December 2, 2022

What Are The Daily Non-Negotiables For YOUR Business? (Here Are My Three)

My husband, Archie, and I started our blog in May.

We were new to the world of blogging and were looking for ways to get started right. We found a course based on recommendations from successful bloggers then started on our blogging journey.

Learning how to use WordPress to submit posts to our blog has been quite a process.

Lots of trial and error, tears, but fun times too! What excitement the day we published our first blog post! Woohoo! We were absolutely thrilled!

Since, we’ve determined that in order to grow our blog, there are just some things we CAN’T not do. We call them our “non negotiables” and today I’m going to share them with you.

Here’s Our Three Daily Non-Negotiables


1. Publish A Blog Post Daily

One of our non-negotiables from the very first day of publishing was to post a blog post every day. This has to occur. No ifs, ands or buts!

Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes doesn’t it? But you know what…

…It is all about choices too.

There have been times when we are so tired, or the dog is sick, or we just want to relax, or the kids need us, or the water pipes burst.

But, because publishing a post every day is a non-negotiable, these just become excuses. And excuses don’t count! So a post gets published.

Is it easy? No, sometimes it sure isn’t.

One day the post was published at 11:59 and 30 sec. Now that was cutting it close! But it happened.

We have now published a blog post for 116 days in a row.

2. Comment On Five To Ten Other Blogs Daily

Every day we comment and share on five to ten other blogs.

We truly read each post and then share it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. We leave a good, well thought out and interesting comment.

We don’t write “good post” or “nice article.” Leaving a comment like that just shows the blog owner and your fellow readers (yes, they do read those comments) you don’t want to bother spending much time or thought on what you were reading.

We make it count, and making it count means being thoughtful.

QUICK TIP: Make sure you have a gravatar. You can get one at This is important so that people can get to know your face, and “see you” commenting. Otherwise they will just know you as a little “box with no face”.

Commenting on other people’s blogs daily is a simple, yet it’s an effective way to build up trickles of traffic to your blog (that really begin to add up).

You will find that if you take the time to do this properly and leave good comments and shares, that people will reciprocate and do that for you on your blog as well.

We also make it a priority to reply to all comments made on our blog.

Following this process, we have seen a steady increase, starting with the number of comments and now we are seeing an increase in the number of shares as well.

3. Meet At Least One New Blogger Daily

Each day we make it a point to “meet” at least one new fellow blogger.

It is a real community and people reach out and help each other. We have made many new friends and more importantly, there is a sense of camaraderie, knowing we are bloggers too.

This is our way of adding in the “human element” for our business.

Your Challenge

Our challenge for you today is to look at your non-negotiables, determine their value and take appropriate action.

If you don’t have any yet, this is a good time to establish some. Write them down.

Then, take action and implement your daily non-negotiables for your business.

About Sigrid McNab

Sigrid is a top up and coming MLM blogger. She's published a blog post for 116 days in a row. Little by little, she's turned a tiny trickle of traffic into a growing river, and it keeps getting better. Her dedication to the "non negotiables" is a model for even the gurus. A former microbiology laboratory technologist, Sigrid helps others make a business the perfect fit for their dynamic schedule. She is always finding new ways to help others achieve their dreams. Click the link below to visit her blog.


  1. Sigrid,

    I have been playing at Social Media with the intent of building a income. Thanks for your very concise and to the point 3 must haves. Through the Renegades, sharing and repetition and this great team that is coming together I am getting my act and focus on my USP .

    Content means nothing without communication


    • ooh Charles, I like what you wrote when you say, “Content means nothing without communication.” Content is king, but communication is queen, and she rules the roost. Thanks for your comment.

      • Eric this all ties in with posting content on a regular basis, and the REAL follow through with a real effort of communicating with people instead of just creating noise.

        Also Ann latest teaching about picking your venues and focusing. I too would like to focus on Google+ and my LinkedIn so would like to work with you on your Google+ campaigns

    • Kudos to you Charlie. What tremendous insight! Just love your quote “Content means nothing without communication”.

  2. Eryn McCormick says:

    Sigrid, I admire your work ethic and commitment to “non-negotiables”. That consistency is the key to longevity and success. This is a good reminder of keeping it simple and doable, yet reaping big rewards! Thanks for sharing your strategy.

    • Thank you Eryn. I really appreciate your kind words and support. Making things difficult is the bane of success. It is counter productive, and when things are complex people will not do them.

  3. I really like this advice a lot, Sigrid. I think my business would be helped a lot with a commitment to 3 new posts a week – not sure I can do daily yet, but commiting to 3 a week would be a great boost for me. And your other two non-negotiables are good too. I’m getting a system in place for the commenting piece. And I am meeting new bloggers too, but the one-a-day idea is helpful. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much Amy. You are our blogger of the day! I am so proud of you and your commitment to 3 posts a week. Getting a system in place is key and eliminates some of the the variables.

  4. Thank you, Sigrid. I’m curious what you do to motivate and reward yourselves. Your “non-negotiables” are not exactly a walk in the park. I feel another blog post coming on!

    • Sigrid McNab says:

      Hey Jory, that is a really good question! We do have to remind ourselves sometimes that we need to celebrate our small steps and our successes. We have started journaling so that we can go back and look at these when things are seeming a little rough. I like to spend time by the water, just relaxing and reflecting, listening to the waves and smelling the sea air. And we love to go fishing! You are so right about that blog post!

  5. Hey Sigrid, one of the issues I’ve had as a blogger is consistency but I am getting better, I think the key to being able to blog on a consistent basis is learning new things each and every day, then you’ll never have the problem of running out of ideas to blog about, awesome post by the way.

    • Sigrid McNab says:

      Thanks Tyronne. Learning is growing and I agree with you that when we do this, we will never run out of ideas to blog about. There is a huge world out there, just brimming with inspiration for us!

  6. Having non-negociables every day or every week is paramount to (eventually being) sucessful.
    However that can be overwelming for some. Just doing ‘something every day’ around you business is good too. For others stills, just starting the process and making the committment is success.

    • Sigrid McNab says:

      Hey Sandra, I agree with you that having non-negotiables could be overwhelming for some people. It is a mindset shift. Success comes in many forms, and for some people it is taking any sort of action. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Dagmar Wichary says:

    Thanks Sigrid for sharing your non-negotiables with us. It is really important to have a daily method of operation. It is so easy for life to get in the way, but figuring out our priorities is key to consistency and success.

  8. Great post! I am definitely going to be incorporating these 3 non-negotiables in my business.

    • Sigrid McNab says:

      Hey Scott, I am so glad that you found these to be helpful, and congratulations on taking a step forward and incorporating them in your business.

  9. Hi Sigrid,

    I’ve been guilty of not implementing your three Daily Non-Negotiables.
    Now after reading this post I will stop making silly excuses!

    Thank you so much!

    Frank Osorio


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