. We might as well leverage it to the hilt to attract our ideal prospects to us and educate our audience. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I am new to this……I am overwhelmed by there being so much to know…I got into this by seeing one of those “make thousands” in one day ads…I found out about the word “scam” heres the thing…I have NO money…I’m I tried to build a free web site but couldn’t figure it out…..I am 58 YEARS OLD…AND NOT TOO good on this Iphone…(that my brother let me borrow…..there is SO MUCH TO KNOW AND LEARN…… how can I do it?

    • renegadeblogadmin says:

      Hi Dennis,

      This is just like any other profession. It’s a skill and quality skills take time to develop.

      If you have no money you’re going to have to collect your information some what “piece meal”.

      Go ahead and read my free report http://wwww.marketersmanifesto.com. This will give you a huge leg up. Plus, this blog itself is chock full of great information to get you going.

      Feel free to join me on my fanpage as well. https://www.facebook.com/annsiegpage

  4. Pat Campbell says:

    Interesting, make sure your own online presence is “supporting offline efforts”
    It feels much more comfortable to be the online “go to” person for that lead


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