May 25, 2024

How To Please the Google and Facebook Pay Per Click Gods So Your Ads Get Approved

When it comes to Google or Facebook, understand that their ultimate goal is to improve YOUR experience.

This sustains their revenue as it keeps people using their platform.

It also prevents their sites from being mucked up with the lowest common denominator.

And you know what… it will ALWAYS sustain or grow your income too.

Seek to improve the experience of the people you seek to attract.

That’s the first point here…

Don’t get pissed at the Google’s or Facebook’s of the digital world. Play by their rules, and focus your efforts on providing a useful experience to the users of those platforms you seek to attract.

Pretty simple concept, eh.

If you choose to do this, technology or “policy” changes will benefit you, and improve the overall effectiveness of your efforts.

But when technology changes and upgrades cause you to lose business, or lose profits, there was a faux pas in your initial business design in the first place.

Poor Google and Facebook… they take the blame for so much these days. (LOL)

So let’s spent a few minutes focused on running Pay Per Click advertising at the Googles and Facebooks , and in particular, how to design and set up a landing page that will be well-liked (i.e. approved).

Because frankly, if you can set up a successful PPC campaign on Google and/or Facebook, there is a ridiculous amount of traffic available.

More traffic to your landing pages + landing page conversion = BIG $ for your business.


Let’s Start With How To Build A PPC Landing Page

First, let’s define what a landing page is …

It’s a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a PPC advertisement.

The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link.

When it comes to advertising on Google and Facebook, your landing page quality matters. Big time.

All in all, both Google and Facebook want the same things.

However, there’s a distinction between the two.

Facebook wants a clear and concise message (so does Google).

But Google also wants content.

Facebook isn’t as concerned about seeing content as Google is.

Both want a clear explanation of the path your landing page will provide the consumer.

What you’re about to read below, are a few ways to create your PPC landing pages so they’re loved by the Googles and Facebooks (and let’s not forget YouTube) and “proofed” from technology changes.

Implement these suggestions, and you will benefit and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Your Story = Brand Awareness

This means that you should be advertising your brand.

This doesn’t mean you can’t advertise a product. Just don’t be synonymous with the local car salesmen.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I position my advertising to sell products but highlight my brand (or story)?
  • How can I let the person reading my ad know there’s more depth to this than an individual product?

TIP: Create a grand element for your campaign.


Content = Credibility

You must have content in order to be seen as worthy by the major platforms.

Content inside of a “members only” section doesn’t count if Google can’t crawl it.

Give away content on the front end.

This allows the the person (your target audience) to see what they’re getting themselves into. Give them every fair chance in the world to determine if they want to give up their email info.


Transparency is Like a Map

Make sure the consumer knows what’s happening at all points in time.

Be super clear.

Here is an example:

“If you give me your email address, first you will get “A” and then you will get “B” and “X” and “Y” will happen after that.”

People want to know what they are about to experience. And the Googles and Facebooks want you to be cool about this if you’re going to advertise on their site.

The rule of them is this: prelude your message with what’s going to happen. Be 100% clear about what you’re going to deliver.


Educate, Educate, Educate!

Education = authority and credibility.

This could not be more true than for the “make money” niche, or any of its various sub-cultures.

By and large, that niche is toast. Google already dislikes you, and Facebook is close behind. If you want to advertise with Google and Facebook be EXTREMELY cautious and careful to follow the advice given in this blog post.

You MUST come from an educator’s standpoint.

Do NOT come from a get-rich-quick standpoint if selling a product or teaching “how to make money online.”

Besides, if you’ve never made money online why would you ever try to sell that stuff?

We’re in the year 2012 now, that crap just doesn’t fly unless you truly are a marketing ninja.

Avoid income testimonials, and any type of “BS” that insults most peoples’ intelligence.


Your Website/Blog Should Include the Following

(And yes, we are working on these elements too. We’re not perfect with this, and we’re also making adjustments to we’re 110% compliant and prepared for success in 2012 and beyond).

  • About Page
  • Mission Statement
  • Contact Info (include telephone #)
  • Products
  • Content Elements i.e. Free Training
  • Blog i.e. Regularly Updated Content
Follow and implement the suggestions in this blog post, and your business should be fine to advertise on the major platforms like Google and Facebook.
Got questions or your own contributions?
Add them below in the comments.

About Eric Walker

Eric is an 80/20 Marketing staff member and marketing collaborator. He spends his days writing content and copy for a marketing purpose. Eric is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together. If you have a question, and/or would like to communicate with Eric directly, email


  1. Nice post and something on alot of people’s lips at the moment. Nice approach respecting the rules rather than trying to bend them as so many do! :)

  2. Eric, thanks for this post — This is a keeper!
    The training that was recently provided by the Renegade Team on how to create a landing page was top notch – second to none! This is the logical next step – Driving traffic to the page. Since I don’t fall into the “get rich quick” niche, I have less worries, but still there was valuable content in the post for me. Very timely . . . . . as I am feeling very motivated to see if I can actually “sell” my own self created product.. Advice from The Renegade Blog never fails to move me closer to my “target.” I’ve had some setbacks on actually creating my product but am feeling more motivated than ever to move forward towards my goal.

    A big heart felt Thank You from 50 Plus Yoga! :-)

  3. Eric, I wanted to interject that your latest post is the reason that I decided join our team. You never Raúl to address a pressing issue that many online marketers are experiencing. That creates a sense of hope and faithwhich is the key to success. When belief, effort and mentorship is added you just developed the recipe for success. Thanks for the mentorship. I look forward to an amazing future!

  4. Hi there to every body, it’s my first pay a quick visit of this website; this blog includes amazing and genuinely good data in favor of readers.


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