July 17, 2024

What To Do If You Have No List, No Presence, No Influence

Ann Sieg’s free advice (and worth every penny!)…

For Network Marketers That Have No List, No Presence, No Influence, And Only Equipped With A Network Marketing Distributorship

This short audio covers the following points:

  • How to make a business model shift so your business is centered around you. This will bullet proof your business in the event there are any changes that may ever occur to your primary network marketing business.


  • How to get “skill built,” and focus on your number one asset — your knowledge base.


  • How to create a social media hub that serves as a business asset and can even be a micro-economy in itself over time.


  • How to build up your sphere of influence, and why you want to avoid being “anxious” for money even if you’re desperate to pay the bills.


  • How to distinguish between product customers and business builders.


Listen Here

This call is approximately 16 minutes in length

About Ann Sieg

Ann Sieg is the CEO of 80/20 Marketing, Inc. She's the author of The Renegade Network Marketer, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing & The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto. I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback. All of it. So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you become more profitable in your business. Leave a comment below.


  1. I have to wonder Ann and Eric, are you following me around on the net? (just kidding of course)

    All in all, it sounds like your talking to me. I’m just getting back into internet marketing and have been studying and researching the changes and direction in the marketplace since I left it in 2009 after many years in this industry.

    Now with everything talked about in this very audio, I’ve put my key components into place, and your audio here verifies I’ve been doing the right thing. Although I’m a new member of the RNM team, I chose RNM for my base platform in which to grow my business, to move it forward and with a concrete foundation now and for the future.

    We all know the available information on the internet (true or false) is like a grain of sand on a beach. It’s up to the individual to seek and choose what to put in their library.

    One aspect I’m unclear with that is talked about are the terms (MLM, distributors, primary company etc.) and although I know what multi level marketing is, does this terminology pertain to offline companies and distributorships (e.g. amway, herbalife etc) and bringing those kind of companies into the online internet marketing arena? I am unfamiliar with off line marketing companies and the methods of marketing.

    • Hi Steve,

      It’s not uncommon for people to ask me that question and even, “Ann, you are following me around my house recording my conversations!”

      Um. Nope. It’s just I’ve walked a mile (or more) in many network marketer’s shoes. And the tread got completely wore off.

      That’s why I went off to figure this thing out for myself despite my upline telling me to just, “Go out and do more of it.”

      I ended up sharing everything I learned by writing The Renegade Network Marketer. I wanted to help others get out of the awful mess and frustration I had experienced.

      So about your questions. Yes, absolutely all of these terms apply to offline network marketers. I was one of them. And yes, it is to teach offline network marketers how to attract leads to them.

      Using the internet is highly leveraged and automated. That doesn’t remove the need for talking to your prospects. It’s just that with attraction marketing you actually have someone who wants to speak with you! Pretty nice.

      If you want to get a one on one consultation to gain even more clarity for your business you can schedule an appointment with Curt Johnson our Renegade System Coaching Director. His email address is curt@8020marketinginc.com.

      Thanks again for your comments!


  2. Hi Ann,
    I get so much from hearing you speak. I listened to your Brain Speed Workshop last night in the car, driving back from Miami. I can’t always listen live — so I prefer to save them as Mp3s. I can’t get this particular recording to save. When I right click the link (PC) I just get a jpeg file. And when I go to the download link – – it takes me here and the link appears to be dead.

    I’d love to add this little nugget to my mp3 collection if possible.
    They work wonders when you are stuck in traffiic! :-)

    • Hey Dee,

      Want to try it again? I think I may have found the problem and it should now be fixed… You can also try doing a right click “Save target as”/”Save Link As” to save it locally.

      • Justin, thanks for checking this ut.

        I did exactly what you said. I right click on the words LISTEN HERE. And I choose save a copy and it saves a jpg. to my HD – not the mp3. and the download button takes me to a broke link which shows the mp3 name in the URL but does let me access or save it.


        • I’m sorry I meant to say I cannot save the mp3 to my PC :-(

        • Ok, let’s try this one more time… Here are the steps if it still isn’t working:

          1. Click on listen here, this should start the audio player, and expose a download button.
          2. Right click on the “download” link and select “save target as/save link as”.
          3. This *should* launch a file window which will allow you to save it. If it’s trying to save it as a jpg, you can force name it to “audio.mp3″ or something like that, and it *should* save as an mp3… I’m also pretty certain I fixed the jpg thing yesterday, so that might still be a caching issue. Hopefully that solves it, but if not, post back and we’ll find another way :-).

  3. Hi I wanted to listen to the audio but when I used the link I and tried to down load it nothing was there . I do like getting the information I have been struggling with my business. My up line only wants me to use their leads which has made me broke. and they keep telling me that my burning desire is not strong enought and that this is “not sales that it is sharing” I do know that if other people can make it in network marketing I will to I just need to learn how to use the tool properly
    Thank you

    • renegadeblogadmin says:

      Hi Mark,

      I wonder if your possibly having the same issue Dee is, here are the instructions I gave her. Hopefully they will work for you as well.

      1. Click on listen here, this should start the audio player, and expose a download button.
      2. Right click on the “download” link and select “save target as/save link as”.
      3. This *should* launch a file window which will allow you to save it. If it’s trying to save it as a jpg, you can force name it to “audio.mp3″ or something like that, and it *should* save as an mp3… I’m also pretty certain I fixed the jpg thing yesterday, so that might still be a caching issue. Hopefully that solves it, but if not, post back and we’ll find another way :-) .

  4. Justin,
    Thank you for your patience. This worked! And I see where I was making my mistake.
    I was RIGHT clicking on the Play here — and that did not let me save the file. Then when I saw that download button appear — I thought great – – you just left click on that – -. In fact you told me to RIGHT click on that button which finally worked! yay! :-)

  5. Ann, You never cease to amaze me. The way you pull together in a few short sentences or paragraphs exactly what the essence of a problem is … and a simple, direct solution. It is necessary to learn the skills necessary to work the internet. Some of the marketing skills from brick and mortar can be used, but there is so much more. And the wonderful thing is that the information is all available with resources you have prepared for our benefit.
    Thanks Ann.

    • Hi Jo Anne,

      Thanks much for your wonderful comments. We’re very dedicated in serving the needs of network marketers and teaching them good sound attraction marketing principles. Our blog has been a great way to help people along in the process.

      Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

      Let’s stay connected!


  6. Hi and thank you for this audio.

    You mention that you need to set up shop, as a beginner. I would like to share this with you. I found a MLM that truly excited me.

    I had no computer and no phone. I built two lists. One for family and friends and the other from all the numbers I got from notice boards – people advertising their business. I left the friends and family list for about 3 months. In my first month I learnt all that I could “cram” in about network marketing as an industry – which excited me even more! Also in that first month I conditioned my mind that I am not the “shy guy” that I have been telling myself for 30 years.

    I knew that f I wanted to earn the kind of money that the “big hitters” were earning…I needed to step up the the plate and let go of all the negativity that was holding me back.

    In the second month – still with no computer and no phone(got stolen – no insurance) I took a handful of coins, went to the phone booth and began calling my second list.

    On the phone, with a complete stranger, I shared my excitement of me being “a Social Entrepreneur and that ‘we’ were expanding our business in that area and that we were looking for like-minded, positive individuals that want to live a life of significance and not just a life of survival.” I invited that person to a local coffee shop meeting, yes local is always best to start off with because it is duplicateable. I took a company flip folder and 1 DVD with me to that meeting. I also asked that person to bring the most influential person, in their life, with them to that meeting(many reason for that). I dressed smart – no suit! No computer! No pen! No paper! Why? Because you want it to look easy and you want it to be duplicateable.

    I literally read the 12 page(A5) flip folder from start to finish(If I can read it to him/her, he/she can read it to someone else). I asked the most important question…”So what do you think?” Then I handed him/her the DVD and told them that I need to get it back the next day because we have someone else to share this awesome business with. If they said they said that they had no time to watch it, I took it back and left them with my friends phone number(I had no phone and my friend agreed to take messages for me). That way they could see that I was serious. If they took the disc, I called them the next day to collect it – without fail!

    I was signing people up fast and furious! The third month I bought a new phone, computer and bought a new car. I didn’t need my family list…they came to me! So to those who feel like they need a computer, think again.

    I have just given you some of my biggest tips, I trust that you will have fun using them.


  7. Hi Craig,

    Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story driven by ambition and a “can do” attitude. Really phenomenal.

    I’m always pleased to hear of other people’s success stories. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on your progress.

    All the best!


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