April 25, 2024

Where Were You When Michael Jackson Died?

I was watching a segment on Yahoo News online
the other day about Michael Jackson’s death.

It was called, “Where were you when Michael Jackson died?

And they were going around asking people this question.

They were comparing his death to such historical events as:

-Pearl Harbor

-The JFK assassination


Now that’s POWERFUL.

If you’d like to know what this has to do with you generating
leads for your business, just click the link below to find out more…

-Isaiah Sieg

(Ann’s business partner)

For the past 14 days the entire world has been focused on the death of one man:

The king of pop.

(*Editor’s note: A few people wrote in and were very upset by this article. Many people loved Michael Jackson, many didn’t, and many couldn’t care less. Personally, I wasn’t a fan myself and this article wasn’t meant to be a tribute to him. The purpose of it is to illustrate what kind of events capture the attention of large crowds of people. To some people it seems silly (or even offensive), but often times the events that do this the most effectively are not what many would consider truly “newsworthy,” especially when compared to other things going on in the world. But whatever your view is on events like these, they have very important marketing lessons for you if you’re a business owner.)

That Yahoo News segment I was telling you about said that when the headlines first flashed across all the big screens in Times Square, New York, the entire city collectively GASPED.

And every newspaper, TV station, magazine, and seller of music/entertainment on earth is leveraging this event to the FULLEST right now to sell more issues, CDs, downloads, ad space, and virtual real estate than ever.

And it’s not just the tabloids like The National Enquirer that are capitalizing on it.

Amazon.com whipped together an entire new section on their website devoted to selling Michael Jackson CDs and memorabilia the very day news got out about his death.

As morbid as this may seem, it’s just how the world works.

Events like these capture and hold people’s attention.

And in the information age (aka – “information overload” age)

Anywhere People’s Attention Is Centered, There Is Money To Be Made

Here’s a screenshot from Google Trends and Google Insights illustrating how this “mob of attention” translates into tangible results on places like search engines and other advertising sources that people like you and me use to find pools of prospects for our business.

Regardless of how important Michal Jackson was to you personally, there’s a very good reason his death has been front page headlines for the past two weeks. Newspapers like the New York Times and cable stations like CNN do not choose these type of stories carelessly.

If you’ve ever taken a copywriting course of any kind you know that the purpose of the headline of any ad is NOT to sell the product. It is simply to get the prospect’s ATTENTION.

That’s it.

Because that’s the first and hardest thing to do. Once you do that, your odds of making the sale or capturing the lead are very, very good. In fact, it’s been proven through thousands and thousands of scientific split tests that the headline itself is responsible for 80% or more of an ad’s success!

Therefore, when constructing an ad, sales letter or website, top copywriters spend the majority of their time just working on the headline alone!

(The 80/20 rule at play again)

“On The Average, 5 Times As Many People Read The Headlines As
Read The Body Copy.  It Follows That, Unless Your Headline Sells Your
Product, You Have Wasted 90% Of Your Money.”

— David Ogilvy, world famous advertising executive, best-selling author
of some of the most influential books ever on scientific advertising

What does this tell you?

1) Attention is the most valuable resource today.

2) If you can become good at capturing attention on a regular basis, and also recognizing and seizing special   “attention windows of opportunity,” you’re well on your way to becoming a highly successful marketer.

I sent you an email just a couple days ago about this, and it’s such a valuable lesson that I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.

A similar “traffic stopping” event just played out recently within our own industry.

(Except this time no one died. Thankfully.)

It involved Ann and another leader in the field named Ferny Ceballos and it quickly escalated into one of the ugliest, most heated, and most publicized debates ever witnessed by the online network marketing community.

In the end the situation was defused. More importantly, the entire thing was actually turned around into a huge win for everyone and some unlikely friendships were formed.

And most importantly, everyone walked away with some incredible real-life lessons on leadership, conflict resolution, teamwork, collaboration, transparency, and marketing.

The learning opportunities from this situation turned out to be so valuable that Ann and Ferny decided to host a rare presentation dissecting the entire string of events and what the take-aways from it were.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s covered on this unusual call:

-The Adwords dilemma

-Advertising legal issues

-Search engine optimization

-SEO “fuzziness”

-Conflict resolution

-Jiu Jitsu Marketing

-The power of social media

-Points of influence

Of course, one of the most evident marketing lessons from this event was just how powerful controversy really is… and how it can be leveraged to generate an abnormally large amount of leads, sales and influence in the marketplace.

Especially if you’re a “little guy” with a limited advertising budget.

For Better Or For Worse, Controversy – Just Like The Passing Of Well
Known Public Figures – Spreads 100x Times Faster Than Good News

It is what it is, and disputes are an inevitable part of life. But the most important things to remember are:

  • Every situation, no matter how negative it may seem, can be turned into a positive win-win for everyone, and a chance to grow and develop
  • Anytime information spreads quickly and attention is captured (especially when it’s a real life, newsworthy event) there’s an opportunity to leverage it to drive traffic, sales or visitors into your business

The call is free for everyone and you can watch it here:


If you’re new to BetterNetworker.com, it takes two minutes to create a free account and it’s a perfect place to connect with other home based business owners, as well as learning how to develop relationships and lead with valuable content.

Plus, you can also use it to connect with Ann!

Another win-win that came out of this whole situation is that Ann also decided to become an instructor over at BetterNetworker.com, alongside with Ferny and other leaders in the industry.

Here’s the link to her profile where you can drop by and say hi:


After you’ve done that, here’s the link again to this rare call. It’s called “War, Peace & Marketing” and you don’t want to miss it:


See you soon…

Isaiah Sieg
Ann’s business partner (and son)

P.S. – I almost forgot, there are three other “newsworthy” items I have to tell you about. Some exciting stuff coming up that you won’t want to miss…

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Traffic + Content + Conversions + List + Monetization =

A Money Making Home Business

Well, we’ve got powerful new training coming up for you soon that focuses on one of the five ingredients that many people new to marketing miss out on: Conversions.

There’s a very good chance that you’re working three times as hard as you need to be right now and only getting HALF the results you should be getting (or much less) if you’re not incorporating this ingredient into your business.

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We’ve got a very unique coaching solution coming up that’s designed to fit your individual needs and it’s going to be something that will be within anyone’s means. And I mean anyone.

I can’t really leak out any more details other than that right now, but it’s going to be big.

#3. How would you like to earn while you learn and be mentored by Ann, myself and our entire staff of in-house marketers?

We have a couple positions opening up within our company and we’re going to be looking for some talented writers soon.

If you’d like to get on the inside of a rapidly growing multi million dollar company, this might be exactly the break you’ve been waiting for.

I’ll have more details coming soon.

#4. I know I said three things, but…

If you haven’t done it yet, go check out this call with Ann, Ferny and Raymond right now. You’ll be glad you did.

The tips and strategies on this call are pure gold.

Use them and you WILL become a leader within your company and the industry:


About Isaiah Sieg

Chief marketing officer at 80/20 Marketing Inc. In these troubling times of economic uncertainty, I prefer Andrew Carnegie's approach... "The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket." Just make damn sure you have the right basket.


  1. Hi Isaiah,

    One of techniques that Mike Klingler taught us early on was the importance of leveraging a news event.And the death of Michael Jackson has just proved once again that by creating a social buzz whether positive or negative captures peoples attention resulting in potential sells.

    The controversy that was created by Ferny and Ann also shows us that lessons can be learned if the parties involved can find common ground resulting in a positive outcome from a potentially bad situation.

    Ann and Feney have showed us a perfect example of using this leveraging the news model which or course as we’ve all seen resulted in a win-win for everyone.

  2. Wow, Isaiah, You have certainly added a lot of value to this post. Thank you very much…

    “Attention is the most valuable resource today.”

    Well, you have my attention. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Karen Fleeman says:

    MJ died on my birthday.

  4. Unfortunately, you are oh so right… Controversy and bad news gets attention. There is an old adage in the newspaper industry:
    – If it bleeds, it leads.

    Although unfortunate, it’s fortunate that you point this out and show us how to capitalize on the knowledge. I took the information you gave and wrote some information about Michael Jackson and posted it on my blog…


    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. I greet, Leady noticed justly, that Michael Jackson died how JFK or MM became saying straight by devoid own guardians life! This is horrible death.

  6. I was at a yard sale when Michael Jackson died.
    My God’s comfort and peace be with Michael’s family.

  7. Thank you for all the valuable information posted. My question, is being “very wordy” a pre-req to being effective. I notice all the guru use a lot of words to say…! Time is money and I think the key is to hold the person rather than truly educate. I tend to forget the purpose of my reading most of these emails trying to sell me on how to earn money online. If I have to be that wordy I will never make it as I love getting to the point and not wear people out. Feedback on this respected. Thanks

  8. Ann,thanks!

    How long will it take me to get the kind of mind set you have?

    I have some really good stuff. Valuable. Quality. Things people really like. And I’m constantly asking myself, “How do I get the word out?”

    But I might as well be asking, “How do I keep the word in?” because I just don’t think of things the right way.

    Then you come along and give an example and now the question is, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Some day, I’ll get it right. Keep kicking me.


  9. OOPS! Is this where I am to respond to where I was when MJ died? If so, I was in my office at home. I am amazed at the outpouring of love at his funeral, yet the lack of love and support during the trials and tribulations of his life. If you listen to the words of his music he prepared us for this day. I am sad because I am sure most of us would rather have love, support and trust while we are here on earth. We forgot to embrace the “MAN” so he could appreciate being alive thus we created this stranger! OH SO SAD!
    We lost again.

  10. Hi Isaiah,

    I read your last two letters and I find them very helpful.

    I also listened to the War & Peace Marketing Call.
    All you guys are coming up with great stuff.

    I wish I had more time to act on it all but even a thing here and there makes a big difference.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

  11. The King of Pop is not good if you die waiting than five funeral prayer time for Muslims, if not for the reasons must be strong kemapa delayed pemakamannya, so that the final death tribute songs sung spiritual.

    Since I’m also watching the funeral procession of a direct broadcast live around the world.
    I’m at home watching the live broadcast through Television in Australia Television Station broadcast a lot of direct broadcast this.

    I was also concerned over the brain otopsi Michael Jackson for the sake of Investigation, without the need to explain the need in general.

    What do you know if it announces the death of Jackson after entrance michaele Islam in the Year 2008?

  12. As always Ann, great lesson on how leverage the current events. In fact you are demonstrating it to us in this post. Thanks again for taking the lead!

  13. Hello Isaiah,

    Can’t wait for coaching details. I’d like to take this opportunity to say I think it’s so wonderful that you and your mom are partners. I am praying that someday, I will be partnering with my son also.

    I’m a member of BN and it’s an awesome networking site. It’s a great place to practice leadership and create relationships with like minded individuals.

    Thanks for your value, support, input, time.

    Debbie Turner

  14. Sorry Isiah, I meant to write your name :)

  15. Hi Isaiah,

    Thanks for this information! It was a perfect example of how the news is leveraged EVERYDAY! As my husband and I sat watching the memorial yesterday, I found myself grimacing when I thought of people scalping tickets and selling t-shirts outside of the Staples Center while a man’s family, friends, and fans mourned inside. But then I realized…that truly is just the way the world works. Those people knew where the fish were going and GOT THERE FIRST! A lesson in business to learned by all. Thanks again!

    Ashley Jordan

  16. I am so impressed by the fact that Ann is not only an excellent business lady but also a great parent. Isaiah, is not only good at what he does but he is to be commended for agreeing to work with his mom. I can never get my son to work for/with me.

    Keep up the good work!


  17. Greetings,
    Good points, all of them. I am one who does NOT remember where I was when Michael Jackson died. No, its not because of Senioritis, but rather becase his passing did not directly affect me. Yes, he was a great talent and an innovator to be sure, and I enjoyed much of his music. But, perpestive is the key for me.
    As to other countless millions who followed the frenzy, so to speak, it is they whom we try to reach with our message, whatever that may be.
    That is where marketing and exposure come in. Thanks for the info you provide.

  18. “Aside from a couple minor news blurbs of very little importance (like the United States and Russia forming a new partnership for example), for the past 14 days the entire world has been focused on the death of one man”

    What a stupid, small-minded thing to say. Have you forgotten about the Iranian election protests and the North Korean missile testing already? Do you even care? Yes, Michael Jackson was popular, but he is not a global issue or concern.

    This blog is why all future Ann Sieg emails will be going straight to my spam folder.

  19. I was tweeting about http://www.trygdi.com when someone posted “TMZ reports Michael Jackson has died.”

    Quickly checking the TMZ site and others, it was clear. What a sad day it was.

    TopGDIPro from Twitter

  20. Isaiah Sieg says:


    I’m sorry if this statement offended you. This particular line was written with VERY heavy sarcasm. Many people loved Michael Jackson. Personally, I wasn’t a fan myself and I didn’t pay any more attention to the headlines about him than I do the daily news. However, I do study the news very closely from a marketer’s perspective to see what I can learn from it.

    This article was not meant to be a tribute to Michael Jackson. The purpose of it is to illustrate what kind of events capture the attention of large crowds of people. Often times the events that do this the most effectively are not what many people would consider events that are truly “newsworthy,” especially when compared to other things going on in the world. This has very important marketing lessons for you if you’re a business owner.

    Marketing or copywriting is often called “applied psychology” because really what it is is the study or understanding of human psychology and being able to apply it in a way that produces results, like sales.

    You say, “Michael Jackson is not a global issue or concern” and personally I couldn’t agree with you more. But regardless of how important he was to you or me, the reality is, for hundreds of millions of people he IS a global concern and that’s why his death made front page headlines for weeks on end and that’s the important marketing lesson here.

    The real marketing lesson is being able to step outside of our own world and see what OTHER people’s hot buttons are in order to speak to them in a way that truly capture’s their attention. In this case the news stations know that Michael Jackson is a hot button for millions of people. In our case we need to be able understand what our prospect’s hot buttons are so that our message stands out from all the other noise going on in the marketplace.


    P.S. – I know this comment is showing up as though Ann said it – I was logged in to her admin account when I wrote it, I need to create a separate admin account for myself at some point

  21. Bev Ferraro says:

    Wow I cant believe people cant see that no matter what their personal beliefs are what everyone is talking about is where the $$$$ is How hard is that to comprehend?I am almost ready to launch a mini site so I can take advantage of the news!!! BEV

  22. I was just stopping for gas in Nashville Tennessee when I overheard someone say Michael Jackson just died. We were traveling out west and heard it all day for the next 3 days on the radio.

    Some people may call this marketing maneuver “capitalizing” on someone’s misfortunes. But someone has to be there to sell the material all the fans are searching for, right? In other words, there is a demand that needs a supply.

    Heck, there were even police officers to benefited from extra pay by the state of CA because the were willing to take advantage of a demand for more police and riot conserns.

    It’s all about properly and effectively positioning oneself in the world of “supply and demand.”


    Spencer Iacono

  23. Thank you for posing the question Where were you…? We’re from Wisconsin and we were in NY visiting our youngest son. We celebrated our middle son’s birthday that day, so will remember the date for more than one reason. Elvis died on my 18th birthday so that too is memorable. We are choosing to celebrate the positive aspects of Michael Jackson’s life, and honor his amazing talents instead of the negativities that can cause imbalance among all of us. Remembering that we are ‘all one’, and when one ‘magic’ moment is created, we all benefit. Thank you for the love you pour into your purpose and for sharing it with all of us. When one benefits-we all do,
    and when one hurts-we all do…that’s global!

  24. I have been watching all of the tributes and listening to the comments about Michael’s tragic death and I think many of us aren’t focused yet. One thing I do sincerely believe is that God has sent us someone that truly tried to teach us that we are all from the same family. We must reach to each other and help each other and accept who we really are. Michael saw no boundries between us and did everything he could to follow God’s word and help anyone that needed it. Color, race, religion, monetary standard or anything else you can think of were not boundries to this man. He has truly tried to unite us, all of the human race. We need to look at the dreams that Michael Jackson lived by, and continue, as he and God would wish us to.

  25. Who Died? The king of POP?
    All I need to know I learned from the real King!
    E-mail me anytime and I will tell you about Him.

  26. Thanks Isaiah for that helpful bit information


  27. patricia morrissey says:

    i was watching news on cnn, they had just reported all about Farrah’s passing, then wham! i couldn’t believe it, they said MJ had a cardiac arrest, then within minutes he had passed. i felt horrible, i wasn’t a fanatical fan, but enjoyed his music, and lets face it, what an awesome entertainor, and from what i’ve learned what a kind and gentle generous human being he was, may he find peace now, that apparantly in life he didn’t have.

  28. Very interesting reading,thank you.

    Sadly “bad news” does attract attention. This is exactly why one of the most searched for terms right now when it comes to our industry is the word ‘scam’. This is not because there has been an increase in scams but because so many people are using the word in headlines. This is obviously to attract readers to the body of their marketing and which then often has nothing to do with a scam at all.

    From a law of attraction viewpoint, the implications are dire indeed. If we remember that what we focus on attracts more of the same then do we really want to be responsible for contributing to more negativity in our lives?

    Interestingly, the abuse of this word has become so bad that well known online article site, Ezine Articles, has recently banned the word form titles. I’m all for it.

  29. Hi Isaiah, it’s nice seeing you coming “out of the closet” and showing your talents publicly.
    I very much enjoy your writing style from a marketers point of view and since I am aspiring to be a very good copy writer too you inspire me.
    I am having similar issues to you where I am still pretty young and needing to build the trust factor with “the older crowd”
    Congratulations to you that you have been able to establish yourself as a trusted player in the internet marketing/copy writing industry

  30. Thanks Isaiah for you have given me some great insights. Leveraging the news, events, and just keeping up with everything around the world is a lucrative way to keep people wanting more from you.

    I’m looking forward to all the new stuff that you guys are putting together.



  31. Please email or phone a USA phone number to me that I will be able to call and speak with you or someone that will answer my questions for me. Thank you very much. Juanita 303-364-2944

  32. Isaiah Mike helped us appreciate in the foundation building stage how valuable learning to leverage an event like this is.

    Your content & observations prove that this important skillset makes a big difference in the success of a marketer.

    Thanks for the information & I look forward to the upcoming revelations.

    Oh, great job on “the build up prior to an event principle” !

    Partners in attraction marketing,
    Warren Little

  33. very simple just good stuff.

  34. where were you when Michael Jackson died?
    I was working giving a healthy pampering a client. this client bought the veunique box program. She said her is important to her she has to create balance from work,children,husband,
    herself.we have to deal with everyday living.
    she said she come to see me so I can assisst her
    of how to look after more to herself and family. She need advice healthy eating,goodfood and supplementation,advice on weight management,living in wellness and lifestyle.we both love Michael love’s his music love all his show and my son follow it too.we miss you Michael.

  35. I was busy doing something important when I heard of Michael Jackson’s death.(Like working). Drugs kill, thousands of people are dying of drugs and alcohol every day, he just happened to be one of famous one’s we were informed of, what a waste of life and talent, other familes just quieltly bury their loved one’s who O.D’d like Michael Jackson, too bad for his children who had a drug addicted parent, NOTHING NEW! It’s common tragic news…..

  36. Hi Isaiah,
    The lesson is great. Also can’t help noticing you are Ann,s son. Congrats to her for good mentorship. A challenge to the rest of us.

  37. I was at girls camp when I heard the news about Michael Jackson. Someone from the ‘outside world’ came to join us at our campsite and informed us.

    I wasn’t a fan, although I think he was exceptionally talented. (Dang, I gave away the “Thriller” album, not CD, album – about 10 years ago. It was my daughter’s, and she wasn’t interested in keeping it either… could probably get some decent cash on eBay for that album now.)

    Whether you’re a fan or not, it has surely been a great example of the importance of a great “Headine” and “Copy.”

    Thanks, Isaiah, for your excellent insight on this.

  38. Robert Boyd says:

    Hello Isaiah:
    You certainly hit the nail on the head by leading with the Michael Jackson headline.
    Of course there is controversy, but the public lives for news about celebrities.
    Recognizing and Acting on that opportunity is the “Trick”.
    As a newby to Renegade, still working on the 90 day plan, Ihad to respond and congratutate you on your writing style. You have proven that the Apple does not fall far from the tree.

  39. Faliscia Knucckles says:

    I was in front of my computer when Michael Jackson died, then I got a text “Michael Jackson died”. I immediately thought about Mike Klinglers webinar Wednesday, “Leveraging The News”.

  40. This talk was long, but ooohhhh, so informative. I have gained a wealth of information from this, and I know that it will help others.

  41. Thanking you Isaiah for this great article it really helped with create the buzz and juices to flow with main titles, using a keyword word in title could create huge interest such as the word Autopsy, how its managed and port raid could create huge engaging viral like moment over a huge alliance of prospective partners.

  42. Joyce Edwards says:

    Hi Isaiah,
    I thing people have to see your reference to Michael Jackson’s death as a metaphor on how people are drawn to tragic events in greater numbers than when something uplifting happens. That’s why headlines are so important.

  43. I was on my way home from new england when it was anounced on the radio.I always believed that the pop star was a protector of children.I dont believe this man had justice to who he really was.Micheal Jackson had a talent like no other male artist in the world in my opinion.I pray for peace and mercey for Micheal and his loved ones.May you rest in peace Micheal Jakson.mm70pgf.

  44. Hello Isaiah!,

    It was 8.42 am GMT here in Ireland when I first learned of Michael Jackson’s death. I was on my PC after just communicating with a friend in FaceBook who is also a well known musician aka Silvio Dante to all you Sopranos fans out there. Michael Jackson was and still is the undisputed King of Pop. Can you imagine if Michael Jackson followed Ann’s Blueprint to share his talent with the World???. The results would probably break the Federal Reserve and even The World Bank. A lot of us have prayed for Michael Jackson’s salvation and I’m pretty sure he is Safely Home!. He is resting in peace!.

  45. Leveraging a news event is indeed a great strategy. I didn’t get on the MJ bandwagon.

    But I did hop on the BlueHost outage “event” which happened yesterday. Clearly not on the scale of MJ’s untimely passing, but it did get some buzz on Twitter. Not to mention, my own blog was offline for a time.

    So I posted about the following day (“Your Business in the Time of Crisis”) as a way of making a broader point about the need for businesses on the Internet to have a social media presence as part of their crisis management strategy.

    And, yes, network marketers can have crises, too. Like their blog being down for half the morning!

    Thanks for demonstrating this concept.


  46. woh!…i was in a class when a literature Proffesor was lectured, myself puting an ear-phone when listened to news in radio..M.J died in a time i was started loving his music(thillilar) my room-met khibika told me about how good thillilar was..thanx aisians and ann.. i you add something into my thinking toward life..

  47. Ron Nichols says:

    I’m probably in the wrong forum or whatever…I have several questions…1. when I have a question regarding rpro training who and where to contact for any and all questions?…2. Am currently going thru WP training w/
    steve anderson, have run into a problem, ie; he is instructing how to install contact page, and some of the plugins directed to install want for example an error message…”not a valid header”???? and I believe the version I have for installation apparently is a different than the version he is using for training, and I cannot find out how to install this contact section…tried to find our thru WP and only directed to forums with -0- help. I must admit this is very frustrating and appears with many of these sites finding who, where to contact for straight questions and straight answers is more complex than the issue itself…it would seem to me if there is any way to address these specific issues with steve anderson they could be resolved asap and save time and frustration…don’t want to be pain .. … … but would really like to get on with this program, Thanks much Ron Nichols 248-672-9119

  48. Hi Ron,

    If that is a specific question of the WordPress application software it is likely best directed to them. Stephen is not the creator of that software.

    He is instructing people on the application of that software.

    As far as Stephen replying to requests regarding to specific Word Press applications I would like to say this much. While indeed there may be frustrations on your end with Word Press I do believe rather strongly there is something to be said for Stephen’s time.

    I’ll let him pipe up and speak on his behalf. Please realize ALL of the training that Stephen has contributed to Renegade Professional has been complimentary – 100%! I know he has spent an enormous amount of time not only developing out his own knowledge and application of WordPress but has secondarily turned that into training for others… all without remuneration.

    Stephen also happens to run a full time business to support his family. Knowing Stephen the way I do I know he would certainly want to see this concern addressed. At the same time he has poured out an enormous amount of time and effort to provide this level of training.

    What I’m trying to get at Ron, is that some level of patience be extended when Stephen has done his best to provide a very high level of training.

    From what I can tell is for you to direct your question directly to WordPress (which you’ve apparently done to no avail.)

    The other suggestion is to submit a question to the Marketing Merge support desk and see if they can’t redirect that to Stephen. This blog isn’t intended to be a support desk. Ron, if you look at the top of the blog there is a link “Customer Care”. That is for you to submit questions to the Renegade Professional support desk.

    Other than that would be to do a google search with your specific question about the plug ins. Hopefully that would yield an answer.

    Ron, plug ins are often created by independent developers and some times there are bugs in a certain application. That could be what you’re now facing. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for it’s probably best to just forget about that plug in and move on.

    Challenges are part and parcel of running a business. What will be more telling in your overall success is how you handle the challenges. That’s what I recommend you put your focus on more so than the actual problem you are facing.

    Thank you for your patience Ron. I know it can be frustrating not to get answers right when you would like them.

  49. Great example of a powerful topical headline!

  50. Hi Isaiah, I can’t wait to learn more about the copy-writing mindset. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.


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